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Shubharambh 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Rani celebrates Raja’s birthday in her style

Shubharambh 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1
Raja gives an interview and the manager says that your interview went well, let me just discuss with the boss.

Rani comes for the interview in the salon. The manager says you have no experience and no standard. Rani says you can talk about my skills but not about my standard. The manager says you have no manners to talk. Rani says I don’t want to be here, she tries to leave but the manager says you can’t leave without my permission. Rani says you have no standard to interview me. The manager throws water on her and says you have done nothing in your life, will you become a janitor here?

Gunvant comes to the showroom where Raja came for the interview. He says Raja you here? Did you come here for a car? The manager say you know him? Gunvant says yes, he is my nephew. Gunvant goes to take a call. The manager tells Raja that you are from a rich family and you can’t work hard. Raja says just give me a chance. The manager says you have to listen to customer’s curses too. Raja says I know how to do hard work, I have had the luxuries in life but I know about my self-respect and no work is small for me.

Rani tells the manager that I might be poor but I have self-esteem. I don’t want your job. I will work hard but never work for people like you.

The manager tells Raja that your status is very big so I can’t give you this job, he leaves. Raja tells Gunvant that you never stop to show me fake love but trust me I will find a job. He leaves from there.

Scene 2
Raja and Rani meet near a food stall. Rani is angry with the salon manager and says Gunvant knows everyone where will you go? Raja says we will find a job, don’t worry. Rani says we have to earn 50K per month. Raja says don’t worry. He asks her to eat Pani puri and don’t worry. They both enjoy Pani puri and enjoy together.

Raja and Rani come home. Asha asks them to sit and have food. Rani tells Raja to not tell her about the interviews, she will worry. They sit with Asha and says we are not that qualified, we will find a job soon. We have some money here but back in my house, we used go to community halls with my brother and sometimes Utsav would eat food from the ground. Asha is shocked to hear that. Raja hints at Rani to stop. Kritida comes there and throws a football at their food. She says I am sorry, I was just practicing. Rani tries to answer her but Raja stops her. Kritida leaves. Rani says we have to answer them back. Raja says we don’t have to think badly about them. He gets a call and leaves. Rani thinks I will teach Kritida a lesson.

At night, Kritida hears knocking at the door and sees Gunvant gone too. She comes out in the living room and hears Rani talking on call. Rani says you have sent the killer? Please ask him to kill Kritida. She smirks and thinks that I will make her dance. Kritida is scared to hear about the killer and says what will I do now? Rani leaves from there. Kritida sees a light coming in the house and says the killer is here to kill me, what to do? She takes a broom and beats the man in the sheet. Rani and others come there. Kritida says this is the killer, he came here to kill me. Rani removes the sheet to see it’s Gunvant only. Rani smirks. Kritida says it was you? I thought it was a killer. Gunvant says I was screaming but you didn’t listen. Kritida says Rani was talking a killer on the call. Rani says what? I was sleeping in my room, she smirks. Raja thinks Rani did all this. Gunvant asks Kritida to calm down. I was going to drink water and I heard a noise and then the sheet fell on me. I was trying to get out of it and you started beating me. Raja asks if he wants him to call a doctor? Gunvant says no and leaves from there. Kritida says I am sorry God to beat my husband. Rani tells her that you want to play football with me? if you try to play a game then I will do a complete championship, Raja can bear your bad tricks but I won’t so think before you do anything again. She leaves. Raja hears that and looks on.

Scene 3
Raja tells Rani why you had to do all that? Rani says they can do anything but we can’t? We can’t always bear their bad tricks. Raja says I will not become worse, if you and mom are safe then I won’t do anything against them. Rani says sometimes we have to snatch our rights. Raja says we don’t have to snatch from others, we can earn our own. Rani says we have different thoughts. They both turn away and sleep with their backs to each other. Raja sleeps but Rani wakes up and looks at him. She sees the time and goes from there.

Rani comes back in the bedroom and ties a blindfold on Raja’s eyes. He wakes up and says what is this? We just had a fight. Rani says we shouldn’t sleep while fighting. I have a surprise for you. She takes him to the table and shows him a jam-biscuit cake. Raja is surprised and smiles at her. He sees the room decorated. Rani asks him to cut the cake. He does and she sings a happy birthday for him. Raja says only you can make a cake like this but this is the happiest birthday for me. Rani says I like it when you talk like a hero. Raja says let me show you. He runs behind her and pins her to the wall. He tastes the cake and says it’s very good.

Kritida is massaging Gunvant’s back and says this is all Rani’s fault, I am sorry. Tomorrow is Raja’s birthday. Gunvant gets an idea and says we have to do something.

In the morning, Raja and Rani are leaving. Asha wishes Raja on his birthday and makes him eat yogurt. Raja prays to his father. Asha says I have kept a pooja today, it’s your new life starting. Gunvant comes there and sings a birthday song for Raja. Kritida says you are celebrating without us? Gunvant gives him a shagun and says we want to give you a gift, I know you don’t want to make us a part of it. Raja touches their feet as a blessing. Gunvant asks him to accept the coconut as a shagun. Raja takes it and looks on. Gunvant says we have a gift for you, don’t say no. Rani looks on.

PRECAP- Kritida tells Raja that today is your birthday and your father’s death anniversary so we have called a priest, he will serve food to God and we have called some poor people too. Gunvant says we have taken care of the catering, you just take care of the money and just pay 12K. Raja is shocked and is worried about the money. Kritida brings the begging bowl and says give us the money. Gunvant says he doesn’t have any money, Raja just accept that without us, you are nothing. Raja looks on.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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