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Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th July 2018 Written Episode Update : Anita and Angoori in Central Jail

Bhabhi Ji Ghar Par Hai 5th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Anu and Angoori reach jail and Tiwari and Vibhu get out of jail through tunnel. Tiwari says my knees are all worn out,Vibhu says atleast we are out lets go now,Tiwari and Vibhu reach home,Daddy slaps them,Hapu walk to them, Daddy says poor girls are in jail because of you,Vibhu says hapu i won’t leave you alone,Happu says it was bhabhijs plan,Daddy says just go and get them out or else i won’t spare you.

Vibhu says to daddy come uncle lets have drinks and make plans.Hapu goes and tells the truth to Imandar,he says you supported a crime and calls jailer and asks to look after them.

Boys at tea stall,Gupra walks to them,he says there is medicine and have them before you wake up and after you sleep,Tikka says how is that possible, Gupta says you worry about that,and

it will take atleats 6 months and one tablet is 500₹, Tilu says how will we manage that,Gupta says my work was to give prescription rest is your thought.

Vibhu daddy and Tiwari come jail in burkha,and begin arguing,daddy says they are here,Abgooru asks where are our husbands,Vibhu says Anu baby,Anu says help us out of here,jailer troubles us a lot with her bad poetry,Tiwari says we wont let you be in this state,Vibhu says why did you come here,Anu says we learnt about a tunnel so came here to rescue,Vibhu says and we escaped through a tunnel.

At Mishra house,while having drinks, daddy says shame on you,look your greed put your wives in jail,daddy gets emotional, Vibhu says uncle im upset with you but why did you wwed your daughter to this man,Tiwrai says bhabhiji is in jail and look at you,Daddy says my daughter and your wife is too.

Happu walks in,Daddy says the culprit is here,Hapu says the plan is there is a plan,a secret tunnel passes through women cell we can let them out from there.Anu says god my head is aching from this poetry,it was worst,Angoori says i didnt understand a word,Anu says i heard that people prefer to have been hit by belt but not her poetry.

Anu says Angoori your poetry is better than hers,Angoori says really thank you,anu says think how will we escape, an old lady walks to them and says i will help you out,i had started digging a tunnel past 40 years and is now completed,Angoori say why didn’t you escape,She says i couldn’t but you two can.

pre cap: Anu and Angoori get out of Jail and Tiwari and Vibhu in Jail.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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