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#Riya One Short (Riddhima+Siya).. emotional scrap


If you don’t want to read this don’t!!

It’s a emotional scrap!!


It’s a real life story..

I think I am going to cry a lot after this.


It’s not a Riansh story but a type of that..

It’s a #Riya story Riddhima and Siya..


Riddhima:- hey!! You already know me Wife of Vansh Rai Singhania..

You were thinking then why I came here…

Wanted to share a beautiful piece of my life..


2 years ago..

I make a friend who is just a replica of me..

Emotions, feelings, habbits, interests,hobbies,likes, dislikes and much more are just same..

You can say soul sisters..

And best part you know we never met!!

In my bucket list her venue is always there but but and but….

Time and fate does not permit..


We badly wanted but what can we do??


Hey! Don’t be emotional..

Who is saying me..I myself crying..


You were thinking I am mad..it’s nothing emotional here but that too I am crying..


Yes I am made super mad..

Siya! Her name is Siya..

There was a time where her time was not going good..she was not depressed or anything like that but I was…


each and little thing just come and pierced my heart..

There are many scratches till now..


I think I will die through this only..

Keeping stupid things in my heart..

Getting emotional..


Siya is very brave..

She always motivate me..

But I am stupid very stupid!!


She find me cute but I am mad..



Let me see she has definitely messaged me..


See I said

Here there are 2 messages..




Siya:- Hello!! Doing well?

What were you doing?


Me:- Hello maybe or maybe not 🙃

Nothing listening music


Siya:- which one..


Me:- dheka hazaro dafa apko..


Siya:- phir bekari kaisi h..


Me:- Sambhale sambhalta nahin yeh dil..


Siya:- pyaar mein baat aesi hai…


Me:- stop this song now..I have already listening it on loop from morning..


Siya:- you only started I was just continuing*winks*


Siya:- What about today’s plan?!


Me:- why!? Are you coming or what?


Siya:- kaash aisa ho pata…


Me:- hmm…


Siya:- so you didn’t tell me..


Me:- nothing special..


Siya:- great..


Me:- Why I am getting strange vibes..


Siya:- becuz you are mad..sorry super mad..

okay bye..


Me:- bye…


Convo ends….


Okay going today vansh said some special guest is coming..


At night…


Riddhima’s pov..


I was sitting in living room when door bell rang..

I went to open..

But there was only a parcel..


It was looking like a guitar cover..


Wait!! It is a guitar..


I see my surroundings but there was no one…


I went inside in my deep thoughts..


But again bell rang…


I open the door and find vansh standing there…


Riddhima:- Vansh you bought this?


Vansh:- no I told you about some special guest..she brought this..


Riddhima:- special guest and bought this for me??

I am not getting..


Siya:- because you are mad!!

Opps sorry super mad!!


Riddhima:- Siya!!!!


Siya:- yes One and only Siya…


Riddhima:- see I was saying na strange vibes..


Vansh:- I also said na SOUL SISTERS!!!

















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