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Qurbaan Hua 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Ghazala tries to foil Chahat’s plan for supporting Neel

Qurbaan Hua 5th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Ghazala is walking in the kitchen really tensed wondering what would happen if Neel is able to earn the one hundred thousand rupees, Agam comes requesting her to sit down as it causes a lot of pain, she tries to get away however he starts massaging her shoulder, Godambari is shocked after seeing them so questions what has happened, he starts asking about his room when Godambari requests him to be careful of her, she wonders if she might also get mad while living with these people so decides to look at what Neel is doing.
Neel scolds Chahat questioning what she was thinking as he got worried seeing her condition, he then corrects his statement, Chahat responds that everyone has a special ability for which they are renowned and his ability is cooking, anyone can prepare the dishes but if they eat something prepared by him then they would be stunned, he requests him to break his vow for the sake of his children. Dua also explains if she is not able to get the admission in the same school as Shlok she will not be able to concentrate so fail, she wonders what the people would say that the daughter of a chef is illiterate, Shlok starts laughing when Chahat assures that his father would not let Dua get admission in some other school, she explains this is why she has posted an ad on his behalf, Ghazala understands this is the plan which they have made, Neel warns them saying he would not cook, he gets a call, Bopho along with the children suddenly hold him while Chahat answers the call and the person explains that they would give him one hundred rupees for the party on five hundred guests, Nele assures he would be able to prepare the food for them.

Neel is sitting worrying how would he be able to arrange the money for cooking the food, Dua and Shlok come to him with their money boxes explaining he can take the money from them, Neel explains there is no need as he would manage, Chahat comes with her jewellery explaining he can take the money from her however he refuses to even listen to her idea, she in return demands the bangles from him, Dua and Shlok question why is he being so stubborn as he should take the jewellery, Neel agrees so leaves after which Chahat asks them both to place their money boxes in their rooms.

Neel brings the groceries with Bopho, they start preparing the food and at least Neel asks Chahat to dial the last contact, she is shocked to hear the voice of Misses Baig who reveals she has placed the order so now what would they do with the food which he is preparing, Neel asks the children to see how much he has to do for them, he rejoices with them when Chahat gets tensed, she questions Misses Baig why is she trying to do ruin their family as they all are really happy, Ghazala explains she would never let them live happily as because of them her son committed suicide in the jail, Chahat reminds her that Akram committed suicide because of them, Chahat mentions that he was serving for murdering her father, Ghazala vows to not let them live happily.

Chahat thinks that she will not let Neel live with such regret, she decides to plan, Neel asks Chahat why the person not came to take delivery, Ghazala tries to ruin the moment when Bopho comes with the person who gives the money and takes the delivery, Neel asks Ghazala to take photo of him with the guests, he is joyed that he was able to fulfil the order.

Neel comes into the hall with Chahat who brings the rest of the money for the fees, Ghazala comes saying that he has finally decided to live on the money of Chahat, he is confused when Ghazal asks him to dial the contact, he is shocked to realize that it is her contact which angers Neel so Ghazala explains she has given the money as a donation, she knows he cannot take the responsibility of their children, Godambari mentions she has seen Alka trying to convince him for the past seven years but she never deceived him so he must be careful of Chahat as she might take her children away from him.

Chahat questions Neel who does he believe saying she would never harm his self-respect, Neel turns saying he would find the truth and if she is involved in any of the situation, he would do something which she has never thought off.

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