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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update : Teeka’s Engagement Preparation

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

Everyone having dinner in Tiwari’s house. Commissioner asks Vibhu why aren’t you having dinner. Vibhu says I want to eat. Anu says I was going yo eat less furst I’ll finish then feed him. Angoori says I’m worried about you, I also cannot eat if Vibhu is not eating for me guest is like god, what happen to Vibhu’s hand. Teeka asks Vibhu to please pass me chapati, or give me paneer pakoda plate. Vibhu says I cannot give you this plate. Teeka says why are you in this much pride, are you having pride of unemployment. Vibhu stand up. Angoori asks Vibhu where are your hands. Commissioner says to Anu you cut your husband hands and trying to hide it from shawl, you are under arrest, till the time I don’t solve the case who cut Vibhu’s hand this marriage cannot be happen. Rusa and Teeka says this is not good. Anu says to commissioner don’t stop there marriage. Rusa you shutup you cut your husband hands. Anu says no I did not cut his hand. Commissioner says you are under arrest I’ll arrest for cutting your husband hand. Tiwari shouts and says I cut Vibhu’s hand not Anu. Angoori says to commissioner I cut Vibhu’s hand not Tiwari. Commissioner says to Rusa you are trying to get married in family of murderer. Teeka says I have no relation with this family. Commissioner says if you don’t have relation with this family then what is your status. Anu says no one cut his hand, he was doing mischievous behaviour from his hand so I tied them. Commissioner says so show us your hand. Vibhu takes out hand and throws water on commissioner.

Anu and Vibhu in bedroom. Anu says beat me with your hand, your hand is doing mischievous behaviour with everyone why not with me. Vibhu says I don’t know. Anu says its your hand you should know it. Vibhu says I don’t have any information about this, I don’t have control over my hand we can do one thing I’ll go downstairs and sleep. Anu says I’m so bad I fought with Vibhu again.

Tiwari and Angoori in bedroom. Tiwari says its all because of Vibhu he spoiled my plan. Angoori says why are you saying like this his hand is not in his control. Tiwari says he is making fool to everyone, he doesn’t want I should get my license so that I become like him unemployed and he can tease me in front of everyone. Angoori says I cannot understand one thing, why did you took blame on you when commissioner accused Anu for cutting Vibhu’s hand. Tiwari says I cannot bear a lady wearing handcuffs in front of me. Angoori says what if commissioner put you in jail what will happen to me, from next time think about me then say something like this, how will I make Ammajis wish come true if you will go to jail, she is saying to give me grandchildren if you will go to jail how I’ll give her grandchildren. Tiwari says I’m worried about license, if we dont get that all this luxury will be over. Angoori says goodnight and goes to sleep.

Ammaji talking on phone with pandit Ramphal saying your flowers are beautiful and getting romantic with him on phone. Vibhu come looks at Ammaji. Ammaji asks what are you looking at. Vibhu grabs her bouquet and destroys it. Ammaji start beating Vibhu. Anu come and says sto it. Ammaji says to Anu see what he did with my bouquet he destroyed it with his legs. Anu says don’t worry tell me how much it costs I’ll pay you. Vibhu says this flowers are given by Pandit Ramphal. Ammaji asks what is he saying. Anu says I’m sorry I cannot repay you because I’m quite poor for that, love has no price and blind. Ammaji gets confused and says I understood. Anu says to Ammaji because of some problem Vibhu has no control over his hand. Vibhu says I don’t have control over my hand it could murder you. Ammaji says so take this man to hospital or keep him tied inside house. Anu says we are taking him. Vibhu says bad words to Ammaji in english and leaves. Teeka, Tiwari, Angoori and Commissioner sitting in Tiwari’s house. Tiwari says to Teeka to complete lisence work before engagement. Teeka says don’t worry I’ll do it. Tiwari says I have no faith in your luck so do it fast. Angoori come with snacks and says to commissioner that you look tensed. Commissioner says yes I’m tensed because I’m worried about this relation. Rusa says to commissioner what happen now. Commissioner says I showed his photo to your sister she spit on that, she doesn’t like him and she said she will not come in engagement, even to confirm I showed to my house maid she also spit on his photo twice. Teeka says to commissioner stop it how much more you will insult me, I don’t care I like Ruse and Rusa like me. Rusa says yes I also like Teeka and I’ll marry him I’ll marry on T. Ammaji knock on door and Tiwari open door. Ammaji slaps Tiwari and says what am I hearing Teeka is your lost brother. Tiwari says don’t get angry I made my license which was fake so I gave application to commissioner to make it real and explain everything to Ammaji.

Vibhu doing action with his hand and legs. Anu come and says what are you doing with your hand. Vibhu says I don’t have control on them. Tiwari come and says please tie him up and Tiwari and Vibhu start fighting with eachother. Anu says what happen why did you came. Tiwari says I came to invite you for engagement of Teeka and don’t bring Vibhu with you because its commissioner’s sister in law engagement and there will be many VIP people. Anu says yes you are right. Vibhu says even I don’t have such liking in going to engagement. Anu says what are you saying. Vibhu slaps Tiwari. Tiwari says see I told you he attacked me keep him tied up. Teeka talking on phone with someone inviting him in his engagement. Malkhan and Tillu listing everything. Malkhan says we got to know that you are getting engaged. Tillu says you are inviting everyone and not us, Malkan says you are forgetting us, Teeka says if handsome couple sees you they will separate, Tilu says cmon we went to so many marriages and they are fine, and say if you marry and divorce before first night, why tell us, Teeka abuses them, Tilu says you are such a bad friend, you are dead to us, Malkan says he is full of pride lets go, Teeka says you can come but come smart, and no nonsense in party. Malkan says Tilu leta go to Cheddi. Teeka starts calling VIP’s.

Pre cap: Teeka’s engagement party.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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