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Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Kavita Punishes Shravan

Ek Duje Ke Vaaste 2 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Devraj scolds Rajender for insulting Brigadier Vijay. Rajender says Vijay’s father also insulted him a lot. Devraj says he should have respected Vijays’ age. Kavita supports Rajender and fights with Devraj. Rajender says it was his mistake and let us end this issue right here and walks away saying sorry bhabhi. Devraj walks away fuming. Rajender’s wife also apologizes Kavita followed by Jhumri. Kavita says whoever made a mistake should apologize. Jhumri asks who.

Suman fumes on Shravan and tells Kanchan that Bunty apologized himself, but Shravan took credit. Kanchan takes Shravan’s side. Suman asks what about Shravan peeping into her room via binoculars. Kanchan says it wouldn’t be with wrong intention. Shravan calls Suman, but she disconnects call. He calls Kanchan next who picks phone silently and switches on speaker. Shravan fumes saying let her pick the call, he will clear misunderstanding, though Bunty apologized, it was his feeling instead. Kanchan asks Suman what would she say now. Shravan shouts. Kavita hits him with broom. Suman with Kanchan via binocular enjoys Kavita punishing Shravan and Bunty and feels happy. Beena walks in and asks why are they laughing so loudly. Kanchan says she cracked a joke which Suman found very funny. Beena walks down asking them to come down before Daddu gets angry. Suman thinks she will trouble him more tomorrow during class. Kavita starts crying. Shravan asks reason and asks her to beat him instead. She reveals how Rajender insulted Vijay and Daddu and how Devraj scolded Rajender, says because of Shravan, brothers fought. Shravan asks not to cry as he loves his parents most. Kavita leaves. Bunty sees Shravan’s eye swollen and informs. Shravan hopes he clears Suman’s misunderstanding.

Next morning, Shravan attends class and thinks why Daddu and Vijay haven’t come yet. Kanchan taunts Suman. Anish tries to bully Shravan pointing at this swollen eye. Shravan gives befitting reply and shuts his mouth. Daddu enters and gives them task. Shravan asks if Vijay uncle will not take class. Daddu rudely replies. Vijay sits worried in his room. Anjali asks why didn’t he take class yet. He says he forgot to take his medicine. Anjali says she herself gave him medicine and asks what is real issue. Vijay says he doesn’t know when will he return to cantonment. Anjali asks when will physiotherapist come. He says in sometime. Daddu walks in and says he brief class and asks why didn’t he come out yet and why he is looking sad. Vijay says he is fine. Daddu thinks something is wrong.

After class, Shravan tries to speak to Suman, but she does. He clashes with Damroo who informs that Suman gifted him red dress for his girlfriend. Shravan realizes that Kanchan lost red dress to Suman in a challenge and Suman in anger gave it to Damroo. Physiotherapist visits Vijay and says he is recovering well. After sometime, Shravan calls Suman, but Daddu picks call fuming why is Shravan calling Suman. Shravan pleads not to disconnect call, says he wants to tell why Vijay is tensed and asks not to inform about it to anyone, especially Daddu. He reveals how Rajender confronted Vijay as Daddu insulted him and suggested to send Daddu to pilgrimage. Daddu fumes in anger and disconnects call. Shravan thinks someone must be around, so Suman didn’t speak. He feels relaxed revealing whole story to Suman.

Precap: Shravan asks Suman where can he get best lady’s dress.
She says she doesn’t know and disconnects call. Shravan thinks he wants to buy dress for mamma as she is most important for him right now. Suman gets red dress gift with apology letter. Kanchan says she should forgive Shravan.

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