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Ishq Ki Hadh Ab Hogi Paar (ishqmeinmarjawan2) FF – Epi 2

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Episode begins when ridhima is on top of vansh. Their eyelock. Immj bg plays. Siya came and saw them. She smiled And after sometime pretend to cough. Riansh came back to reality.

Ridhima asks vansh to getup. Vansh asked ridhima to getup as she is on top of him. Siya asked them to wait their romance till marriage. Ridhima feels awkward and get up .

Kabir was in his office when his aid told him about vansh is marrying ridhima. He gets angry and walks out to get ridhima. His aid stops him saying that if u go like this then ridhima will be troubled. Kabir calms down and asked when Will be marriage. Aid says day after tomorrow.

In VR Mansion

Everyone waits for riansh. The light gets off and riansh cums down from stairs. Everyone switches their phones torch. They smile seeing vansh holds ridhima hand. Ridhima feels uncomfortable. Vansh signals her to smile. She smiles fake.

Angre switches the light. Riansh haldi goes on .Aryan and Ishani waits for ridhima’s  blouse to open. Agre gets suspicious out the lights off. He contacts vansh. Vansh went to him.

Dadi asked everyone to dance. Ishani and Aryan joins them. Ishani sees ridhima and smirks. She goes to ridhima asked her to dance. Ridhima cums and dances.

Ridhima blouse was about to open. Vansh was with angre .Kabir in disguise of waiter saw that. Vansh sees that also, he tries to signal ridhima. Other side ishani and aryan smirks. Ridhima feels uncomfortable when her blouse opens. Kabir tries run just then lights goes off. Ridhima feels someone’s touch. He holds her and pulled ridhima towards the room and pins her blouse.

Light cums and ridhima saw kabir and quickly hugs him. She cries and told kabir. I’ll die but I won’t marry vansh. Dadi cums to ridhima and kabir went.

Dadi asked ridhima is she fine. Ridhima nodded. Dadi asked ridhima to come down stairs. Ridhima cums downstairs and hears angre talking to vansh. Angre told vansh that what have u said its done. He asks vansh y did u told him to switch off the light.

Vansh recalls how he asked angre to off the light and how he pulled ridhima and pinned her blouse and went.

Ridhima thought to herself that vansh pinned her blouse. I thought it was kabir.

After sometime one waiter breaks glasses. He gets shocked and cries. Everyone gathers. Vansh angry looks at him. Mom scold him. Ridhima thinks now what will this vansh devil will do.

Mom fires him. He cries and requests not to. I have 5 daughters. They want to study. If u fire me I won’t able to educate them. Aryan told him so what now get lost from here.

Ridhima thinks what a bad people they are they don’t have a heart. Waiter wipes his tears and blabbering that now he have to get their daughters marriaged. They won’t able to educate. He goes.Vansh looks on.

After sometime VR family r in dinning. Just then angre brought same waiter and his family. Daughter’s get scared to see vansh.

Vansh stood up and goes near girl’s. Vansh told them that he will sponsor their education expenses. They gets happy and thanks him. Everyone gets shocked including ridhima. Vansh asked waiter not to cum work from tomorrow. Waiter gets sad.

Vansh tells him that u r old now u will rest and u will get ur salary everytime.  Waiter thanks him.  Vansh was about to go when waiters daughter called him bhaiya. They say we r five sisters. We don’t have a brother.Can we call u bhaiya. Vansh smiles and nodded. He goes.

Ridhima gets confused and thinks who r u vansh .The Devil or …


Precap : Ridhima gets caught. Kabir waits for ridhima . Vansh announces that he will marry ridhima now.


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