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Love is in the hospital – Character Sketch

                           Love is in the hospital


Jitendra Nokewal as Aditiya Kapoor
Rose Sardana as Anjali Singh
Helly Shan as Swara Chaudhary
Varun Kapoor as Veer Kapoor
shivagi  Joshi as Naina Joshi
Mohsin khan as Karthik Roy
Namish  Taneja as Karan Goenka
Tejaswani Prakash as Neha Sharma
Shivya Pathania as Sanchi Tiwari
Kinshuk Vaidya as Aryan Choda

NOTE. guys this my first fan fiction and I have chosen all my favorite character I Hope you will like all of them they all are going to be leads. so I have post all the positive actors and actresses with their real name. Other actors and actresses you will know in the story.hope you like the story . This is a story of 10 doctors. they all will take admission in hospital as interns. where they will be do their internship and will start their profession of doctors.Now this will be interesting to see how their paths will cross and how they will fall in love. and how their background and their personal life their profession will create obstacles in their life.I hope you will love all concept. And if you want to see all of them like their pictures then I am going to upload a really cool video of all the characters their real names and faces on my youtube channel. i am not going to tell my channel name right now but  I will soon share the link.

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