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Pandya Store 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Dhara feels guilty

Pandya Store 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Gautam holding Suman’s hand. Anita says I will sit here and do jaap until Gautam and Suman come out. Prafulla says let Suman go up if she wants. Shiva and Dev try to get the ropes. Krish gets a stick. He asks Gautam to hold it and come up. Gautam says I can’t hold it. Gautam stops Krish from slipping. Suman asks Gautam to go. Gautam says I won’t go anywhere. Rishita gets a water bucket tied to a rope. She asks does anyone do such a thing for a little issue, come out. Dhara says this won’t help. She cries and apologizes to Suman. Gautam asks why did you jump inside the well. Suman says because I m tired. Raavi gets a rope. Gautam and Suman hold the rope. Dhara says forgive me. Suman pulls the rope inside. Gautam asks what did you do. Dhara says don’t leave mum. Prafulla looks on. She goes and steals few things, seeing everyone busy. She goes out and hides the packet.

Gautam says I won’t leave you and go. Shiva and Dev put the swing inside the well. They ask Gautam to hold it, and make Suman sit in it. Gautam asks Suman to sit. Suman refuses. Gautam says if you jump down, then I will sink here and die. Suman says no Gautam, come with me. Everyone pulls the swing upwards. They all try hard. Suman holds Gautam’s hand. He says I will come, you go. Krish asks who kept the oil here. Shiva says I didn’t know mum is going to jump down. They get Suman out of the well. They leave the swing back for Gautam. Gautam also comes up. Dhara hugs Suman. Suman says leave me. Anita runs to see Gautam. She hugs Suman. Suman says its enough. She asks her bahus not to come close to her. Anita says don’t worry, just drink some water. Prafulla thinks what shall I do with this Anita, I wish Suman died in the well. Suman asks what are you thinking, why didn’t I die, I won’t die easily, I will trouble you. Prafulla says no, I didn’t say that.

Shiva asks Suman to cover herself with the towel. Prafulla says I wish you have a long life, I was shocked when you jumped inside the well. Dhara says I will get ginger tea for you, you may catch cold. Suman asks her to add poison in it. Dhara cries. Suman says leave me alone, I will go to my room. Gautam says you got hurt by ladies’ taunts, you jumped into the well, you didn’t think about us. Suman says I had thought, I stay at home and people come home to taunt me, I was thinking you all stay out of the home all day, what taunts you will be hearing there, I thought to die and jumped down. Gautam says you want us to live life as the world wants. Suman says no, they didn’t say anything wrong, there is sorrow in our house. Gautam asks what are you saying, Dhara just…. Suman says you always defend your wife. Suman asks why shall I understand always, you just do whatever you want, I also want grandchildren in my house, I have four sons, I always keep my wish to myself, I lost hope seeing the bahus my family will not go ahead, I will never get my grandchildren. Gautam says this won’t happen. Shiva says calm down, talk later. Dhara says this is happening because of me, maybe I did some mistake, so Lord isn’t answering my prayers, I couldn’t give you the joy of a grandchild, Rishita doesn’t want to plan her child, its because of me, Raavi is away from Shiva because of me, and today Suman tried to end her life, because of me, sorry I have become a reason of your sorrow. Gautam asks did you start now. Krish asks Dhara to stop it.

He asks Suman not to get upset with Dhara. He says we will go and keep a puja, your grandchilden will come. Shiva says we will go to the temple tomorrow. Suman nods. Everyone hugs Suman. The mandap falls down. Suman says its good those kids aren’t here. She sees Dhara. She says Dhara is thinking she told me already that mandap will fall down. Dhara says no. Suman says I will go to my room. She asks Anita to take her. Dhara goes to her room. Rishita says my head is aching, I need some rest. She also goes. Krish goes to find the puja rituals. Anita takes care of Suman and hugs her. She says I can’t lose you, I have kept your pic in my locket. Suman smiles. Gautam hugs and consoles Dhara. She says I had heard so many taunts, but I didn’t care, I never felt anything lacking, but today if anything happened to Suman, what would I do. She cries. He says listen to me, nothing wrong happened, you did everything right, we are trying to have a child, we will get a child. She asks when will we get a child, I want my Tara now, I didn’t want a child before but I want a child now, we have time now, we aren’t old, why isn’t we getting a child, I want to become a mum, I want a child. Gautam hugs her and cries. He says we will have our child. They cry.

Suman says I wish my sons’ mannat gets fulfilled. Anita thinks their mannat won’t be fulfilled. She goes and breaks the pot. Dhara comes downstairs.

Update Credit to: Amena

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