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Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 8 Last

Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 8 Last

So I am here with the eight chapter of the Intertwined love, this is the last chapter of this series. I really hope you like this chapter and let me know about your views in the comments section. Thanks for the immense support you all have shown.

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Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 7

Chapter 8 (last)

Recap: Mahira is revealed to be the second agent helping Vansh against Daksh. Riansh realize the love for each other and are ready to confess.


Riansh: I Love you! (smiling, to the mirror)

Vansh: I promise you Riddhima, I’ll make sure I know your feelings by the end of today! (happy) Angre, can I borrow the garden tonight?

Angre: Of course! Any arrangements?

Vansh: I’ll do them myself. (smiling) Just do one thing, at 8 pm, bring Riddhima to the garden.

Vansh was extremely excited for the proposal. He set up a beautiful tent in the garden and decorated it wonderfully. He wanted to make Riddhima feel special and let her know how she had magically made a space for herself in his heart. He eagerly waited for the night to fall and he would immediately confess without any hesitation. He hoped that Angre would bring Riddhima on time.

Soon it was time and he was ready in his black tuxedo looking as handsome as ever. He arranged everything and patiently waited for Riddhima to arrive. She soon arrived in a pink gown that was gifted by Vansh. She looked like an angel on earth. Riddhima was stunned watching the beautiful arrangements that were done by Vansh. Vansh was completely mesmerized by her and he walked up to her. He offered his hand to her and she put her hand in his.

He pulled her gently and led her to the tent where there was a mini table and two chairs at the end of the sides. There was a vase in the middle of the table where a few roses were placed. He picked one and kneeled down on his knee, forwarding his hand with the rose to Riddhima. Riddhima smiled and excitedly took the rose and hugged it lightly.

Vansh: Riddhima, your presence makes me complete. I first thought of you to be a little bit annoying but over the time my own opinion was proven wrong. My heart denied it and allowed you to enter my life and become the most important person in my life. Riddhima just the way I love my rifles that’s how much I love you. I love you Riddhima!

Riddhima: (in tears) Vansh I’m totally speechless….I have nothing to say. But yes all I can say is that I love you too!! My life is meaningless without you!

Vansh got up and they both hugged each other tight. Vansh kissed her forehead softly and hugged her again, embracing their lovely moment. They broke apart and Vansh fished out a box from his pocket. He opened it for her and showed a beautiful bracelet that had their initials embedded on it. She looked in amusement and smiled at his gift.

Riddhima: Vansh….a bracelet? Isn’t it supposed to be a ring? (teasing)

Vansh: Yea but that’s when we engage, this is to show that we are related, a special gift. (winking)

He took it out for her carefully and signaled her to forward her wrist. She brought her right hand forward on to which Vansh frowned and cutely nodded in negative.

Vansh: Left! Remove the watch

Riddhima: No I can’t remove this watch…it’s really close to me. (looking at it emotionally) And now it’s more special to me after dad’s death. (teary)

Mahira quickly came out from her hiding spot and the rest followed. Something clicked into her mind and she went to Vansh. Vansh looked at her in confusion while Mahira blurted

Mahira: Vansh….“It’s inside something really close to me….you can’t even imagine!” Remember!

Vansh: You know you’re saying it in front of everyone (alerting)

Mahira: Vansh leave that, remember what he said!

Vansh: Of course I remember. But what about it?

Riddhima: (interrupting) What’s going on?

Mahira: Vansh the watch! Her watch!

Riddhima: What about my watch? Dad gave it to me

Vansh: You’re right, Riddhima was the closest to Daksh! (realizing)

Angre: Vansh, badi mom what are you talking about?

Riddhima: and Vansh how can you call my dad like that?

Mahira: He deserves more than that! I’m connecting with Aryaman right now before we delay any further. You call Vishaka.

Riddhima: Aryaman bhai? He’s alive? (shocked)

Vansh: Sweetheart your watch, pass it to me.

Riddhima passed her watch still trying to wonder what they both meant. Vansh searched the watch, flipping it in all directions when he found a small chip fit onto the backside of the watch. He plucked it out and showed it to everyone. Mahira video-called Aryaman and he picked up. He saw everyone’s faces and was shocked as to why his mother called him in front of everyone. Riddhima seeing her brother safe and alive broke down into tears and tried talking to him. Angre also had tears seeing his elder brother alive after so many years.

Riddhima: Bhai, you’re alive! (happy and crying)

Aryaman: Riddhu, please don’t cry, you know I can’t bear tears. Please smile, at least at the fact that I’m alive! (he chuckled)

Riddhima: I always loved seeing you in your uniform (signaling to his clothes) Why didn’t you say you were alive? Dad would have been so happy!

Aryaman: (frowning) Don’t talk to me about that man. Because of him we are like this right now anyway mom why did you call me? Vansh?

Vansh: We’ve found it!

Riddhima: You both know each other?

Vansh: Yes sweetheart but can we keep that for later. Right now this more important! (touching her chin) Aryaman I’m sending you the codes right away, you can start working on them then.

Aryaman: Yea send them quick. Also to Vishaka so sh can keep a back up.

Riddhima: who’s Vishaka?

Mahira: Vansh quick!

Vansh quickly took his phone and inserted the chip in it. He sent the codes to Aryaman via a secret number and Aryaman confirmed he got them.

Aryaman: I’m going to inform the rest of the crew and we’ll work on it. Vansh take care of my sister! Never hurt her or otherwise (smiled) Riddhu take care, I’ll try come earliest.

Riddhima: Where are you going? What’s all this about? Bhai please don’t leave me again! (requesting)

Mahira: Let him go. He’ll come back soon. (comforting her)

Vansh and Mahira hugged each other and proudly signaled each other.

Vansh: Mission complete! (proudly)

Riddhima: Enough!!! (shouting) Will you guys speak up what you mean by everything? Everything is so confusing….bhai alive, codes, mission, dad! Please be clear!

Vansh and Mahira sighed and told her everything step by step; how Daksh was going to betray the county for money, how they made up the plan and that they three (Vansh, Mahira and Aryaman) were secret agents working under Vishaka. She was shocked to the core along with the rest.

She couldn’t believe that her dad would do such a thing; be part of a terrorist attack. She fell on the ground heartbroken, and she cried out. Vansh kneeled beside her and took her in his embrace, trying to comfort her but she cried out even louder. Mahira pat her back to calm her down but nothing worked, she was extremely hurt.

Riddhima got back to her senses and she got up furious, still shedding tears and went inside the house to her room. Everyone went behind her sensing the seriousness of the situation. She banged her bedroom door and locked it. Everyone came and knocked for her to open. Vansh got worried for her and started panicking when he heard a few noises from her room. He tried opening the door but it was of no use.

He called Angre and they both broke the door open shocked to see the room in a mess. Riddhima had destroyed all the belongings that reminded her of her father. It hurt her a lot but for a new start she went towards Vansh and whispered in his hear on to which he smiled and kissed her cheek softly.

A few years later

Riddhima: Vanya!! Switch on the tv, daddy’s live giving his speech!

Vanya: Daddy! He won again….he’s the champion! (celebrating)

Riddhima: All-rounder…..a great husband, a great father, a great shooter, a great patriot and a great agent (softly) Proud of you!

Vansh on the other hand got a call from Vishaka, he understanding what was waiting for him, excused himself and left the podium to attend it, ready for his other mission.


Guys so this is the end of this story. I know I wrapped it up very fast than I had mentioned but I was demotivated so it led me to think of the end of this ff. I had many ideas that I wanted to implement but I wasn’t just able to write them down.

Thank you to those who supported this story and I apologize for the sudden wrap up of this ff, I didn’t want to stretch it unnecessarily.

Hope you enjoyed the last episode and do comment on how it was.

Thank you for immense love!!


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