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Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th August 2021 Written Episode Update: Nandini learns Rajvi’s lie

Aapki Nazron Ne Samjha 5th August 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Darsh saying mum is calling you, where are you Nandini. Nandini says it means she told the truth to Darsh. She goes. Fire catches up in the heater. Charmy goes to Darsh. Nandini says I don’t want to meet anyone, I have no relation with anyone, when Charmy has become this house’s bahu, when Darsh has started a new life, then what does he want to talk to me. Darsh doesn’t see Charmy anywhere. He asks are you fine. Nandini sees the smoke in the room. She runs back. Charmy comes home and thinks this isn’t my house. Nandini worries for Vini. She goes to remove the plug. She gets an electric shock. Darsh comes and asks how did this happen. He takes Vini outside. He says Ishani, just come out, its dangerous. Nandini falls there. Darsh gets Vini outside the house. Shobit sees Vini and asks how is Vini with Darsh. Darsh says handle Vini, there is fire inside, mum is inside. Shobit says this smoke isn’t good for your eyes, I will get mom. Vipul asks Rajvi to come. Shobit takes her. Darsh says Nandini and Ishani didn’t come out. Shobit thinks Nandini is here. Darsh shouts Nandini and runs inside the house.

Dada ji asks Chetan to call the fire brigade. Charmy comes to Nandini. Darsh comes shouting Nandini. He can’t see anything clearly. He coughs. He sees Charmy. He says Nandini, you are here, I was calling you since long. Charmy faints in his arms. Nandini gets shocked. He asks what happened to you, Nandini. He lifts her and takes her. He asks Ishani why is she here, fire is spreading, come out. He goes. Nandini says Darsh thinks Charmy is Nandini. She sits shocked.

Shobit asks Darsh to make Charmy sit. Darsh asks Charmy are you fine, take a deep breath. Fire alarm rings. Drivers rush with the water. Guard gets the fire guards. Darsh says fire in my room, go fast. Shobit says Ishani didn’t come. Darsh says thank God, Ishani came back. Everyone gets shocked seeing Ishani. They see Nandini alive.

Parul says Nandini….. Darsh looks at her. Rajvi holds her hand and stops her. Fire catches Nandini’s dupatta. Nandini thinks I don’t know them, I regarded them my family, they gave my name and identity to Charmy easily, Darsh accepted that Charmy is Nandini. Darsh says your dupatta has fire. He goes and removes her dupatta. He blows off the fire. He asks are you okay, why are you standing like a statue. Rajvi thinks Darsh thinks Nandini is Ishani. Shobit smiles and says you came back, I feel much relieved. Darsh asks do you know her. Shobit says yes, she is…. Rajvi worries and shouts doctor has come. She says come with me to the outhouse. Vipul takes Vini. Nandini looks at them and takes Vini.

Shobit thinks Charmy isn’t telling anything, she has no need to do this drama. Charmy thinks you don’t know Shobit, I m carrying your child, if Darsh and Nandini unite, then who will give a name to this child. Shobit says I need to talk. Darsh says not now, there is fire inside. Vipul stops Shobit. Shobit asks why isn’t anyone telling truth to Darsh. He asks Charmy why are you silent, you get happy, you don’t need to do this drama again, you can go back in your life, what are you thinking, I m going to tell Darsh that Ishani is Nandini. Vipul says we have to save Darsh from stress, what will he go through that everyone lied to him, Charmy is your ex, its complicated, just Rajvi can talk to Darsh.

Shobit says it will be difficult for mom to say it, don’t stop me. Vipul says you were responsible when Darsh lost his eyesight for the first time, if he loses eyesight again, do you want to become the reason for it. Shobit cries. Doctor treats Vini. He says she will be fine soon. Nandini talks to him. Rajvi thinks you are alive, you gave Darsh the biggest gift before going, you have become Vini’s mum to look after her, you are my Nandini. Doctor says don’t worry, Vini will be fine. Doctor goes. Rajvi hugs her and says you came back, I can’t believe you came back, I m sorry, I doubted on you and didn’t believe you, forgive me, I have always missed you. Nandini says you missed me so much that you gave my name and identity to someone else. Rajvi says we didn’t know you are alive. Nandini says you thought I m dead.

Rajvi says Charmy is pregnant, Charmy is my responsibility now, she is carrying Darsh’s child. Nandini gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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