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Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update : Pallavi’s idea to meet Raghav

Mehndi Hai Rachne Wali 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Milind sees Pallavi crying and walks to her asks was it Raghav, Pallavi hugs him and starts crying, and says I am tired and don’t know what should I do, one side Raghav and other side Baba, Milind says if you are here for promise, break it, Pallavi says how can I, he is my father and Mandar is unwell too, and can’t I find a solution where both can be happy my love and my responsibility, Milind says how is that possible, just go back to Raghav, Amruta walks in and says sorry I interrupted but I wanted to know what Hindi calendar month it is, I need it for college project, Milind says Shravan, Pallavi says is it, we can do Manglagaur and, Milind says Raghav can come then and all will be fine, Amruta says but Raghav’s family doesn’t know about it, Milind says I will tell them that the newlyweds have to do it for first 5 years for happy marriage, Amruta says so exciting, Milind says but Tuesday is tomorrow how will we manage, Amruta says I will manage, Pallavi says alone, Amruta says I have helping hand.

Krishna and Farhad waiting, Farhad asks when will she come, Krishna says Mansi will come soon, Farhad says I am talking about other one who is always angry, and thinks she is the best, tye detective one, Amruta says thats me. Farhad says good you came we were waiting for you, Amruta scares Farhad, A customer comes to return saree says this saree is short for my daughter she is tall, Amruta says tall like him, Aunty says yes, Amruta says lets check on him and puts saree on Farhad says this to help customer, Farhad says you called me for sarees, Amruta says no, Its to patch up between Raghav and Pallavi, we are organizing Manglagaur and we have to arrange, get all items in list I tell you, Amruta says you look so cute and Aunty its perfect right, Amruta takes selfie with Farhad.

Pallavi giving Mandar medicines, Mandar says you didn’t require to come here after what happened, my family will take care of me, Pallavi says you don’t need to worry about it, Pallavi gets call from Raghav and she leaves, Mandar walks out, Pallavi gets back in and sees Mandar missing, she thinks he is in washroom but door locked, Raghav asks what happened, Pallavi sees Mandar standing on Parapet and gets shocked, she drops phone and rushes to Mandar, Pallavi shouts Mandar, Mandar says how did I come here I am scared Pallavi, Pallavi says hold my hand come down, Mandar hugs her and says I was so scared, Pallavi says relax you are fine now, others rush to them, Vijay asks Mandar is he fine, Mandar says I don’t know how I came here, Pallavi saved me, what all is this happening. Mandar leaves and smiles later looking at Pallavi.

Pallavi on call tells Krishna about the incident, Sharda says Pallavi your old sarees wear one of these and tomorrow when I go to Raghav’s house for invitation I will get your clothes and Baba will sleep out, you sleep here with me, Pallavi nods okay. Pallavi says to Sharda, Mandar is not at all doing well, Sharda says I know its is scary but all will be fine, Pallavi says we wont keep him alone, Sharda asks did you call Raghav back, Pallavi says he must have slept he isnt receiving calls, will talk tomorrow, Sharda says make sure you do.

Raghav in his bedroom missing Pallavi, Pallavi in her room not able to sleep, both missing eachother, Pallavi in tears, Raghav starts drinking, Pallavi looks at her ring, Jaya sees Raghav in pain and walks to him, Raghav wipes his tears and leaves the room.

Ramya tells Deshmukh’s this can happen, you will have to take care be with him as much as you can, Vijay says Pallavi will be with him, Amruta tells Pallavi, Sharda went to Rao Mansion.

Sharda at Rao house tells about Manglagaur, Sharda sees Raghav upset, Jaya says I will definitely come, Sharda says Kirti you too come its happy games and dancing, Sharda says Raghav, Pallavi is doing this pooja only for you, you will come right, Raghav nods yes.
Raghav hands Sharda Pallavi’s luggage, Sharda says Raghav you did a very big favor and trust me she is your and always will be, and once Mandar is fine I will get her back and till then keep your trust and love and so come Pallavi is waiting for you, Raghav smiles at her.

Farhad says final your outfit, Raghav says I want to look perfect. Sulochana with Mandar says here is breakfast and you scared us yesterday but today you will be complete fine, uts Manglagaur pooja after all, and Raghav will come too, Mandar shocked, Sulochana says Pallavi is here right, so she will keep calling them here, but anyways have breakfast and leaves.

Mandar says Raghav is missing Pallavi a lot, do come, and I will destroy your self respect.

Pre cap:Raghav with Pallavi, Pallavi hugs him, Mandar sees them and is very angry.

Mandar adds powder to Raghav’s kheer, Pallavi feeds the kheer to Raghav, Mandar very happy seeing that.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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