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Love with a Twist! #Riansh SS by Aayu

The light of dawn seeped into my room. I rubbed my bleary eyes and walked to the window. There was a pearly glow in the sky.

I exclaimed “what a beautiful morning”

I was excited for this new day..

Actually yesterday I came up with a new idea to spend my time..

I was interested in poetry for a long time..and finally, I got a platform to explore my imagination..

So I have logged in and waiting for making new friends…

Scene shifts to a beautiful mansion.

Each corner of the wall was beautifully carved, and the designs were made with complete care. With the combination of sky blue and spotless white paint, it was looking like a palace from the fairyland. Greeneries around the mansion were adding more beauty to it.

A boy with a book in his hand was walking in the garden..

When he comes across a tree which was having many beautiful Lily’s

A bright smile appears on his face..

“These white Lily’s

They seem to be so silly

These flowers have the power of 

making us mad in their beauty..

In this gloomy weather..

Keeping our mind and heart together

Art of nature 

A beautiful creation..

These white Lily’s 

Are so silly!!”


Girl:- Wow Bhai!!

So beautiful..

Boy:- Thanks Siya!

Siya:- Vansh bhai why don’t you post your poetry somewhere.. writing here in books isn’t it boring..if you will post it on the internet..your talent can reach millions of people and you wrote such beautiful pieces..

Vansh:- first of all writing, something on the book isn’t at boring at all..They are my best friends..And sharing my works with them is my pleasure..and I don’t want to do anything like that..

Siya:- Bhai pls na!!

Give me your phone I will do that honor.. pls!!

Vansh:- Okay!

Siya:- Great! So username..

Vansh:- Yang!

Siya:- so cute!

Siya:- Bhai done!!

Now, wait and watch how you will rock here…with your poetry..

When there was a notification.

Siya:- Wow!! Bhai your poetry is so attractive..in such a Nick of time..I am impressed!!

Vansh:- Any yin is there want to friend with me..

Siya:- wow yang first friend yin..

What a rhyming..

Accept it na??

Vansh:- but..

Siya:- Bhai!

Vansh:- okay! Done!!

Siya:- now you are friends so now send a beautiful message..

Vansh:- Why will I yin wants to friend with me so why I will yin should send it first..

Siya:- Mr.VR mode on..as you wish!!

Okay bye going to get late..

When there was another notification..


Yin:- Hello I am really touched by your work!!

Yang:- Thank you!

Yin:- So let’s know each other better..

Yang:- sure! But from where to start?

Yin:- amm..name..

Yang:- let it be yang only…

Yin:- Okay!! So age? Occupation..

Yang:- What is there in age..well I am a businessman and a poet as you see!!

Yin:- wow..

Yang:- u?

Yin:- I am a physiotherapist!

Not a poet but a poet lover..I never tried but..yay I love how it conveys a beautiful emotion..

 Yang:- that’s great!!

Yin:- So more about yourself..

Yang:- Actually I am busy will catch you later..

He abruptly switched off his phone…

To be continued…..

I am writing something different..

This is not my plot..Sonia di suggested me to write this..I am just hoping I could Write well and as per her expectations..This is just a starting there is much more ahead..

It will be a short SS will be 5-6 Episode hope so!!

And Stuti I will be writing on your request too…you have to wait a little bit!!

Do comments…I tried my best to write the best I can…

Will be waiting for your feedback…

Bye, take care…

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