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Saath nibhana saathiya fanfiction: Gaura takes her revenge part 6

Gaura and Kokila were in the abandoned  building. Gaura was waiting for Kokila to regain consciousness. She was thinking about how Modi family would react to the heartbreaking truth that their beloved family member was gone, probably forever. And as she was thinking, suddenly she saw Kokila reopening her eyes.

Gaura went closer to her and said.

“Kokila! My dear friend. How are you?”

“Gaura. Gaura.”

Kokila tried to say something but she had no strength. The injuries over her body were still visible, but at least they weren’t bleeding anymore. Gaura took care for Kokila’s injuries. She wouldn’t let Kokila die yet.

“Oh, I see.”Gaura then said. You want to talk to me but you can’t. You have no strength.”

“Gaura, please just let me go home.”

“Never! I will never let you go! This time no one will stop me from taking my revenge. You know why? Because we are alone now. Your family is probably trying to find you. But they will never find you. Never. They think you are dead. They think that you have probably drowned into the lake. Because, let’s be honest. If it wasn’t me to take you out of there, you would really die. But I am not as evil as you are so I rescued you. You have to be thankful.”

“Gaura, just stop it!”Kokila said angrily. “Don’t think that you will keep me here forever. My family will find me someday and then…”

And then what? You will go home and live happily forever! Ha ha. Do you really think that I will let you live happily? No way, Kokila. No way. You ruined my life and now I will ruin yours. It’s as easy as that.”

And in the meantime, Modi family were still trying to get over the loss of Kokila. They didn’t want to accept that she will never come back to them. They didn’t want to live without her. Gopi could feel in her heart that Kokila was maybe alive. But she didn’t let herself believe in that feeling. She was afraid that it wasn’t true

More few days passed. Gopi couldn’t shake that feeling out of her head. She decided to go and talk with Gaura once more. Maybe this time Gaura would admit the truth? Maybe this time something would change and Gopi would find her mother in law?

And so, a few minutes later, Gopi was in front of Suryavanshi mansion. She rang on the doorbell and in less than a minute, Gaura showed up, wearing a green sari.

“Namaste, aunt.”Gopi said. “Can I come in?”

Gaura wasn’t happy to see one of her enemies standing in her doorway. But she decided to see why Gopi wanted to talk with her.

“Come in.”Gaura said coldly.

Gopi came in and Gaura closed the door.

Aunt.”Gopi began. “Please, tell me where do you keep my mother in law.”


Gaura pretended that she didn’t know a thing.

“Come on, aunt.”Gopi then said. You know what I am talking about. If you say that my mother in law is dead, then why you didn’t give us her body?”

Ï told you. She drowned and the water has probably took away her body. Now excuse me but I have other things to do.”

“No. I will not go away until you tell me where do you keep my mother in law! I know that she is alive, I can feel it!”

“Fine. Even if she is alive, why do you think that I keep her somewhere?”

“Because you are our biggest enemy. Because you hate my mother in law with your whole heart.”

And then, Gaura started thinking. Maybe she really had to admit Gopi the truth? No, she wasn’t feeling bad for Gopi nor for her family. She just wanted to think of a better plan for revenge.

“Well, you are right.”Gaura then said. Your mother in law is alive. And she is kidnapped by me.”

Gopi was shocked by these words. But at least her mother in law was alive. And Gopi was very happy to know that.

“Really?” Gopi then said with excitement! “Please, tell me where is she. Please, aunt, I beg you. I want my mother in law to be with us again. Please, please, I will do anything you want!”

Oh, Gopi.”Gaura replied. I like the like you beg me. So that’s why I decided to give you Kokila back.”

“Really? I will be thankful to you my whole life!”

“No. I don’t need your thankfulness. This time I will do what you want. But it doesn’t mean that I will forget what happened in the past.”

And then, Gaura took Gopi to the place where she kept Kokila. Gopi was very happy to see her mother in law again. Gaura set Kokila free and Gopi took her to a hospital.

Few days later, Kokila was feeling good enough to go home. Her family was more than happy to be with their beloved Kokila again. But this happiness wouldn’t last for a long time. Because as long as Gaura was around, Modi family would never be happy.

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