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The reason of my ecstasy Chapter — 42

Chapter :42…” Misunderstanding “…

Scene 1:

Van:I love you very much Riddhima. Don’t leave me ever. I can’t stay without talking with you even for 1 second.

Rid:Same for me Vansh. I can’t sleep without hugging you.

Vansh lifts her in his arms and takes her to the bed. He made her lie down and lies beside her. He starts to caresses her face with his fingers. He then goes near him and kiss on her cheek.

Van:I want something.

Rid:What do you want now?

Van:A baby.

Riddhima blushes.

Van:I want a girl like you. My small and big sweetheart.

Rid:But I want a boy like you. Small and big Vansh.

Van:Then twins.

Rid:You just need a chance.

Van:If you say then our whole VR Mansion will be full of our children.

Rid:You shameless. Have some shame also!!

Van:No shame with you sweetheart.

Riddhima chuckles.

Suddenly Vansh hears a humming sound. A very irritating one.

And his eyes got open. He was lying on the floor. Actually he was dreaming and he fell down when he was carring Riddhima in his dreams.

(So kesa laga😝😝)

Van:I am falling over here mosquitoes are biting me but see she is lying silently. No tension nothing. Fully free mind.

He gets up and went inside the washroom.

Riddhima turns to another side in the couch but she fell down as there was no space after that.

Rid:Aah!! Oh god this is a very small couch. Who keeps this in a room. Hatt!!

She kicks the couch.

Rid:I fall down over here and see he is singing in the washroom.

She gets up and kicks on the washroom door. But luckily it was open and Riddhima fall down inside the washroom floor. Vansh was standing beside her and was trying to digest the fact that happened just now.

She was drenched with water in the front side and dry on the back side. Vansh can’t able to stop his laughing and starts to laugh in front of her.

Rid:How dare you to laugh? Huh?

By saying this she pushed him and he fell down in the bath tub.

Van:What the hell!!

Riddhima starts to laugh like him.


She turns to leave but slips and fell down on Vansh.


Rid:You were supposed to do hahaha, then why you did ahahaha?

Van:Moti I got hurt, you are so fat. Stand up.

Rid:What!! I am fat? See now.

She starts to jump on him and he was shouting.

Van:Stop it!!!

It was so loud that Riddhima got scared and stands up. Without saying anything she leaves.

Van:Who is she? My wife or a 5 year old girl? Oh god save me now.

Scene 2:

Kab:Ishani today we will go somehwere.


Kab:Somewhere special.


Kab:You know the meaning of suprise?

Ish:Let’s goo there.

Ishani leaves.

Kab:Fiancee hai or superwoman!!

Kabir runs behind him.

IshBir reaches a place in front of a house.


Ishani was in front and Kabir was following her. Ishani saw that there was a pool in the middle and the room was decorated with white lilies. There was a very special fragrance in the whole room. In the pool there was floating candles and flower petals.

Ish:All this for me?


Ishani kisses him in happiness. Their first kiss which is full of excitement only. After their kiss he lifts her and takes her to a room.

Kab:Will you marry me?


He slids a ring in her finger and kissed on her neck. Ishani also reciprocates and starts to unbotton his shirt. He opens his shirt and pushes her on the bed.

He removes her dress and kissed on his stomach. Ishani also kissed him on his cheeks. In excitement Kabir bites near her neck giving a love bite and then they made love becoming one.

Scene 3:

Riddhima comes in the room and changes her dress. Vansh comes out after bathing. He waa drying his hairs and Riddhima was searching her file. But while searching it she found a small shining piece.

Rid:What is this?

Vansh turns to saw a diamond in her hand. He hurridely tooks it from her hand.

Rid:What are you hiding?


Rid:Say it.

Van:I said nothing.

Rid:So my guesss was right? You are doing illegal business with Chang?

Van:I have buy this diamond for Sia. Any further questions?

Riddhima leaves without answering.

Van:I am sorry for lying. ( guilty).

Scene 4:

Vansh leaves with Angre for the office. But they didn’t go there actually they took another way. After few hours they reach a half burnt house. Seems like ghost house.

They goes inside the house. A room was there which is propely cleaned for them only. Chang was there from beforehand.

Chang:Good afternoon Mr Vansh.

Van:Good afternoon.

Cha:So what you have thought for the diamonds?

Van:It was final we will sell it to you and the price was 50 crores.

Cha:Yes, now sign this file.

Vansh signs it after reading few pages.

Chang and Vansh shook hand.

Van:Deal final.

Vansh’s evil bgm plays in background.

Precap:Riddhima goes missing. 

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