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#RiAnsh #Meant To Be Your #Part – 5

Hello 🙋🙋🙋

I know many are waiting for this one but I literally typed it almost everyday like one scene and delete and again typing it and finally today I have completed it so here I am with update. But I think before that a recap is needed so let’s go with it first.


RidBir are celebrity couple and in this relationship Kabir is using her for fame and sucess while she is deeply in love with him on other hand Vansh is secretly in love with Riddhima which sensed by his sister-in-law so she vowed to unite them while reporter Ishani who found resemblance of her dead sister Siya in Riddhima vowed to protect her knowing character reality of Kabir.

Here goes update. 👇

Riddhima is having hard time controlling her anger and she took out almost every cloth of her wardrobe out to find out most worst one to wear to scare the guest and to grow dislike towards her in their heart but looking at every designer outfit she felt like her plan will be doomed but suddenly something strike her and she patted her own back and took out her Pajama and oversized kitty t-shirt and decided to wear it for dinner.
But before she can enjoy much she heard her Mom’s voice from downstairs

Anupriya: Have  power nap for half hour then start getting ready.

Riddhima didn’t replied but she stuck out her tongue and tried imitating her mother with weird faces. But soon she realise she do need sleep and applying mask she let her self relax on her comfy bed.

Meanwhile at Raisinghania house Ragini having hard time in helping Vansh cause he wants to look best to impress Riddhima and he have tried almost every piece of cloth from his wardrobe but he doesn’t found him self good enough in either of them.

And seeing him putting so much effort in getting ready his parents as well as elder brother Aryan (Shock mat hona cause I do weird change in character relationship as per my story…😆😄)got surprised so they ask Ragini

Parents+Aryan: Is there any award function today?

Ragini: No and Yes.

Aryan: How it can be both?

Ragini: Though it is not award function actually but for him it’s not less then it cause he is going to Riddhima’s house today for dinner…

But before Ragini can complete sentence Aryan jumped in between and replied

Aryan: And he wants to look his best to impress her. I think instead of that he should be vocal about his feelings for her.

Ragini: That’ll be very soon anyway I’ve good news not yet but it’ll be may be.

Aryan: Will you be clear instead of playing with words?

Ragini: I’ve planned to cast Vansh against Riddhima in my next movie.

Parents: Good move beta, with your help he’ll get love of his life very soon.

(So everyone in Vansh’s family knows about Vansh’s feeling for Riddhima and they to want them to be together 😇😍)

And finally Ragini come to Vansh’s rescue who is frustrated by seeing piles of useless clothes (according to him as they won’t help him in impressing Riddhima) she asked him to wear white shirt and black denim and she make him roll sleeve and before he can complaint about his look she dragged him out of home and they settled in car and Ragini give adress to driver and dropped text to Anupriya that they’re on the way.

Meanwhile at Riddhima’s place as soon as Anupriya received text from Ragini she started rushing from here and there and throwing orders to servants and in between she even knocked door of Riddhima’s room to awake her and once she responded she ordered her to get ready and cursing guest who is coming (without knowing exactly who) she freshened up and put on just lip balm and hugging her teddy she murmurs

Riddhima: Who so ever is coming I won’t spare you, I won’t allow you to have nay self with me and most importantly I don’t like you, cause of you my plan got ruined. (Few tears make their way from her eyes as she felt for ruining plan to meet Kabir 🥺🥺🥺)

Soon she heard car honking and she knows that she have plaster smile and wiping her tears she put on smile and started waiting for call from her mother.

And as expected after 10 minutes her mother call her and checking her self one last time in mirror she started moving out of her room to greet guest. Intentionally she started humming song while descending stairs and she come to dinning area and seeing her everyone there gasped with their own reaction like Anupriya thought she did disaster while Ragini found her more cute and beautiful then she is on set while for Vansh his heart skipped few beats seeing her natural beauty and he urge to embrace in his arms and protect her from everyone and anything.

While Riddhima saw Ragini and Vansh her anger melt down in minutes or two and seeing Vansh staring at her she felt different sensation in her body and blood started rushing to her cheeks and with slow step she moved towards them and before any one can say anything Anupriya started started covering for blunder Riddhima did and she said

Anupriya: Actually she was very tired so I let her sleep and in all hustle bustle I forgot to…

Ragini: (who knew Anupriya very well by now knew that she is trying to impress them) It’s okay, anyway she look more pretty in her casual outfit anyway can we discuss our script, date and payment conditions?

Anupriya nodded at them and soon they get settled in hall’s sofa and Ragini discussed script first and revealed her idea that they want to release next part with half year gap so they had to start shooting ASAP and they need Riddhima’s date and even declared that Vansh is debuting with this movie and at last she offered hafty amount for signing Riddhima and instead of discussing much Anupriya focused on amount which is being offered but she can’t show her greedy nature so she put on her artificial smile and replied

Anupriya: We’ll discuss and check dates and will reply you soon.

Ragini: I do need answer in this week cause we have to start our marketing strategy for as well as location and wordrobe so I am expecting you to reply fast.

Anupriya: I’ll but now let’s go have dinner.

And they shifted to dinning area for dinner and Ragini make RiAnsh sit next to each other intentionally and while having dinner both RiAnsh were chatting like best friends and smiling at each other and seeing them like that an idea make entry in her mind and she discussed with Anupriya and they both happily executed it.

Phew… 🥵🥵🥵

Done with update. Any idea what is Ragini’s plan? And do let me know how was update in comment section.

I’ll see you all next weekend with next part till then take care and stay happy and safe.


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