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Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Sai And Virat Head For A Trip

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Chavan seniors are busy playing cards when Virat walks to them and informs that his department has organized annual gettogether trip. Sonali asks if its an out of station trip. Shivani says usually wife is accompanied in this trip and asks if he is taking Sai along. He nods yes and they are leaving tomorrow. Ninad asks how will he manage bookings in a short plan. Virat says everything was preplanned and he couldn’t inform them due to Sai’s accident. Omkar says Sai just returned form hospital and is not fit yet. Virat says Sai is fine now and he will take care of her. Pakhi gets jealous and says Omkar need not worry as Sai must be jumping by now in happiness. Ashwini asks what is wrong if Sai goes on a trip with her husband, if Pakhi is having any problem. Sai walks to them. Bhavani asks if she is going on a trip with her husband. Sai says its Virat’s official trip and she is sacrificing many things to do him a favor. Pakhi asks what did she sacrifice. Sai says she sacrificed her studies. Pakhi asks why is that so. Sai says she likes helping people and is happy to get a chance to return Virat’s favor. Pakhi taunts that Virat’s wife gave so many names, help, favor, sacrifice, etc. Sai tries to reply, but Virat stops her and says they had to inform elders and did and shouldn’t argue.

Bhavani suggests to take Pakhi along. Ashwini asks why should Pakhi accompany Sai and Virat. Pakhi says she need not worry as she knows where to go. Karishma hearing that hopes Mohit takes her also on trip. Sai says Karishma need not worry as she will plan a family trip soon. Sonali yells she need worry about Karishma. Ashwini asks her to calm down as Sai thinks of whole family Shivani backs her. Drama continues. Pakhi comments she is hearing about this kind of official trip for the first time, maybe Virat’s department wants to send them for a honeymoon trip. Sai asks how does she get such thoughts, its an official trip. Shivani asks Sai not to spoil her mood with other’s comments and start packing her bag. Bhavani says she knows Pakhi is feeling alone with her husband and hence commenting this, so Virat and Sai should take Pakhi along. Pakhi comments again. Sai says again its an official trip. Pakhi walks away saying she need not give explanation.

Virat and Sai reach Mahabaleshwar. Sai gets excited sight seeing via car and says its very beautiful. Virat looking at her says yes. Driver asks Sai if she is visiting Mahabaleshwar for the first time. Sai says yes. Driver says he can see the brightness in her eyes like firs time visitors and asks Virat if he is also visiting Mahabaleshwar for the first time. Virat says no. Driver says they came at the right time as many honeymoon couple come during this time. Sai says they came on an official trip. Driver says he thought they are honeymoon couple. Virat says they are husband and wife but on an official trip. Sai starts arguing with him. She asks when his his other department members reaching. Virat asks who, then says they are coming by train. He somehow diverts her attention finally. They reach hotel. Virat pays driver. Driver says he brought his wife on a personal trip citing it as official. Virat nervously says no. Driver says even he has done it during his days. Sai asks Virat if he came on a personal trip. Virat gets nervous. She says he didn’t take bill from driver to produce. He says he is an officer. She says he himself is breaking rules and lectures about budget. He asks her to wait in waiting area and goes to reception area to check in. Waiter serves juice to Sai. Sai asks where is Nagpur police department’s official meeting area. He says its Mahabaleshwar. She says she knows. He says there is no meeting here. Sai gets suspicious and walks to Virat and hears receptionist giving him honeymoon suite. She asks what was receptionist saying. He says she said happy stay and nervously says this resort didn’t have much room, hence they are staying here and other officers are staying in other resort. Sai says he is khadoos and hence his department booked him in this hotel and all others in different hotel. Virat acts as angry and sends her to check the room. She leaves. He relaxes and fumes on Sunny.

recap: Sai walks with Sai and thinks she has become the necessity of his life and he wants to propose her before its too late. Samrat emerges in front of him.

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