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Riansh (Do Jism Ek Jaan) Chapter 30 OFF TO VRINDAVAN

Sorry again haha! Hazar baar sorry advance mein bolna padega 😂


Vansh lifts riddhima but in vain she wakes up and pushed vansh

Vansh: what the! What are you doing riddhima!

Riddhima: you shut up you think you are the most handsome person?!

Vansh: I don’t think, I am!

Riddhima (laughing) : Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, Don’t worry Bts’s Jungkook is hotter

cutest and handsome then you! [ this dialogue credit goes to me!! Ek ladke ko bola uske baad se aajtak uska message nahi aaya 😂 meri salah mat mano dosti tut jayegi 😂]

Vansh: oh you mean he? Jeon Jungkook yeah I know he is handsome!

Riddhima: you accepted huh!

Vansh: yeah

Riddhima: wow..

Vansh: Wow? What Wow??

Riddhima: colours!

Saying so she goes and starts painting vansh adores her

Main bhi hun tu bhi hai aamne samne dil ko behka diya ishq ke jaam n3  musalsal nazar barasti rahi taraste raham  bheegi barsat mein.. Ik mulaqat..

Riddhima applies colours on vansh’s nose, vansh smiles and riddhima laughs

Ik mulaqaat mein baat hi baat unka yuh muskurana gazab hogaya kal talak woh jo mere khayalon mein the rubaru unka aana gazab hogaya

Riddhima kisses vansh’s forehead and vansh also applies colour on riddhima’s face

Mohabbat ki pehli mulakat ka asar dekho na jane kab hogaya.. 

She finishes her painting! (she painted vansh and riddhima together)

Makhtabahaa dard ka kuch khayal nahi hai, Ik taraf main kahin Ik taraf dil kahin ehsaas ki zameen par kyu dhuan uth raha hai jal raha dil mera kyu kuch pata hi nahi 

Vansh kisses her

And they both slees

Next morning-

Riddhima was sleeping while vansh goes and makes breakfast!

Riddhima: Vansh where are you?! Ughh this headache!

Vansh: that’s hangover Mrs. Soon to be Rai Singhania!

Riddhima: ok with your flirting?

Vansh: Well I’ll never stop flirting with you.

Riddhima: Stupid Fiancé!

Vansh: ok ok, end this I’m going to make breakfast

Voice: no need we bought Riddhima’s favourite Samosa, jalebi and chhat!

Riddhima: Wow! Alok Uncle thank you!

Alok: that’s so bad you are calling kiran your mother but you’re calling me uncle.

Riddhima: sorry dad, but now I I have to eat!!!

Alok: yeah yeah.

They finishes eating

Dadi: guys pack your bags fast.

Siya: why dadi?

Dadi: Are you not coming to VRINDAVAN?

Ishani: hell nah! My back just broke up with me I have to patch up and you are saying to get in relationship with more back pain?

Angre: but Ishani you are married to me right?!

Aryan: Mamma we are going to VRINDAVAN and that’s final

Ishani: bu..

Everyone: YES

Ishani: ok! I gave up!!

And after few hours they heads to VRINDAVAN!!


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Your, stupid writer Siddhi 💜

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