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Saath hai to baat hai epi 6

Hai friends, here is the next episode .
Recap – I know a boy name Anant Desai .
Paresh – What . ( Gets too emotional ) I want to meet him . Kanak ki ma ( What is her name don’t know ) , Anant is not dead .
Kanak – Let me call him .
Gehna – No Kanak , we should be careful , as Anant can misunderstand us.
Kanak – Yes , you are correct .
Sagar is seen . He was watching all the scenario from behind .
Sagar – Let me take some fun .( He is a lot evil and bad guy)
Gehna and Kanak go to do their project . Sagar enters from kitchen window .
Sagar – Namaste uncle ji !
Paresh – Who are you ?
Sagar – I am like your shubchintak . Uncle , I know you are a heart patient .
Paresh – How do you know ?
Sagar – That’s not the point . Actually , your daughter is giving you fake (dilasa don’t know what we call in english) . And blabbers anything which increases his heart beat level .
Sagar smiles and goes .
Paresh start shaking and falls unconscious .
Kanak mom come and sees him and shouts ,’ Kanak , what happened to Paresh ? .
The both come down and sees him lying unconscious .
Gehna calls doctor.
After some time ,
Paresh is in ICU .
Doctor – His health is deriorating . There is less than 10 % of chances of saving him .
Gehna thinks of some plan and calls Anant .
(Sagar is still watching them .)
Anant comes .
He get to know about the whole truth and cryingly he hugs gehna . Gehna feels awkward but consoles him .
Gehna – Don’t cry Anant . He will be safe .
Anant meet his / Kanak mom and consoles her. (Sry for skipping family meeting and emotional part. )
So , Kanak is Anant sister .
Anant – Doctor , can I please meet my dad . One-time.
Doctor – Sure , but only once and one at a time .
Meanwhile ,
Sagar’s pov
How that idiot hug my gehna . I will not leave him . Oh ya , di is coming . I should go now .
Sagar goes .
Paresh wakes up and hug Anant .
Paresh – I know you weren’t dead .
Anant – I thought I was orphan , but now I got my parents .
Gehna sees this from outside and goes aside ,as she miss her parents . Kanaks mom come their .
K . Mom – Gehna , don’t cry Because of you we got our daughter back , and our son , and now you saved my husband . You are like our daughter . Don’t cry .
They share a hug .
Anant – I will not Leave the guy , who did this to my father .
Episode Ends.
Precap – Anant Gehna quality time , Anant propose Gehna , (1 full episode only for gehnant ) , Sagar got arrested and bailed because of Rhea .
New problem ahead.

I will try to update daily and sorry for being late .Hope you like it. Don’t forget to comment your views.
Stay safe,

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