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Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Badi Maa keeps a condition for Aarav-Reema’s marriage

Sasural Simar Ka 2 5th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

The Episode starts with Avinash sitting in shock. Indu asks Roma to bring water. Gagan asks the guests to leave. The guests leave. Reema gets angry on Simar 2. Roma brings water. Avinash scolds Indu for not handling Simar 2. Indu says she was just singing. Avinash asks her to be quiet and says she is doing mistake and you are supporting her. Simar 2 turns to Reema. Reema asks her not to dare touch her and says whatever happened today is because of you, you can’t bear my happiness. She says if my marriage broke then I will…She runs inside. Roma and Gagan run behind her. Simar 2 prays to Mata Rani to save this marriage from breaking. Badi maa tells her family that marriage is called off. Chitra asks Badi Maa not to take decision angrily and tells that Oswal family’s name will be ruined. Badi Maa says she doesn’t care. Shobha says Aarav’s life will be ruined, who will give their daughter to him if his marriage is cancelled this time. Sandhya gets upset. Simar asks Badi Maa to listen to her once. Badi maa says I will not let Aarav marry a wrong girl for my respect. She says I have decided, this marriage will not happen.

Avinash and Indu come to Oswal Mansion with Reema, Gagan and Roma. Reema thinks she can’t lose this luxurious life and house, this is where I belong. Avinash apologizes to Badi Maa. Indu tells that Simar 2 sings for just hobby, she shouldn’t have sing. She says Reema doesn’t know singing. Reema says I don’t think singing is an art, badi maa. Indu apologizes to Badi Maa and tells that cards are distributed, we are parents of three daughters, don’t do this. Aarav comes there with Gajendra. Avinash takes off his turban and tells Badi Maa that his respect, his family’s prestige and his daughters’ future are in her hands now. Badi maa looks at his turban.

Avinash says I can just request you that whatever you decide, is from the heart. He keeps his turban on Badi Maa’s feet. Everyone looks on shocked. Badi Maa looks at the turban. Simar bends down to pick it, but Badi Maa looks at her. Simar stops. Badi Maa looks at the mata rani’s temple. Chitra says you are wasting yours and our time too. Shobha says she (Badi Maa) has decided, and it will not change. Badi Maa says if you want this relation to happen, then I have a condition. She says your younger daughter Simar 2 has to stay away from me and my Oswal family. She says if I see her in your house, near the baraat then the baraat will leave from your house, then nobody can change your decision. Indu asks her not to punish Simar 2. Badi Maa says I have told my condition for the marriage, rest is your decision. Reema looks at Aarav. Aarav also looks at her. Avinash accepts her condition for Reema’s happiness, tells that my younger daughter Simar will not attend the marriage functions. He says she will not come infront of you all. Badi Maa looks on and goes.

Simar picks his turban and gives to him. He takes it. Sandhya comes to Reema. Simar 2 is sitting in the inhouse temple and sings the bhajan, holding the aarti. She then does the aarti and prays to Mata Rani not to hurt Reema’s heart, even if she has to bear any punishment. Door bell rings. Simar 2 opens the door and sees Avinash holding his turban in his hand. She calls Papa, Maa. They all get inside. Simar 2 asks Indu if they agreed? She asks Avinash to say. Avinash says whatever happened today, shouldn’t have happened. Simar 2 says I will convince Badi Maa during marriage and says baraat shall come with Mata Rani’s blessings. Avinash says she has kept a condition of bringing baraat and to take doli. Simar 2 asks what is the condition? Avinash says she has kept condition that you shall not attend the wedding, can’t go to mandap and can’t say bye to your Didi. Indu says we have to agree to this condition for Reema’s betterment. Avinash says for your parents and for your Didi, don’t come out of your room and if something happens then. Reema says then you will be responsible. She says if you have regarded me as a sister even for a moment then don’t come out of room. Avinash tells Indu that they have to go to Kali Maa’s temple and can’t make Badi Maa more upset. He asks Reema to get ready. Simar 2 looks on.

Precap: Reema asks Simar 2 to lie for her last time. Simar 2 says she can’t do this. Later Aarav and the bride in veil gets married and come to the Oswal mansion.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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