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Episode begins with.. 

Angre, ishani, sia, and sejal reaches AR Mansion. 

ANGRE: Sorry, ishani. Sorry for being rude.. 

Saying so, he hugs her.. 

Just then, vansh comes there and sees them.

VANSH: I thought that they’ll do this..

He seperates them.. 

VANSH: Idiot, she is coming. Thank God, I came first. If riddhima sees this then, my chapter will get over. I know that you both will do this.. Nowadays, your both always romance with each other. 

ANGRE: We both love each other. What’s your problem in this?

VANSH: Have I scolded you in bad words, before?


VANSH: Don’t make me to do that..

Angre and others laugh.. 

VANSH: Why are you all laughing? 

SIA: Bhai, really we all pity for you. But, at the same time..

ANGRE: We couldn’t control our laugh..

Saying so, everyone laughs.. 

VANSH: Idiots, she is coming.. 

ANGRE: Okay.. Don’t worry..

Saying so, he goes into his room. He was about to close the room door. Just then, he sees ishani.. 

ISHANI: Angre..

ANGRE: Sorry, ishu..

VANSH: Sejal, take that knife and give it to me. I’ll kill this idiot, right now..

Saying so, he throws the cushion at angre. But, angre closes the door. 

VANSH: Better.. 

Sejal, Sia and ishani laughs.. 

VANSH: Ishani, now start your performance.. 

Just then, riddhima comes there. Ishani notices it and acts like asking angre to open the door. Riddhima comes there. 

RIDDHIMA: What happened, ishani? 

SEJAL: Bhai, went to his room and closed the door. We all asked him to open the door. But, he is not listening to us..

Ishani acts like crying.. 

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, stop crying. I’ll ask bhai to open the door.. 

Saying so, she asks angre to open the door.. 

Angre messages vansh.. 

ANGRE: Shall I open the door? 

VANSH: I’ll kill you. Don’t open the door until I tell you. You have to continue this drama till night.. 

ANGRE: But, my sister is shouting. How will I be silent? 

VANSH: Angre, I’ll kill you.. 

ANGRE: You can’t do that.. 

Vansh gets angry but, keeps quiet.. 

ISHANI: Angre, I won’t go until you open the door.. 

ANGRE: Ishani, I won’t open the door until you go..

ISHANI: Let’s see who wins.. 

Ishani brings a chair and puts it before the room and sits. 

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, what’s all this? I’ll speak to bhai. You go now. Don’t get stressed. 

ISHANI: Riddhu, please don’t try to convince me. I won’t change. This time, he has to open the door and speak to me.

VANSH: Ishani, have you become mad? Why do you want to do this?

ISHANI: Bhai, my decision is final..

VANSH: (thinking) Wow, My plan is working. My friend and sisters are stars. 

Time passes by.. 


Ishani, Sia, sejal, and riddhima were waiting for angre to open the door. Angre is in the room waiting for vansh’s message. Vansh notices ishani using her phone. He goes near her. 

VANSH: Ishani, what are you doing.. 

ISHANI: I and angre are chatting bhai.

VANSH: What will I do with these idiots? Ishani, if riddhima sees you then, our plan will fail..

Just then, vansh recieves message from angre.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, don’t worry. We’ll take care of it. 

VANSH: If my plan fails then, I’ll kill you both.. 

Just then, he hears riddhima’s voice.. 

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, now will you go to your house or not? 

ISHANI: Riddhu, I won’t go until your bhai comes out.

Riddhima knocks the door. 

RIDDHIMA: Bhai, will you come out or not?


RIDDHIMA: Enough! So, you both won’t listen to me. Then, just wait and watch, what I’m going to do? 

Saying so, she goes out.. 

VANSH: Now, what is he going to do? 

Just then, angre opens the door.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, you told that you’ll kill us if we make your plan fail. But, we did our work. I think your riddhima is going to make your plan fail. What will you do now? 

VANSH: Just shut the door and get in. I’ll go and check..

Saying so, he goes. While, ishani, sia and sejal follows him. 

Riddhima brings a ladder to the garden. Vansh sees it.. 

VANSH: Now what is she going to do? She is afraid of height. Then, why did she bring this ladder? 

Riddhima clims over the ladder. Vansh stands shocked. Riddhima climbs to a particular height and holds the wall. She walks on the wall and open a particular window. She gets into the room. It was angre’s room. 

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, now I’ll open the door. You just come in. 

Saying so, she goes in.. 

Vansh stands shocked.. 

VANSH: What happened now? 

SEJAL: Your plan failed..

Sejal, sia and ishani laughs and goes.. 

VANSH: When did this idiot learned all this circus skits? She spoiled my plan. Now, I have to plan something. 

Just then, something strikes his mind.. 

VANSH: My God!! 

He runs into the house. Meanwhile riddhima opens the door. Ishani comes there and sees angre. Angre and ishani both hug each other. Just then, vansh comes there and sees then hugging. 

VANSH: I thought that they’ll do this.. 

Ishani and angre sees vansh. They both move away. All present there except riddhima understood that vansh is in anger.. 

ANGRE: Sorry vansh.. 

RIDDHIMA: Sorry for what?

ANGRE: We both spoiled his plan. Sorry vansh..

Vansh and others gets shocked. Just then, angre remembers what he said. 

RIDDHIMA: Plan? What do you mean?

ANGRE: Actually, vansh had an important meeting today. He told about it to me, yesterday. But, because of me even stayed here. Because of me his meeting plan got failed..

RIDDHIMA: Okay, don’t worry. He can go now.

ISHANI: Bhai..

RIDDHIMA: Ishani, at least for your bhai’s sake you have to go now. Because of you both he wasted his entire day..

Ishani has no other way now, other than to agree with her. 

ISHANI: Yes.. Bhai, we can go now..

RIDDHIMA: But, before that have some tea and go.

Saying so, she goes to the kitchen. 

Vansh looks at angre. 

VANSH: Angre, I’ll kill you.. 

ANGRE: Sorry.. But, somehow I managed, right? 

Vansh hits him and goes. Riddhima prepares tea for everyone. Everyone sits together and drinks the tea. Riddhima drinks the tea and discusses some event plans with sejal. Vansh stares at her. Angre notices this.. 

ANGRE: Vansh, control your self. If riddhima sees you then, she’ll kill you.. 

VANSH: Shut up.

Saying so, he stamps his leg. 

Angre shouts in pain. 

RIDDHIMA: What happened? 

ANGRE: Nothing..

ANGRE:(murmuring) Vansh, what will you do now?

VANSH: (Murmuring) I wish some miracle happens.

Just then, it begins to rain. Vansh sees it through the window and thinks of a plan. He asks angre to come with him. Vansh and angre goes out and comes back. Vansh acts like going.. 

ANGRE : My God!! It’s raining.. 

Just then, riddhima notices it.. 

RIDDHIMA: But, suddenly how.. 

VANSH: What a non sense question? Angre, let it rain. What’s your problem in this.

ANGRE: But, how will you go? 

VANSH: I have my car.

PRECAP: Riddhima gets angry. Vansh and others gets shocked. This is not at all in my plan.. 

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