With the looks it was an okay okay bakery result but she had her own reasons to get petrified… Sirisha, one of the house staff had helped her calm down telling it was no big deal after she spotted the top getting cracks through the front glass of oven.

She had followed this food channel and it smelled nice but she was not convinced about the insides of the cake.

“ab jo hoga dekha jayega…” with a huff she took the piping bag and her artistic inner self carved a few simple designs and in middle a beautiful cursive RAGHAV stood shining red on the dark background.

“Dont worry Ma’am, it looks yummy…” the cook assured her.

“hmm.” she smiled nervously. “dekhne se to tumhare boss bhi bahut cute hote hai kabhi kabhi.”

“bas bacha lena bappa aaj.” she prayed and put away the cake in the fridge cause she still has some two hours in 12.

Thinking to complete the designs for the new order she entered their room and the sometimes cutie pie was back in their room,

Sleeping on his stomach, one hand folded under his face and slightly parted lips made her pinch his cheeks then and there but she knew it would disturb him.

Though he wont say but the hours spent in fever and agony had cost him dearly and he was still weak. She smiled on his stubbornness that was no less arrogant than him and then another long smile went for how adorable he looked at this moment.

“wow, he told me to bake him a cake and look at him, sleeping like he hasn’t for so many years.” she snorted and contemplated whether to unpin her saree or not.

She wanted to look good for their first celebration but at the same time, she so wanted to relax.

Ditching the latter but tempting thing she walked to his side and sat in the little space he has left.

She lifted the covers and then the shirt carefully to check the bandages, after she was confirmed everything was good she relaxed and put her feet on the bed .

Instantly a wave of relief wan through her body and she moaned mentally at the feeling.

Tangling her fingers in his jet black hairs she caressed him a few times and in response was awarded a low throaty groan from him.

Always responsive… she smiled.

There was no hurry and she could go through the details Nikhil had sent her in morning, with such thoughts she promised herself she would close her eyes for a few minutes.

It was a tiring day for her as well and sleep overpowered her in no time or the jinx that when you have to stay awake was the only push for you to sleep better, worked here but she fell asleep beside him.

The cake kept in the fridge waited when the clock chimed 12 and when no one came it enjoyed a frosty night and settled the non-sugary chocolate ganache better.

Pallavi had no idea when did his alarm chimed exactly at 12, he woke up, secured her on bed and unpinned the saree which was about to tear down due to being stretched.

Someone stole a kiss and whispered a Thank you before settling properly on the bed and pulling her to him.


It was a normal morning for her, slightly earlier than usual… the windows were still dark but she was able to hear birds so she knew it was around 4 or so.


“Oh god…

She nearly jumped but his arm secured her in the position and she noticed it all.

Lights were turned off, AC was set to a moderate temperature and her saree was unpinned … sometime in the night he had woken up and did it all.

She felt bad for messing his birthday, she was not good in terms of cake but of course she wanted to make it memorable for them.

A hundred thoughts started running in her head and just when the guilt reached on top she felt him moving.

He came out of covers and out of the habit checked if she was sleeping well while covering her.

“tum jaag raha hai?” he asked as he bent to her face.

“hmmm… Happy Birthday.” she wished him and she started to sit.

“aise kaun wish karta hai aur vo bhi apne husband ko?”

Gēṇḍāsārakhē jhōpī jāṇārā.” she mumbled and started to come out of bed. (the one who sleeps like a rhinoceros.)

Nēnu okka māṭa mātramē arthaṁ cēsukōgaligānu.” he smiled at her. (I understood only one word…Genda).

“sorry, I dont know how did I fall asleep.” she apologized when he kept looking at her.

“bake a cake and we will celebrate it together.” his words from last night echoed in her brain.

“is se kya farq padta hai,” he said as he rolled his souldiers to crack the jammed bones.

“tumhe to kisi bat se koi farq nahi padta…” she mumbled and made her way to the kitchen to check the fridge.


Grabbing the t-shirt he smiled at his wife’s cuteness, how bad she felt missing it last night.

She didn’t know how much overwhelming it was for him that someone was interested in this day and seeing her excitement he already had his birthday done… he didn’t ask a lot of things to God but he did ask lord shiva to make him able to keep her safe and happy.

He entered the room and in just 20 minutes she had managed a few candles and if he was right the room smelled with fresh flowers as well, he looked for her.

“Are you done?,” she asked from the outside.

Making it as grand as she could she entered with the cake and a candle kindling the moment.

“awww, look at you…actually wait.” he stopped her and grabbed his phone.

“kya hua, ab jaldi Karo varna subah ho jayegi..” she took a glimpse of the window where it was still dark just a sliver of orange on the horizon.

“ab samne dekho aur smile karo…” he turned on a yellow bulb in the corner just behind her and fixed his phone.

“kya hai ye… ab meri photo kyu leni hai.” she made a face but when he strained one of his brows she smiled.

He clicked a few and then let her come and put it on the table.

“hmmmm, looks good ab bas isme galti se mirchi…

“subah subah shuru ho gya na tumhara…

“are mai to confirm kar rha tha..” he teased her.

“ha ha ha, please… ab chalo kaato na.” she actually forced him.

The knife went smoothly and she stopped breathing anticipating the result of her labor…

He extended the bite to her..

“arey no, I’ll visit temple today so, I cant have…” she took the bite and extended to him.

“its your birthday cake, have a bite…”

“nope, I’ll visit Amma first…actually let’s visit the temple and then go to Amma’s place,” he suggested keeping away the small piece of cake on the small plate.

“i wish I didn’t sleep last night…it would all have been way more beautiful” she mumbled taking a seat on the bed.

“that’s fine, what matters is we are together and honestly it has been years when someone has been this happy on my birthday,” he spoke wiping the ganache in the tissue and taking her hand in his.

“thats, not the truth, I know Amma and keerthi always remembered this day, they never stopped loving you.” she pressed his palms to assure him.

“hmmm.” he said as he looked lost for a while.

“by the way you are ready, are you going somewhere?” she asked him eyeing his clothes.

“oh yeah, Farhad would be arriving shortly, we have to meet someone,” he said and looked away.

“don’t get hurt, can you do it for me…” she asked and turned him to her side.

Perhaps the worry, perhaps the moment, perhaps the morning, or perhaps her concerned eyes did it but he suddenly wanted her.

He pulled her to him, the shock on her face vanished the moment it came but it made him burn.

They didn’t have time and The night was away but he wanted her, so badly. He touched her lips softly and then poured his heart through the nips, teases, and most of all with passion.

“Anna…” Farhad knocked on the door.

“cant the world wait for a while,” he muttered grumpily and she smiled wiping her lips.

The action got his attention and he pulled her one time and with a small peck, looked into her eyes.

“i want to solve it for us… don’t worry no one is going to get harmed.”

“are you going to take a shower?” he asked her as he proceeded to leave the room.

“yes, why?” she eyed him suspiciously and in no moment a wet finger smeared something on her cheeks.

“ye ky…” she touched it and only when he looked back from the door in amusement she understood it.

“We can’t eat but we can definitely smear some…” he winked at her and disappeared from the door.

“veda manush.” she smiled at his innocence wiping her face.

“beta, tum raat ko milo mujhe,pata chalega Pallavi se panga lena kitna bhari padta hai.” she resolved something and her face lit up with the things she thought in her mind.


Hey everyone, how are all of you?

They are elevating their own chemistry quotient in the show, I hope I could do some justice to your expectations.

Hope you enjoyed it.

I’ll be waiting for your feedback.

NOTE – I have this habit of talking and today it’s something important, I got to know about it after all these years so thought to share it with you all.

May to Sept is the breeding season for cats, at the same time Monsoon and storms in many parts of South Asia. So if someday you spotted a kitten mewing nonstop, please please don’t touch or try to help him/her, Mother Cat would be around and she’ll come to their kids if she is stuck in some rain or storms.

But if you touch the baby there are chances that the mother would abandon them and that would be harsh for them.

Try to help them only when the mother doesn’t show up and that too after taking precautions.

On this World environment day, I wanted to enlighten you guys about this because I am such a nature lover, and spreading knowledge, love, and kindness is somehow very important to sustain nature.

keep helping Animals and plants and persons in need.

love all



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