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Soul forever? #Riansh FF..part 12…by Aayu

Sorry!! Sorry sorry!!

I know I have make you all wait so much..some are waiting for RBTBU some for DIL BECHRA some for SOUL FOREVER and some for their requested OS…


I am like this only started so many books but not giving a damn to it..


I am trying my best to give you updates from every book…



So yay!! So for now those who were waiting for soul forever there wait is now at end..

Stuti I am working on your request..will post it soon….


A very happy news for me for you all it can be small but for me it’s very big…


Jaan Nisar got 37 without mine and

Salty coffee 32..


After a long time my updates got 30+ comments.. Thank you so much to all silent readers…keep commenting it really motivate me…


So let’s start…



Angre came and kicked but the trigger was already pressed…




Riddhima closed her eyes tightly….




Vansh came infont of Riddhima and took the bullet in his hand…




Riddhima:- Vansh!!! (This was the first time she took his name..)




Vansh winced in pain..




Chang who was kicked by angre and was lying on the floor get up and signals his men to attack..




But this time Vansh and Angre was not alone..




Men in black attire came and make a circle to protect vansh and Riddhima..




And fought with goons…




Vansh hand was bleeding badly..




Riddhima took her duppatta and wrapped around the his hand to stop the blood.




She was blank..she was just thinking why? Why he took the bullet which was meant for her…




Chang’s men was defeated by Vansh’s men and Chang ran out of the mansion..




And at the next moment Vansh fainted..




Riddhima:- Vansh!




She took his head in her lap…




And patted the his cheeks..




Riddhima:- Get up damn it..why you took that bullet that was meant for me..




Angre immidiately came with doctors…




Ridhhima guided doctor to her room..




Her hand were full of blood..RED!!




She panicked…




Riddhima:- Doctor nothing should happen to him..




Angre:- pls relax.. nothing will happen to boss this is not the first time!!




Riddhima was once again blank she was only seeing her hands which were red!!




She closed her eyes and all that happened just now was flashing…




Tears were rolling down her cheeks..




The moment when she called her selfish and money minded she was now regretting..




She went towards the temple area and kneeled down..




Tears were filled in her eyes..




She joined her hands..




Riddhima:- Babba nothing should happen to him..I can’t murdered anyone again..I can’t handle to take another blame on me..




I can’t..




He saved my life…now it’s my time…




She ran towards the room..where doctor just came out..




Riddhima:- How is he?? He is out of danger na??




Doctor:- Relax! He is out of danger..but you need to take care as he got bullet in his shoulder..it’s risky..there should not be any moment or else he can lose his hand moment.. bullet was shot very deep and it was not a normal one..




Riddhima:- Thank you doctor??




Angre went with doctor..




Riddhima went inside the room..




She went towards Vansh who was sleeping due to medicines..




Riddhima:-why you saved me ? I said so much about me but?




What was that man talking about?? Promise?? I want to know the answers…who was he..who he know dad…you can answer my questions..you have to get up..




She collapsed on floor…”I can’t handle another blame…””I can’t take another blame of murdering”




She was just saying countiniously this…..




To be countinued….




Precap:- Vansh confronts Riddhima…




Again a short update…




Will try to post soon…




Bye take care 💖











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