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Marrying at last — Meeting his Family

the next day:

rikara’s house:

Mariam: papa, why did we have to wake so early today?

viren: today Sunday, no school.

om: kyunki today we are going somewhere.

Mariam: can’t we go in the afternoon?

om: no! now where is your mum?

Mariam: upstairs. maybe she is sleeping.

om: i’ll check.

he goes upstairs only to find gauri confused.

om: what happened gauri?

gauri: don’t know what to wear.

om: why are you so confused today?

gauri: because today I am going to meet your family. and that too for the first time. so what to wear?

om: gauri, in that corner over there, ek giftbag hai. mind looking in it?

gauri goes to the giftbag and takes out a packet. she smiles.

gauri: you brought this for me?

om: a little birdie dropped it here.

gauri smiles and hugs om tight.

gauri: thank you.

om: no problem jaan. now quickly change else the kids will curse me.

gauri: why?

om: they will say that ‘papa, you allowed mama to sleep for longer and we had to wake up early’.

gauri: ok i’ll change quickly.

gauri goes in the washroom.

five minutes later:

gauri comes out looking really beautiful.

Image result for gauri in salwar ishqbaaz

om: wow mithu, really you are looking beautiful.

gauri blushes as she smiled.

an hour later:


gauri: so Mariam and viren, the place we are going they have kids so you can play with them instead of biting our heads.

Mariam: how old?

om: aarti is 12, sahil is 9, aastha and shivanya are 13 and then naira is 5.

Mariam and viren: ok.

gauri: and both of you behave ok?

om: they always behave gauri. relax.

gauri: always supporting your children.

om: what? they are though. last time I took them somewhere they asked me if they could have any sweets. see well behaved.

gauri: still, they are kids and where we are going, there will be kids so obviously they will be up to some mischief with the other kids.

om: we’ll see. and we are here.

Mariam, viren and gauri saw a big white mansion.

Mariam: wow it is like a palace.

viren: will there be any knights?

Mariam: no there won’t be.

viren: oh.

the family goes out and in the mansion where they were welcomed by the oberoi clan.

dadi: so this is gauri?

gauri nods smiling.

jhanvi: wow kitni pyaari hai.

anika: and these are the kids? Mariam and viren?

om: yes.

Mariam and viren: hi!

shivay: ok so you two can go to the other kids. us elders need to talk.

Mariam and viren nods and goes with naira.

anika: come gauri sit.

gauri nods and sits down along with the other family members.

jhanvi: so you are om’s secret lover?

gauri: yes.

anika: just saying your and om’s story sounds like love story from a Bollywood movie.

gauri smiles.

shivay: so how much do you love om?

gauri: with all my heart. I can’t imagine loving anyone else as much as I love om.

somu: do you control him?

Gauri laughs and nods.

anika-somu: welcome to our gang!

tej: I think we are all ready to accept gauri as our bahu. um your family?

gauri: I don’t have a family. when I was little, social workers took me to a foster home because my family was too violent. then I was fostered by a sweet lady, soon adopted but now meri maa is dead.

everyone felt sorry for hearing gauri’s story. that she has a family but they were too violent. her adopted mother was dead.

shivay: then what’s wrong? me and rudy will be from your side.

gauri: really?

shivru: really!

om: excuse me! I am right here!

shivru: sorry.

anika: then me and somu will join om’s team.

om: thank you.

tejvi: and us, gauri!

om: WHAT?!

shinky: team o!

soon teams were sorted and soon it would be the engagement.

precap: engagement


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