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Love is everywhere (jealous session) Episode 12

Hey guys am back am glad that the target completed and some told me that yesterday’s episode was a bit boring yes I know and I didn’t reeled the bad and thank you for giving suggestion and ya others plz u too su give your suggestion and from 13 or 15 the thrills will be starting so let’s start 

Episode 12

Everyone went to their respective rooms but in ridhima s room mahir bela , vish , veer and sejal were presents

In ridhima s room

ridhima: today I believed that history repeats itself from where I started am back today their only .

Bela : am very scared that if children gets to know that vansh is their father them what will happen

ridhima: nothing will happen if the children gets to know that vansh is their father then I will tell them the full truth that what vansh has done with me and u know how the children loves me

Vish : yes that’s ok but then also is chances to hate u

ridhima: know worry little manipulation will help this time the game is at my side huh nothing will happen and I know vansh knows that Rivan Riva vanya and ridhwik are his children but he can’t do anything now let him feel what I feel .

Veer: yess let him feel

( guys vish and veer know ridhima s past )

Ridhima: so ya let’s go and get ready for sakshi s haldi

Everyone : yes

And they went to their rooms

Scene shifts to vansh room where raisinghania s were present except ahana and kabir

Vansh: at last we could took ridhima and my children to my house

Siya  : yes

Ishani : now what s the plan

Aryan : is to………

( muted the conversation and it will be revealed later )

vansh: fantastic now no can separate u from me .

And others went to their room to get ready


After getting everyone came down and their the most beautiful was looking ridhima she wear a light yellow lehenga with a open bun vansh was mesmerized by ridhima s beauty

Uma to ridhima : you are looking gorgeous beta awesome

ridhima: thank you aunty

Ridhwik : that why I call her miss beautiful

Then Riva comes and says : see am so beautiful and she is my jaan so has to be super beautiful

Rivan comes and says : oh hello woh  meri sweetheart hai aur meri sweetheart toh ko super duper beautiful dikna parega so the full credits goes to me

Vanya : so one minute am her  miss gorgeous so if am gorgeous so my darling have to be the most  beautiful in the world so the credits goes to me

Tanu : no way she is my ridhu and see am her cutie pie so she has to be beautiful so the credits goes to me

Rivan : me

Riva : no me

Vanya : no me

Ridhwik : no I first told so me

Tanu :  no the credits goes to me

And they started fighting

And vish comes and says

Vish : one minute

And the children became quiet

Vish : see she is seghal s daughter so the credits goes to sejal me mahir and bela bhabi too understood

Ridhwik : wait wait I first said and so the credits goes to me

And vish and children started fight

ridhima: stop it

The children and vish became quiet

Ridhima: see God has made me so the credits goes to God and your are not God and second what will u the credits u will give achar on it huh so stop fighting like a kids

Ridhwik : beautiful we are kids only

ridhima: am talking about vish

Riva : so we can continue our discussion so yess the credits …… cutted by ridhima

ridhima: no way you are 7 years old and going to be 8 so are becoming a girl soon so behave yourself am I clear and the credits goes to me and God

All the children : ok

And the raisinghania s started laughing even vansh too and ahana fumed it jealous so she said

Ahana: so let’s go vansh we are getting late

She went to vansh and hold his hand as couple and turned to ridhima

Ridhima gaved a smirk

Veer : let’s go babes

ridhima: see let’s go veer

And veer went to ridhima and hold by his shoulder and vansh fumed in jealous

And all seghal s and raisinghania arrived at sakshi s haldi

One  by everyone putted haldi on sakshi and his soon to be husband

After then a sound of music comes and they saw ridhima and veer dancing on the song London to thumkada

Then everyone joined then everyone joined and then sakshi s , veer and ridhima were dancing very closely and these made raisinghania jealous who was standing in a corner and seeing them dancing

Then vansh gave a smirk and took ahana with her and joined them in dancing and vansh pretending be close to ahana these made ridhima jealous after these they ate and went to vr mansion

So everyone entered except ahana who was entering by scrolling her phone and ahana was under the chandelier and and the chandelier fall

precap : boom , and some where else three were there one   person says : the mission  R starts                                   phew done I hope it’s long and am still busy So maybe it’s short . If their is any GRAMMARTICAL OR SPELLING MISTAKE so am very sorry . The targets is 35 comments . Plz comments and give ur  suggestion too bye take care love you all plz wear  mask  

by : akansha 

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