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Riansh (the saga of truth unfolds) #episode 50 #golen jublie

Hello everyone i am back i am extremely sry for keep u all waiting this much

I have written this epi 3 days ago but i got vaccinated and fel sick so unable to post (miss to kia ni hogs kisi ne😥)

This is my golden jublie and i really thnk u all for supporting me when i started this ff i thought to end this in 10 to 15 epi but here i m giving u 50th epi thnk u guys keep supporting

Today i fulfilled tanishka’s last wish hafly i hope i can complete it fully

So basically this epi is based on riansh although i told u to give whole day with riansh but then epi will be quite long so thought to break it in  2 parts

Read till the end i have a surprise for u all

So epi starts here

Scene 1

Next day

In morning

Riansh’s room

Vansh is sleeping and riddhima comes from bathroom in wet hairs wearing bathrobe

She goes to vansh and nuzzel her hairs on vansh’s face and sprinkle water droplet on his face

Suddenly vansh wakes up with jerk and shouts

Vansh (shouts) – Tsunami..tsunami..angre tsunami agyi..
Angre help..!! Help!! Tsunami agyi..angre where r u..help..

Suddenly riddhima pinches him

Riddhima (glaring him) – Wake up from your angre land Mr. Tsunami raisinghania..😒

Vansh – Is this the way to wake up someone sweetheart

Riddhima (frowning)- I thought it will be romantic like movies but no thnks to u ..u just spoiled my moment😏

She gets up to go but vansh pulls her and she land on top of him

Riddhima (angry) – Now what is this let me go😣

Vansh slide her hair strand behind her hairs and traces her face

Vansh (smiling) – I am sorry sweetheart but
I will make your moment now (winks)

He kisses her on cheeks

Riddhima blushes

Riddhima – Vansh if i will ask u something will u give me

Vansh – Just order my highness
Your slave is at your service

She hits him playfully and he sit on bed and riddhima sits in his lap

Riddhima – Will you give me your time
I want to spend my whole day with u

Suddenly vansh’s face went pale

His pov

I know why are u saying this but i can’t disappoint u sweetheart and i know you genuinely want me and my time

Pov ends

Vansh -Done!! But i have to go for sometime in noon but rest of the day is yours

Riddhima (angry) – Go do u work and don’t come back
I don’t need u i will enjoy alone

She tries to get up but vansh pulls her again caged her

Vansh – Fine!! I won’t go now but i also have one condition

Riddhima – What!!

Vansh -You have to do each and every thing with me

Riddhima(hugging him)- Done!!

Her pov

Thank god u agreed i won’t let u go today vansh trust me i really want you and your time

Pov ends

Riddhima-Now go and get ready and let me also

Vansh- u forget so early na i said we will do everything together😉

Riddhima(blushes)- now what you want😊

Vansh- May i get a pleasure to make my wife more beautiful

Riddhima blushes

Vansh pulls the nod of her bathrobe and make her wear blouse and petticoat

Toote toh toote teri baahon mein aise

Jaise shaakhon se patte be-haya

Bikhre tujhi se aur simte tujhi mein
Tu hi mera sab le gaya
Na fiqar, na sharam, na lihaaj, ek baar aaya
Phir zarre zarre mein deedar aya hai
Aaj phir tum pe pyar aaya hai
Behad aur beshumaar aaya hai

He started drapping saree by touching her sensually

Although they are aware of each other’s touch but every passing moment is burning a desire in them to explore each other more

She just lost in his orbs which define how much he loves her..

They both are finding the answers of each other’s question in their eyes

The moment he touch her bare waist she gasps and clutch his kurta tightly and dig her head in his chest to reduce her shyness

He makes plates of saree and dig it in In her petticot giving shivers to her.

He drap the pallu on her shoulder knowingly touching her cleavages making her cheeks crimson red

Riddhima (moaning) – van..vansh..what are u doing

Vansh (giggles) – Saree pehna rha hu or kya😉

Riddhima blushes

Vansh makes her wear saree and take her to dressing table

Vansh dries her hair and make her wear jewellery

He put nuptial chain in her neck kissing her and apply vermilion in her partition kissing her forehead

He turn her toward mirror

Vansh (keeping his chin on her shoulder and back hugging her) – How is  my wifey looking

riddhima (blushing) – i am looking yours vansh only yours

Vansh says to riddhu

Ye kesi mohhobatt hai jaha aetbar bohot hai par raaz kai
Chehra ek hai pr nakaab kai


Riddhima says to vansh

Jb apno ke liye apno se ldna pde to wo majburi hai..
Pas hokr bhi sath na ho..to wo dilo ki duri hai..


Scene 2

In hall

Vansh – Where all the servants gone

Riddhima – I send them for leave because the whole day i am yours and you are my no one can distrub
us today

Vansh pulls her by her waist

Vansh – Someone is in romantic mood today

Riddhima – Ab kisi ko to hona pdega na😉

Saying this she pecks her cheeks

Vansh (irritated) -what is this yr riddhima am i kid that u always peck my cheeks

Riddhima (pulling his cheeks) – yes vansh you are baby!!my cute baby!Awwww..

Vansh (tickling her in stomach) – then lemme show u what this baby can do..

Riddhima (laughing) – No..no..van..vansh stop..plz..no..

Scene 3

At noon

Riddhima – vansh u sit here i am going to make lunch for u and that too your favourite

Very next moment she find herself in air in her husband’s arms

Vansh takes her to kitchen

Riddhima – what are u doing mr.hubby

Vansh – You make lunch and i will stare my wifey

After all taadna free of cost h😉

He sits on counter and riddhima starts making lunch

He continualsly stare her and giving flying kisses and she blushes

Riddhima – Stop staring me yrr you are distracting me

Vansh -girls die just for my one glance and here i myself giving my whole attention to u.and u are forbidding me..

So ungrateful riddhima sweetheart

Riddhima – Let the girls die because u r mine from top to toe and dare u to talk to any girl other than me😣

Vansh- Ok baba!! Now plz give me some work also i wanna help u

Riddhima – Ok aata guth do (knead the dough)

Vansh starts kneading the dough but ended up creating a fiasco

Whole kitchen slab is covered with flour

Riddhima (glaring him) -This is how u help someone right 😒

Just get lost u created blunder here

Vansh (frustrated) – I don’t understand  aate me paani dalna hai ya paani me aata (should i add flour in water or water in flour)😣

Riddhima – U better sit here quite or leave😒

Riddhima started kneading dough and vansh backhugs her

He slides her hand inside her pallu and rubs her belly with his fingers

Her Pov

Tumhari mohhabat mujhe kamzor bna rhi hai..
Mere irado me mujhe nakaam kre ja rhi h.


(Few of u requested shayri so i add  although it’s not that much good because i was sick but still tried)

Riddhima – Vansh what are u doing

Vansh (keeping his chin on her shoulder) – You know sweetheart i always had a fantasy that my wife is preparing food for me and i do my sweet torture on her

Riddhima – Should i mark the day..you!! The great Vansh raisinghania  was thinking about love and romance 😂

Vansh (smiling) – Yes I started thinking after meeting u😊

He started nuzzling her nose on her arms and neck and kisses her back

Riddhima – Vansh stop na let me do work

Vansh – We won’t get this chance again lemme enjoy u do your work and let me do mine

Suddenly riddhima turns and splash flour on his face

And started laughing

Riddhima (laughing) – You are looking like ghost Mr. Ghost raisinghania

Vansh (frown) – I don’t keep any debt sweetheart (winks)

And he pulls her by her waist and rubs his cheeks on her

He lift her and make her sit on kitchen counter

Riddhima pulls him closer by his hairs and locks her leg on his waist

Vansh started kissing on her throat and neck and shoulder

Main toh anjaan thi yun bhi hoga kabhi

Pyar barsega yun toot ke
Sach yeh ikraar hai sach yahi pyar hai

Baaki bandhan hai sab jhuth ke
Meri saanson mein hai ghul rahi pyar ki

Dheemi dheemi raagini (i was laughing hard while adding this line ragini😂😂)

Tumhi dekho naa yeh kya ho gaya
Tumhara hoon main aur tum meri

Main hairaan hoon tumhen kya kahu

Ke din mein hui kaisi chaandani

Riddhima also started kissing him on cheeks and neck

vansh (between kisses) – Can’t u see how much i love u how much i need u

Riddhima – Don’t spoil the Moment vansh let me get lost in you and your love

She kisses him on his temple

He drop her pallu from her shoulder and dig his head in her cleavages and started kissing it

Riddhima (moaning) – Van…vansh…

What are i doing

Vansh – I will love u sweetheart in that way that you won’t be able to go away from me ever

Vansh looks at her lips  intensely and they eyes seeking permission

She blinks her eyes in affirmation

Vansh quickly take her lips in his and started kissing it (mene socha golden jublie pr first kiss ka shri ganesh kr hi du😂)

With the passing time their kiss is getting more intense

Both are pouring their love pain anger obsession and longing for each other in that kiss

Vansh is sucking her lower lip and bit it slightly making her flinch litter at her place

He place both his hand on ber waist to stable her

He pinches her waist and she opens her mouth giving a moan

He enter into his mouth and explore each and every corner

Vansh roams his hand on her bare back chilling down her spine

Riddhima pulls him close by pulling his hairs more

She also reciprocate and both fought for dominance and vansh won

Both leave each other panting heavily and join their forehead

Vansh – If u will keep.pulling my hairs like this then your dear patidev will get bald soon😂

Riddhima -i will love u even in that look vansh !!My!! Ganju baby vanshu😘😘

Vansh gives her are u serious look

Riddhima (serious)- Vansh what if destiny will make us apart again

Vansh (holding her neck tightly) – If it’s about u i will chnge the destiny

If u are with me i can fight with anyone but plz stay

He says

Jese jaam ke liye taraste hai log..
Wese mujhe lgi teri talap.hai..
Tujhe sb se chura ke sine se lga lu..
Kya ye khwaish meri glt hai

He again leans to her lips but

Riddhima pulls him by his collar

Riddhima (breathing heavily) – we will continue our romance after lunch come let’s eat first i am hungry

Vansh (licking his lower lip ) – then eat me sweetheart i m all your

Riddhima hits his chest playfully and run from their

Scene 4

Dinning table

Both are eating meethi bhaat after lunch

Vansh – why u settle your pallu again it was looking good down😉

Riddhima – what do u expect should i roam being naked in whole house😒

Vansh – i won’t mind if u do so😉

Riddhima shot angry glares on him and he sits quietly there

She goes to sink to keep the dishes and turn

Suddenly vansh picks her in his arms and take her to bedroom

Riddhima – what are u doing now

Vansh – You only told me to continue after lunch so i m doing that😉(sabar dekh rhe ho tum vanshu ka😂)

He laid her on the bed and laid beside her

Riddhima – You know vansh i always craved for your love

Vansh (stroking her hairs)- i will shower you with all my love i have for u but plz don’t snatch this right for me

Riddhima (smiling wickedly)- Let destiny play it’s game vansh we are just mere puppets

Vansh (kissing her forehead) – you are tired sweetheart take some

Riddhima (closing her eyes slightly) – Yes i am feeling tired but plz don’t go away from me

Stay with me na

SHe holds his hand tightly

Vansh (stroking her hairs) – I am here sweetheart sleep

He kissed her forehead

Vansh’s POV

I love u riddhima

Done for today i hope u liked the epi now I want 50 comment on 50th epi i don’t think so i m expecting much u all can do this for me na..pilich krdo next part will be also romantic full of riansh scenes

Precap : down the memory lane..

Here is the surprise

I am launching two new covers of my ff i liked both so i will use them alternatively

This is made by my dearest frnd subu thnq dear

This one is made my my lovely frnd anushka thnq so much dear

Luv uh all bs comment dedo (subah jldi uth k post mara ab ab me sori gn😂)


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