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Hi everyone!! I am updating slowlydue to lack of ideas. But I will soon come up with something nice.

Uma: You sing really well Riddhima.
Riddhima: Thank you so much.
Dadi: You should sleep now. You have college tomorrow.
Riddhima: Dadi? Vansh, I must say, Rai Singhanias are very happy in standing at the door than coming in the room.
Everyone laughs.
Uma: Good Night kids.
Vansh: Good Night.
Uma and Dadi leave the room. Chanchal who was listening everything hiding behind a curtain smirks with a paper in her hand.
Next evening
Riddhima runs to Vansh’s room.
Riddhima: Vansh you know…..
Vansh was standing shirtless, smiling looking at Riddhima. Riddhima turned back blushing.
Riddhima: Sorry.
Vansh: I can see you smiling.
Riddhima: Wear you shirt.
Vansh: Done.
Riddhima enters and hugs Vansh tightly. Moving left to right.
Vansh: Tell what happened… The reason of your happiness?
Riddhima: I went for an dummy recording in the morning and…..
Vansh: and?
Riddhima: Aaandddd….
Vansh: And what Riddhima?
Riddhima: I am selected to record tomorrow!!!
Vansh: Wow!!! Really..
Both were hugging each other and Vansh kissed on Riddhima’s cheeks. Riddhima blushed heavily and ran outside the room leaving Vansh with a big smile on his face.
Everyone reached the dining table to have dinner.
Vansh: Meethi Bhaat? What’s the occasion?
Uma: Riddhima’s selection for the song.
Siya: She told you?
Ishani: Mom was the first to know. Even before Bhai.
Kabir: Whatever it is. It’s tasty.
Ajay: Very good Riddhima.
Kabir chocked on his Meethi bhaat. Siya, Ishani, Aryan were giggling all over.
Kabir: Shut up you devils…
Chanchal: Kabir, we are going to your Nani’s tomorrow.
Ishani and Siya: Yaaay! Yippee!! Woohoo!!!
Uma: Girls! Behave.
Ishani and Siya hi-fied each other.
Vansh winked at Riddhima while she was blushing heavily.
Uma: Someone is becoming shameless day by day….
Riddhima: I will go early in the morning tomorrow. And will be back with Vansh.
Chanchal: I didn’t ask.
Riddhima: I didn’t tell you.
Kabir: You can’t say like that.
Riddhima: That’s my mouth.
Kabir: This is my house.
Riddhima: Then go clean it.
Ishani, Siya and Riddhima laugh very hard on the table. Chanchal and Kabir leave the table and Uma, Ajay also laugh. Vansh was mesmerized seeing his family laughing whole heartidly.
Vansh (thinking): All are laughing after so many days. Riddhima is bringing changes in the house. I think I should tell her the truth now. Before we reach the next peek of love. I am sure she will be very happy to know.
Precap- Never call me again!

Hope you all liked it. How did you find the fierce Riddhima? Jealousy OS will be posted soon. You all can request more if you want to.🙃

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