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Choti Sardarni 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Rajveer to unite Seher and Kunal

Choti Sardarni 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Meher says but I.. Karan says those are amazing guys. Param says they are rich, good-looking, and classy. Seher says but I.. Karan says Veer ji and I are coming to Canada together. We have arranged a grand dinner with those guys. Everything is ready. Seher says but I.. Karan says we are coming. Param says yes get ready. Karan says she’s shy. They hang up. Seher says why did you stop me Kunal? Let me tell them about you. He says you have been waiting for them to come together. You waited all your life for this. If they are coming, don’t ruin it. We will tell them once they are here. Seher says you are right. There will be many classy and rich men would be there. I was thinking I should meet, then vacation in Amsterdam, Paris. Kunal says then I will hang them with Eifel tower. He runs after Seher. She says I was joking. He says don’t even joke about it. Seher says I am sorry. He says we will never part. Seher says never, promise.

Scene 2
Rajveer cries. He packs his bags. Nikhil asks where are you going? He says India. Nikhil says so the remaining hope to be with Seher is over too? Rajveer says hope? Seher loves him. They have been together for 2 years. They are about to get married. Nikhil says they aren’t married yet. Who knows what’s written in fate. Who knows if there won’t be a fight or breakup between them. But you would be in India. Out of sight, out of mind. Rajveer says don’t say that. Seher loves him. God forbid her love is taken away from her and her heart is broken. I hope a tear never comes to her eyes. Can we keep this gift on her door? Nikhil says will that make you forgive her? What about your broken heart? Rajveer cries.

Scene 3
Seher and Kunal watch the movie together. They act alongside it. Seher recalls what Param and Karan said. She gets upset. Kunal asks are you okay? It was just dialogue. He gives her ice cream. Seher cries. Kunal hugs her. Seher says my brothers are together for the first time. They aren’t fighting. For my marriage and my proposal. Kunal says that’s a good thing. Seher says they are my strength but they are my weakness too. Kunal says so? Seher says they are coming together. They are very excited about my wedding. What if they don’t like you? They had made a list of business tycoons. How will I add your name to that list? I don’t know how to introduce you to them. What if they fight again? He says okay then. Marry a tycoon. Go to Amsterdam, Paris. Seher says shut up. You know I love you a lot. I can’t live without you but I can’t live without my brothers either. I don’t know how to introduce them to you. He says we will find a way out.

Someone comes outside. Kunal opens the door. Rajveer is there. He says hi.. Actually, we didn’t want to disturb you both. This gift.. It’s a big day for both of you. I had to leave in a hurry in the morning. Kunal hugs him and says come in. Nikhil and Rajveer come in. Kunal says you came at on right time. See she’s crying. Seher is crying. Kunal says you said you can do anything for your friendship. Handle her then. Rajveer wipes her tears and says Seher, why are you crying? Is everything okay? Seher says there’s a problem. Both of my brothers are coming here.

Scene 3
Karan and Param show the guys to Badi bi they have shortlisted for Seher. Karan says we will decorate the whole of Toronto. Badi bi says ask Seher first if she likes someone. Karan says if there was a guy she would have told us. Param says we told her he needs to be no. 1 in business and status. Badi bi says I know her very well. She can sacrifice any happiness for you both and to keep you both together.

Rajveer says it’s a problem Seher. Seher says what will I do? He says you have to chill. Seher says I am in so much tension and you want me to chill? He says I am not joking. I told you whenever you are in a problem, I will be standing with you. Seher says for now you’re sitting. Kunal hugs Seher. Rajveer says I will introduce Kunal to your brothers. They will love him. He says no questions, leave it all on me. Trust me, do you? Seher hugs him. Seher says more than myself. Seher says I will always trust you. If you unite us, I will always be grateful to you. Thank you. She hugs him. Rajveer says stop crying now. Kunal says thank you Rajveer. We can trust you. Rajveer makes her eat the ice cream.

Nikhil speaks to Dida and says I wanted you to hear it. Rajveer is ruining it on its own. Should I tell Seher everything? Dida says let him do what he is doing. He has a pure heart. He’s God’s pious person. He doesn’t know what the world does to nice people like him. Let him do the right thing, we are there to do the twisted thing. Let him do what he wants, tomorrow you will do what I ask you. Tomorrow Kunal’s entry would be a blast in the party. Seher and her brothers would be shocked.

Scene 4
Rajveer chooses the best-branded watches and perfumes for Kunal. He meets the designer. She says final stitching is going on. He says it should be the best. She says but you had that idea for your wedding? Nikhil says no just design, he gave his best perfume, watch, design, suit, shoes, shirt, he sacrificed everything. Nikhil says what are you made of? The girl you love so much, you’re giving her to someone else? I can’t see all this. Rajveer says let me concentrate on all this. Today is very important for Seher. I don’t want her heart to break. Nikhil’s man comes and says didi sent it for you. Nikhil says if Seher’s brothers like Kunal today, your heart would break and we won’t let that happen.

Seher says what will Rajveer do? Kunal says no idea. Seher says what if something goes wrong? What if they don’t like you? Kunal says don’t worry, relax. Where are you? Seher says they must have landed, I am going to the hotel. Param calls Badi bi and says yes we reached Toronto. No Karan left from the window. He laughs and says of course he’s with me. A car stops in front of them. The man says are your eyes button? Can’t you see? Karan says mind your language. The man is about to hit Param. Rajveer comes and shoves him. The man’s goons come out. Rajveer says stay away. I am Punjabi with a broken heart. I am going to help her so my mind is out of its place today. Don’t mess with me or you will all regret.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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