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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-58)


In Club:-

Ishani- See, Vansh is here and its time for a challenge.

Riddhima- Challenge?

Sejal- Yes Riddhima, give him a dare

Riddhima- But why?

Ishani- Just to test him.

Riddhima- What will happen?

Siya- You will get to know how much he loves you.

Riddhima- What should I give him as a challenge?

Sejal- I have one listen —————————————–

Riddhima- Why to bother him, let’s enjoy na

Ishani- You just need to give him the challenge rest they will do.

Siya- Di, try na please.

Ishani- Please……..

Riddhima- Ok fine…. I will….

Riddhima moved to them.

Riddhima- Vansh….

Vansh saw her and moved to her and turned her around back hugging her.

Vansh- Were you missing me sweetheart?

Riddhima craned her neck and saw him.

Vansh- Tell…….

Vansh said and kissed her on her cheeks.

Riddhima- Who said I was missing you, actually I came here to give a challenge

Vansh (frowning) – Challenge? What?

Riddhima- You need to prove your love.

Vansh pulled her closer.

Vansh- How?

Riddhima- Idea was of Sejal not mine

Vansh raised his eyebrows.

Vansh- What they said?

Riddhima- They asked me to tell you that you will have to……….

Vansh- Why are you using your whole grammar over here just tell me in a word.

Riddhima- Shut up ok, they said you to drink 50 shots.

Vansh- Either they are mad or you all are mad

Riddhima- First one was good.

Vansh- I’m not going to do anything like that.

Riddhima- You don’t love me anymore.

Vansh- On normal case yes but in this case no chance.

Riddhima- Go then why are you standing here.

Vansh- Done with your emotional drama, bye.

Vansh was about to go when Riddhima pulled him back.

Riddhima- Do it na.

Vansh- Riddhima, Good Morning. You are asking me and even yourself to have 50 shots.

Riddhima- Yaa I know.

Vansh- You can’t handle 5 shots even.

Riddhima- Oh Mr. Vansh Raisinghania Don’t underestimate girl power.

Vansh- Ok kiss me for 5 minutes continuously then I’ll accept the challenge.

Riddhima- Where is your shame?

Vansh- Lost after seeing your face.

Riddhima- Come and let’s start the challenge and I promise I’ll win.

Vansh- Kiss

Riddhima- Not gonna happen.

Vansh- Then even challenge won’t.

Riddhima- Vansh.

Vansh- Yaa I’m listening.

Riddhima- Last time I’m asking are you coming or not.

Vansh- Kiss.

Riddhima- Same answer.

Vansh- Mine too.

Riddhima- Then this marriage won’t happen bye.

Riddhima was about to go when he pulled her in a corner and pinned her to the wall. She was shocked by his action.

Riddhima- Why are you having mood swings?

Vansh- What did you said, right now?

Riddhima- Just……

Vansh- Just for a challenge you won’t marry me, Riddhima seriously.

Riddhima- Vansh I was just……..

Vansh- Fine Challenge is important na, then come.

He held her hand tightly and pulled her to the bar corner. All saw Vansh’s angry face and came there.

Kabir- Now what happened to them.

Sejal- I guess Vansh and Riddhima again had a fight.

Aryan- Any reason.

Siya- Actually we asked Riddhima to ask from Vansh bhai for a challenge to prove his love.

Angre- What was the challenge.

Ishani- Both will have to drink 50 shots.

Kabir- And this idea must be of Sejal, Right Sejal.

Sejal looked at him and nodded.

Angre- He gave his life wasn’t that enough?

Sejal- Angre it was just for fun.

Aryan- But it became a fight now.

Kabir- Forget about fight if both got drunk who will handle them.

Angre- Mom will eat us raw.

Aryan- Call Veer bhai.

Kabir- He will shoot me here.

Siya- Ruchi bhabhi.

Angre- Haan so that she can hang us to death.

Ishani- Then

Kabir- Ask Sejal she was the one to give the idea.

Sejal- Shut up Kabir, let’s think together.

Kabir- Before creating this chaos had you asked me.

Sejal- Kabir it was an instant idea.

Kabir- Then now think to rescue us from this instantly.

Sejal glared at him while Vansh had ordered 100 shots.

Riddhima- Oh mister, it was of 25-25 I can’t drink 50 shots alone. Are you mad?

Vansh- I’m mad or you are mad, can’t you even say a sentence clearly.

Riddhima- Had you asked me?

Waiter- Sir, Ma’am please don’t fight.

Waiter interrupted them.

Riansh- We will.

Waiter- Continue…..

And saying so he left.

Vansh- Ok fine, start.

Riddhima- Wait, lets change the challenge. There are 50-50 shots only whoever will drink more in 10 minutes will win.

Vansh- Done.

Saying so they picked up the glass and gulped down the shots making weird faces, another shot and gulped down. It went till 15 shots and Riddhima was tired, well it wasn’t tiredness it was the effect of drink.

Riddhima- Hawww…… Vansh you never told me you are triplets.

Vansh- When it happened?

Riddhima- What?

Vansh- I’m one and only over here.

Riddhima- No see these two Vansh and all three are speaking then too I’m able to hear only one voice, why?

Vansh- Don’t know, another shot or you will accept……

Riddhima (interrupting him) – Riddhima Vansh Raisinghania never accept defeat.

Vansh (raising his eyebrows) – We aren’t married.

Riddhima- We will get tomorrow.

Vansh- Too eager.

Riddhima- You aren’t angry with me….

Vansh looked away.

Vansh- I’m ….

Riddhima looked at him and ran out from there.

Vansh- Riddhima….

Riddhima went to DJ and whispering something to him came back to Vansh who raised his eyebrows at her.

A loud sound was heard making everyone close their ears and then the music was played.

Honthon pe naam hai thehra tera
Neendon pe rehta hai pehra tera
Jab se bani re bani tu meri
Premika aa aa… premika aa aa..
Premika aa aa.. premika..

Riddhima held his hands and pulled him into the middle of the dance floor and started jumping, Vansh seeing her also started jumping there.

All were aware that they were drunk and not to disturb the couples they started dancing with them.

Sooraj nikalta hai tere liye
Chanda mein dikhta hai chehra tera
Jab se bani re bani tu meri
Premika aa aa… premika aa aa..
Premika aa aa.. premika aa aa…
Premika aa aa.. premika aa aa.. premika..
Main teri premika!

Vansh pulled her close to him and kept his hands on her waist and both swing their bodies forgetting about the song and world…

Dil ke shehar ka musafir hai tu
Neendein churane mein maahir hai tu
Dikhta hai thoda tapori magar
Jeans jacket mein shayar hai tu

Riddhima removes her hand from his neck and giving him a peck on his cheeks, both rushed out from the club.

Whereas all this was noticed by Kabir, Aryan, Angre, Sejal, Ishani and Siya. They saw all but wasn’t able to see them leaving.

Aryan- Guys where are they?

Kabir- Let’s search.

Angre- Wait check in CCTV footage.

Half rushed to check everywhere while rest to CCTV room.


Riddhima brought Vansh to the garden which was just in front of the club.

Riddhima- Vansh see…

She said and pointed at the moon.

Vansh- What’s there Riddhima?

Riddhima- Moon….

Vansh- I can see it.

Riddhima looked at him and saw him looking at her.

Riddhima- Vansh not me see there.

Vansh- I just love this moon of mine.

Riddhima- Idiot see that, it’s of white color yeah….

Vansh- Yaah…. See those stars they are twinkling.

Till then everyone came out and saw them looking at the sky….

Kabir- Next time Sejal if you gave these challenges I swear I won’t marry you.

Angre- Stop it Kabir. Don’t blame her you are worst then her.

Kabir- Shut up and let’s handle them.

They moved to them and came in front of them.

Sejal- Riddhima, let’s go.

Riddhima hugged Vansh.

Riddhima- I won’t leave him.

Sejal- You don’t have to even he is coming.

Vansh- Really seriously.

Vansh saying so started jumping and Riddhima joined him.

Kabir- I guess we need to leave lets go guys.

Saying so they dragged them to the car and within a second they drove back to mansion.


Kabir- We reached till here but how will we enter in.

Sejal- Why what’s the issue?

Kabir- Miss Sejal, see their condition.

Kabir said pointing at Riddhima and Vansh who were clinging to Ishani and Angre.

Kabir- Angre are you okay?

Angre- I’m alive that’s the most important thing I can’t even breathe.

Kabir- I can understand, let’s go from my balcony it’s on the ground floor.

They nodded and moved till there.

Kabir- Vansh jump from here.

Vansh- Here, it’s one two three, three railing. How will I?

Aryan- Where is rest two?

Angre- Idiot he is drunk.

Vansh- I will go with Riddhima.

Kabir- That’s good.

Vansh moved to her and took her into his arms.

Kabir- Vansh, what are you doing?

Vansh- Going with her.

Angre- How will you jump with her into your arms?

Riddhima- Don’t underestimate my Vansh.

Sejal- Haan and when you will see yourself in hospital then underestimate him.

Vansh- Hospital no, tomorrow is our marriage.

Kabir- Exactly now jump fast or that priest will run away.

Vansh- No, I won’t let him.

Kabir- Then you both run.

Without waiting for further discussion both jumped from there.

Kabir- Thank God.

Angre- It’s not over yet, we need to take them to their room.

They entered and saw……………


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