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Choti Sardarni 5th August 2020 Written Episode Update: Meher names her child Karan

Choti Sardarni 5th August 2020 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Meher says they are such good friends now. Param really like Dr. Aditi. Pati ji calls. Sarab says let’s go. Pati ji says the character is K. Sarab says let’s think of names from K. He says di you think. Robbie says Kartar Singh. Meher says something else please. Param says can I think his name as well? Aditi says parents decide the name before. Didn’t you guys think? Meher recalls Manav if it’s a guy name her Simran and if it’s a boy name her Karan. Meher says Karan. She stands up in shock. Aditi says Karan as well. Param says wow you two said the same name. Thank you mama and Aditi auntie. Sarab says what do you think di? Harleen says yes it’s perfect. Harleen hugs Sarab. Sarab says because of these two ladies he’s in this world and they both named him Karan. KaranJeet Singh Gill. Harleen says bring him here. Sarab says bring sweets. Meher recalls Manav. She says no.. Everyone is shocked. Meher says Karan won’t be the name. Everyone is shocked. Sarab says but you said Karan. Meher says I.. I don’t know. She leaves. Harleen says Sarab switch off your phone. CM texted, call him, please. Aditi says CM’s message?

Sarab comes to Meher’s room. Sarab says did I say anything wrong? You said Karan and I liked it. Is something wrong? He wipes her tears. Sarab says I waited so long for this day. I promised no matter what happens, I won’t let you be in trouble on this day and these tears? If you don’t like Karan, we can name him something else. Please don’t cry. Meher says I am fine. Sarab says why are you crying then? Sarab says the kajal in your beautiful eyes is dripping with your tears and blackening the redness of your cheeks. So please put new kajal and come downstairs, you only look good while smiling. We will name him something else. Don’t worry. The baby cries. Sarab says bandru is crying for a name, Come on, come downstairs.

Aditi asks Harleen all well? She says yes. Meher is weird. She suggested the name and then said no herself. Aditi says sorry but I got a news update right now. She shows her phone to Harleen. Aditi says is it true? Harleen says the news is real but Param isn’t involved in it. Someone is trying to trap him in this. Please don’t tell Meher about it. It’s her child’s naamkaran. Aditi her child? You mean Meher and Sarab’s child right. Harleen says of course. But please don’t tell her. She will get upset and Sarab would be more tensed. I can’t see him in stress. Aditi says you really love your brother right? Harleen says so much. If someone tries to harm him, I can kill them. Aditi smiles.

Meher looks at the baby and recalls Sarab saying they can change the name if she doesn’t like Karan. Her conscience says you’re weird. Either say what you think or don’t think about what you say. You decided then you’re upset yourself. You didn’t even think about what Sarab said. He liked the name Karan. Meher says Manav also liked this name. Her conscience says oh Manav, I thought you drowned his memories in the lake. Meher says I drowned Meher not the memories. The Meher who loved Manav. This is a new Meher, with a new life. I don’t want a shadow of past on this new life. Her conscience says don’t lie, you never forgot Manav. He is still in your mind and heart. You can never have a place for anyone in your heart, not for Sarab. Meher says Sarab is God for me. He named my child and made us a part of this family. I can do anything for him. Her conscience says even name him Karan? Meher says yes. This child is more than anyone. He protected this child more than me. Her conscience says you have changed. That Meher is gone.

Meher picks the baby. Meher says KaranJeet Singh Gill. He smiles. Harleen says if she doesn’t like Karan, we can name him something else. Meher comes with Karan and says no, he’s Karan. Sarab says congratulations. Amrita tells everyone they have named him Karan. Kulwant says wah ji wah. I told you all, remember that snake’s child got the name of SarabJeet Singh Gill. My dream came true. I got all that I wanted. This is called planning. I write my own fate. The story is over and all secrets are buried. Jeeto says buried who? Kulwant says I am talking about celebrations. Meher has named her child KaranJeetSingh Gill.

Scene 2
Vikram asks his officer anything interesting? His officer says just basics, he isn’t saying much. Vikram says I can make mute people speak. Then he has a long tongue. Vikram says you must have bank details of your boss. I am sure he isn’t keeping cash in his house. Give me the details. Someone calls him and says yes sir. He says bhaisahab’s in laws called. It’s his time to go. Go. Tarkash stands up and smiles. Vikram says ask your boss about his Swiss account so he has an answer prepared. Tarkash leaves. Vikram counts 5.. 4.. 3.. 2.. 1.. His phone rings. It’s Sarab. Vikram says I knew you would call me for sure for your Tarkash. I have released him. He didn’t say anything. At least you say hello. Sarab says hello. Welcome to our city. Vikram says I must welcome you. I am waiting for right time. Sarab says time is of no one. Vikram says you made PM call so we left your Tarkash. But this game won’t last for long. The cases Vikram investigates, he does anything to bring the truth. Sarab says you won’t have to do all that, I am ready to cooperate. Vikram says you don’t have another option. Sarab says I will look in your eye when I meet you. Sarab says time will tell who wins this. Vikram says I will meet you soon.
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