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Santoshi Maa 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update – Santoshi mata & dev rishi are attacked by some demons while swati too is attacked.

Santoshi Maa 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The episode starts with Brahman performing pooja for dev rishi & santoshi mata & dev rishi discussing with santoshi about well-being of swati. A girl comes asking help from dev rishi & santoshi mata & they try to help her but she is running & they too run to see where she is going but she stops & she pushes them in deep under land which she breaks the land with her powers. They fall down under the land & dev rishi is confused while santoshi mata understands that it was gayatri mata who did this for helping us & mata paravati appreciates santoshi for accepting mata gayatri’s blessings.
Swati wondering what must be happening with indresh as she is praying mata in temple.
Indresh is thinking about swati while nidhi thinks of some plan & she goes to calm him & instigates him to show his human power because, asking him, how you can be so sacred to retaliate those culprits & she tries to play with him using pillow & they are enjoying the play.
Swati is thinking how to place the band on indresh’s hands while a vehicle comes & some miscreants come out of it while santoshi mata & dev rishi are too facing some culprits to attack them to clutch & here swati is taken away by the miscreants in the vehicle as she keeps shouting for help & her brother & parents were trying to follow the vehicle but unable to stop & the vehicle goes away. Swati’s mother is telling her father to go to police now but swati was taken away by her brother in law to clutch her in a godown while swati tells him that you are doing wrong by taking your brother’s wife but he tells her I have to listen to my father.
Indresh is playing with nidhi & she is telling him that we’ll dance while he is appreciating swati remembering their dance in the past & nidhi gets annoyed so asks help from polomi & she provides her an eating item which she gives to indresh saying this will give you more energy which is something to make him fall into nidhi’s wishes.
Swati is brought at indresh’s father’s place & she is pleading his father but he tells her I have changed my plan & now you will be clutched in this house itself while indresh’s mother is also cursing swati but she is pleading both of them. Indresh’s father is shouting his mother & tells family members to take her inside to clutch & swati is keeping on pleading.
Indresh’s uncle is also shouting his wife & warning her too.
Nidhi & indresh are dancing as if lost in themselves while devi polomi is very happy watching this thinking this is indresh’s enjoyment & on other side santoshi & swati are clutched.
Swati’s parents arrive searching swati in indresh’s father’s house but his father is stopping them & also cursing swati while they bring police to search as police says their complaint is that your son has taken away their daughter so he allows him to search & they find his son coming out of the room sitting on a wheel chair showing himself injured so that police will understand he was unable to go out in injured condition so how can he take away their daughter. Swati’s mother is telling police to search their daughter inside the house so that she may be here if their son is here.

Precap : Indresh’s sister misleads police & they do not find swati. Santoshi mata & dev rishi are confused how to tackle with these miscreants without their powers who has attacked them. Nidhi asks help from polomi to achieve indresh.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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