Thursday , November 26 2020


Leap of 2 days
Ragini is standing in balcony with moist eyes , showing her back
San :ra Ragini (in chocked voice)
Rag:(immediately wiped her eyes and turns towards him)hmm
San:(nervously forwards a parcel to her
Rag:wat is this? Sanskar
San:(stammers) with teary eyes HAPPY SECOND MONTH ANNIVERSARY
rag:smiles sarcastically within few months many things happened sanskar,u proposed me, v expressed love to each other ,v got married (sarcastically) that too two times and v lived for 2 months and v r going to break up soon ..everything happened so soon na
San:(continuously tears are flowing from his eyes) ragini, he tries to hug her but stopped his act
Rag:(her heart pains more by seeing his condition so to revert his mind) sanskar shall I open it
San nods
Rag:(happily) sanskar this Saree is awesome.. I liked it too the core ,she wrapped that Saree on her and showed it him ,how is it
san:signs super
Rag:after v get rid of our relationship(stammers)
San:v will talk it abt later (he tries to leave)
rag:holds his hand. .I didn’t give any gifts to u till yet, so I will give you one thing u have keep it as our memory
Rag:went towards her wardrobe and brought the wrapped gift,handovered to him
San:as soon as he opened the gift, he saw photo album in it, he looks at her, rag signed him to open…he opened the first page of photo album and looks Ragini who is this ?
Rag :chuckles see it, u will came to know
San:he turns the pages and his eyes widened..ragu is it my childhood photos
Rag nods happily
San:smiles happily by seeing it (it’s containing sanskar’s photo from age 1 to age 25..he is 25 now)
Rag:aunty helped me to collect it.. Do you like it
San:hugs her,, it’s beautiful Ragini… I love you soo much
Rag:smiles happily
Suddenly both remember something, both break the hug and San without giving glance to Ragini went to restroom and cries…. Rag stands with teary eyes

@next day
Mahi called Ragini as she want to know abt laksh
Mahi:hi Didi how are you
Rag:hi mahi I’m fine
Mahi:didi y ur voice is trembling? Is everything alright
Rag burst into tears
Mahi:didi wat happen
Rag:cries and tells everything to her.. V r going to divorce mahi
Mahi :didi I’m going to cum to India tmrw evening and I will look after it.. U plz don’t cry
Rag:but v can’t sort out it
Mahi:trust me.. I will call u tmrw, she ends the call ..mahi gets into thinking

@next day evening
Shekhar :where are you going
Swa:shopping dad
As soon as she came out of the house.. She shouts when shekar came out of the house ,shocked to see some goons trying to push her inside the car
He shouts and goons got alert and kidnapped her.. .he shouts again at that same time laksh came in a car
Lak :wat happen uncle
Shek:panicks and tells everything to him
Lak got very much angry and both started to chase the car

Shek:laksh stop the car
Lak:y uncle
Shek:that car only (showed one car which is standing in front of the hospital)
Both went inside the hospital and laksh anger increased as soon as he saw the goon..
When he about to reach them, his eyes widened by seeing mahi with them ….as soon as mahi also seen him
Mahi :stammers laksh how came u
Lak:angrily holds her arm.. Where is my swara
Mahi hisses in pain
Goons shouts and tries to hit him
Mahi turns towards them:u people plz go
Goons but madam
Mahi:plzzz (her eyes become moist with pain)
Goons went
At that time doctor came
Doc:no worry mahi… Swara is virgin only
Sheklak shocked
Mahi (scares) :stammers uncle, laksh plz understand before she completes laksh slapped her hardly
Mahi covers her cheek with her hand ..looks at him shockingly
Lak:(angrily) how dare you?? He again raises his hand to slap her but one strong hand holds laksh hand
Laksh turns to see him and widens to c sanskar over there
Laksh:sanskar do u know Wat she did
San: v only did it
Laksh shekar widens…..

Hope you like this part
Guys I’m planning to end this story

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