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Riansh-love between police officers episode 24- takkar ka competition

Back with another update! I will try to post different love story soon but it will take time because I have to reveal past and it will take time for me to think about it!

Congratulations to aisha di for her golden jubilee 🥳🥳🥳❤️! Many more to come di❤️! We both completed golden jubilee almost together ❤️❤️😍!

One message from your dearest author jasmine kaur(writer of love is life story of vansh and Riddhima) that she will not be able to post for some days as she is not at home.

The episode starts with:

Vansh: Riddhima (shouting at the top of his voice)

Riddhima jerked in fear.

Vansh: enough!!

He got up and called a servant. The servant came and cleaned the room. Riddhima was just staring. The servant leaves and vansh locks the door.

Vansh: This is too much now Riddhima! I didn’t say anything to you till now but now no one can save you from my wrath!

Riddhima: what will you do mr. Vansh rai Singhania!!

Vansh starts moving closer to her while she takes back steps.

Vansh: I can do anything Sweetheart! I am vansh rai Singhania! I never showed my ruthless side to you! But I am ruthless and arrogant!

Riddhima: what…

Vansh: yes! I am not the person who would fear from your such antics! You are my wife so I didn’t say anything till now but now I will not leave you.

Riddhima looks in fear. As she was taking back steps she falls on bed. Vansh comes and lies behind her.

Vansh: get ready sweetheart!

He leaves from the room.

Riddhima: what will he do now!(fear)

After a while he comes to the room.

Vansh: Sweetheart!

Riddhima: hmm.

Vansh goes closer to her.

Vansh: don’t step out of the room today. Otherwise you will have to face the revenge of vansh rai Singhania.(smirk)

Riddhima looks and he leaves.

Riddhima: what should I do! Should I go out! Riddhima.. Riddhima you are brave why are you getting afraid of this idiot! He could do anything.

She decides to go out. She opens the door and she steps out a bucket of green colour water falls on her. Vansh comes and laughs.

Riddhima: how dare you!

Vansh: like you dared! There is much more for you sweetheart! I said na don’t step out. Ab hoga takkar ka competition sweetheart!

He leaves while smirking. Riddhima goes and cleans herself.

Riddhima: who is he to stop me! I will surely go out now too.

She carefully moves out of the room. As she was about to go downstairs she slips down as there was oil spread on the floor.

Riddhima: ouch(pain)

Vansh: you are stubborn! I said don’t step out!

Riddhima: you idiot!

Vansh: don’t call me idiot!

Riddhima: stupid!

Vansh: shut up and help yourself to get up.

Riddhima tries getting up but because of oil she was limping. Vansh was laughing continuasly.

Riddhima: help me to get up(requesting face)

Vansh: why will I !

Riddhima: help na!

Vansh: first say please!

Riddhima: never.

Vansh: then I will not help you!

Riddhima: ok fine!
Please vansh help me!

He gives his hand to her and she pulls him down with him.

Vansh: you ..

Riddhima: what do you think! You will do anything and I won’t say anything.

Vansh: you were doing all this only with me! I just repeated.

Riansh try to get up but they were limping again and again.

Riddhima: wait I have an idea!

She holds vansh’s hand and takes the support of wall and they both get up.

Vansh: I didn’t knew you have brain too!

Riddhima: shut up! Because of you now I have to change my clothes for the second time!

Vansh: you will have to change your clothes again and again if you come out of the room.

Riddhima goes back to the room and gets changed.

Riddhima: should I go out or not!

She thinks and goes downstairs. It was lunch time. Everyone sits on the dining table. Riddhima sits beside vansh. They all start having food. Suddenly Riddhima starts coughing.

Dadi: what happened beta!

Vansh: nothing dadi! Might be something would have stucked inside her throat.

Riddhima looks at him.

Vansh(whispering): had fun eating this much spicy food? Remember you did this with me on our first day of marriage.

Riddhima: shut up! I added less spice than this.

Uma: Riddhima why are you not eating!

Vansh(whispering): eat Sweetheart eat!

She looks at him angrily.

Vansh: mom I guess she is not in the mood to eat herself. Let me feed her.

He starts feeding her while everyone adore them.

Riddhima (whispering): vansh this is spicy!

Vansh: it’s ok sweetheart! You could eat it like you made me eat.

He forcefully feeds her while she had tears in her eyes due to so much spice. After the food was finished.

Riddhima: water..

Vansh gives a glass to her. Riddhima drinks it and looks with a fearful face to vansh. Vansh smirks. She runs away from there.

Dadi: what happened to her.

Vansh: I will se dadi!

He goes behind her. He sees her eating sugar.

Vansh: enjoyed sweetheart?

Riddhima: shut up! What the hell was that! You added spicy in that water too!

Vansh: yes!

Her mouth and tongue were swelled up because of spice.

Vansh: this happens when you don’t obey me! There is still time Sweetheart! Go to the room and stay there only.

She goes back to the room. After a while vansh comes to the room and was shocked to see Riddhima standing with a stick in her hand.

Done for today. Hope you all are enjoying their revenge game😜!

Guess what is Riddhima upto😛?





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