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Everyone gets shocked seeing Kira not singing. King smiles. Aryan is forced by manager to announce her disqualified. But Aryan signs Kiara to sing. But she doesn’t and finally with a heave heart Aryan announces that Kiara is disqualified. Tears starts rolling down from Abhi’s eyes remembering how confident he was that she will win. His brain gets filled with questions. Kiara raises her head and sees Abhi and runs away from the stage. Aryan and Shahana follow her but manager orders them to stay back as they are required. Shahana convinces him that she will manage and let Aryan go. So Aryan leaves. Pranbhir also run towards the backstage.

“ Di, what happened? Why didn’t u sing? Do u have any problem?” asks Aryan.

“ Nothing like that. I have to leave.” Tells Kiara avoiding eye-contact with Aryan.

“ What? U are leaving? Where?” asks Aryan scurrying behind her.

“ Ranbhir, I think she will answer u if I am not there. I mean she may feel uncomfortable as she doesn’t know me well. I will wait for you near the backstage.” Says Prachi releasing her hands from Ranbhir’s clutches.

“ Listen, I got you back after so long. I am trusting you. don’t run away again.” Saying this Ranbhir let Prachi go.

Srinivsasans leave as Meenakshi doesn’t feel well. Ranbhir gets a message from Abhi to bring Kiara to a particular room. Aryan and Ranbhir run behind her and catches her. They bring her to a specific room. She gets shocked seeing Mehras, Kohlis and Khannas. Disha also comes with them. She messages Sunny to leave as she will be coming late as she is going out with her friends. As Sunny’s work is over he messages Prahana that they will be leaving together. The names of the qualified particiapnts are announced making Shahana’s work also over. Abhi quickly leaves from there to meet Kiara. Prachi gets tensed seeing Sunny’s message as she said Ranbhir that she will wait for him. She writes a letter and gives it to manager to give it to Ranbhir. Sunny and Prahana leaves from there. Abhi enters the room terrifying Kiara. Everyone understands that he is very angry. Aryan and Ranbhir hold either hand of Kiara’s. Abhi comes and stand in front of her. He signs Arbhir to leave her hands to which they refuse. He shouts. Purab and Vikram gets scared, they pull their sons towards them making them to leave her hands.

“ Why?” asks Abhi quietly to which Kiara doesn’t reply.

“ why?” Abhi again asks with little rage in his voice but Kiara doesn’t reply.

“ why, Arya? I am asking u not the walls and windows. Answer me.”roars Abhi scaring everyone.

Pragya understands his anger as she knows that two things her husband likes the most is her and his music.

“ to embarrass you, to insult you.”a woman replies. But it’s not Kiara,it’s Alia.

Everyone stares at her.

“ Aliya, will you keep quiet? He is speaking, right?” shouts Pragya.

“ why should I? I know you all like her. But truth is always truth. ” argues Aliya.

“ What truth?” asks Abhi.

“ The truth that she has hidden from all of us. The truth which if u have known u would have never entered her into our lives. The truth that this girl Arya is …. King’s daughter.” Alia reveals the truth shocking everyone.

Everyone glares at Aliya.

“ Aliya , have you lost your mind?” shouts Purab.

“ Don’t speak nonsense Aliya.” Tells Pragya.

Kohlis doesn’t understand anything as they were unaware of king.

“ what’s going on ? who is King?” asks Pallavi.

“ Listen,……” Vikram gets interrupted by Abhi who signs her to stop.

“ You are someone whom I treated  as my daughter. I gave you the love and trust that I had given them. My elder daughter Kiara is my most favourite daughter. I  have compared her with you. so I want to ask you directly and don’t lie to me?  tell me who are you? are you really King’s daughter?” asks Abhi expecting a no from her.

Frightened Kiara nods shocking everyone.

“ There might be so many people with the name King. ” Pragya talks immediately.

Alia immediately shows King’s pic to Kiara asking her whether he is her father to which she nods shocking everyone. Abhi’s eyes turns red. Pragya doesn’t understand what to speak. Purab gets tensed seeing Abhi’anger to Kiara’s reply. Abhi raises his hand but was unable to slap her due to the love he has for her. Everyone gets tensed.

“ You …. you are that murderer’s daughter?” asks Abhi.

“ Listen, I know what my fath….” She gets interrupted by Abhi again.

“ Don’t you dare explain to me anything. You lost that right  the day you lied to me. no… wait, you have been lying to me since the start. Right?” Abhi shouts at Kiara making her cry.

“ I am such an idiot that I considered my daughter’s murderer’s daughter as my daughter.”Abhi says this shocking everyone. Kohlis now understand that Arya’s father was responsible for Kiara’s death.

“ Your father was responsible for my daughter’s death twenty years back, now you insulted me in front of everyone. Congratulations, you made your father proud. He sent you , right? To finish his unfinished revenge? You never wanted us to be happy? That day he escaped but today you will not escape. I will call the cops and I will get you arrested for cheating me and my family.” Saying this Abhi takes his phone to call the cops but gets prevented by Pragya from doing so.

“ Wait, don’t do anything in anger for which uyo will have to regret later. Listen, she is a child, she might not know the entire truth so she might have supported her father but she is still the same girl whom we took in and loved her as our own daughter. It is wrong to punish her for King’s mistakes. And don’t forget, King took care of Kiara for seven years like his own daughter and Kiara also loved him very much. Atleast for that let her go. Please….” Requests Pragya to which Abhi reluctantly agrees.

Kiara is about to leave with tears but gets stopped by Abhi. He warns her not to come back again. She leaves. Everyone feels sad when Kiara leaves especially Arbhir and Abhigya. But Abhi covers it with anger. Disha leaves. Ranbhir remembers Prachi and he run towards the back stage followed by Aryan. Arbhir search for Prahana desperately but was unable to found them.

“ she told me she will not leave? But still she left..?” Ranbhir cries.

“ Calm down, Ranbhir we will find them.” Says Aryan.

Hearing Ranbhir’s name someone comes to them.

“ who is Ranbhir in both of you?” asks the manager.

“ me.” replies Ranbhir sadly.”

“ a girl said that you will come in search of her and she asked me to give this to you.” saying this he gives Prachi’s note to Ranbhir.

Ranbhir takes it eagerly and reads it.

Prachi’s pov(on letter)

Ranbhir I know you will come for me. I wanted to say this directly ,but I have to leave, so I am leaving a message for you. Ranbhir I am sorry for blaming you for a mistake you didn’t commit. And I am also sorry to make you live in guilt that you were responsible for whatever happened in my life. Ranbhir, I can’t come back home, don’t ask me why. If you want to stay with me forever then it will lead to a situation where you should choose whether you have to live with your family or with me. I don’t want that to happen with you. And I promise you  that I will not run anymore. We can meet whenever we want but only after you give up your love on me. but till then let’s not meet. And one more thing, I know you are very stubborn and you will try to find a solution for this but there is no solution for this. If I have to come back home, I should break my promise which is not of my type. Hope you will understand.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          With love


Ranbhir breaks down reading her letter. Aryan snatches that letter from his hands and read it.

On road

Kiara is crying remembering Abhi’s words. She stumbles and falls down. She cries bitterly. Someone lays hand on her. She turns and to see a person whom she is least interested to see right now.

“ Come, let’s go back home. And never try to run away again.” King holds Kiara’s hand and tries to take her away. But she frees her hands from her clutches.

“ Stop. Mr. King Singh. I am not a toy that dance to your tunes. I am a human and a girl. I have some wishes and dreams which u never wanted to fulfill. And I tried to convince u but u didn’t listen so I tried to fulfill them on my own but u destroyed everything. I practiced for a month for this competition and I was so confident that I will win. Not only me everyone in that house believed me. I was never that happy and more lively in my life. Though they were not related to me they supported me and my dreams. But you, being my father you are against me? what sort of a father are u?” asks Kiara crying.

King’s pov

“ Who said you don’t have a relation with them? You are the child of that house that is why you feel so close to them. I know you feel bad and dad also feels bad when you feel bad but I am helpless. I don’t want your truth to be revealed because that family consists of evil people whose eyes should not fall on you. I lost your mother but I can’t lose u. I am sorry, my princess.”

“ Let’s go. We will discuss about it when we reach home.” Says King quietly.

“ No, I don’t want to.” Replies Kiara harshly.

“ Did you forget our deal?” asks King angrily.

King remembers what happened when he saw Kiara in the morning

“ Dad? You? here?” a shocking Kiara asks King.

“ Yes,  I am here. And may I know what you are doing here?” asks King.

Kiara gets scared at first but with she gathers courage and reveals everything.

“ Dad, I want to sing, please let me sing. I never wanted to run away but you never let me do what I want to. So I ran away. Please dad.” Requests Kiara.

“ So you were taught by Abhisek Prem Mehra?” Asks King

“ Yes, dad. He was a rockstar of your time.” Replies Kiara cheerfully.

Seeing Kiara’s cheerfulness while speaking about Abhi he feels jealous.

“ Okay, I understood. You were taught well but I don’t want you to sing.” Says King.

“ Oka…. What? What did you say? I shouldn’t sing what do you mean  by that?” asks Kiara shocked.

“ The same you have heard.” replies King coldly.

“ But why? I don’t care. You have been controlling from so many years and I always listened to you. Now you should listen to me. if you don’t listen to me I don’t care but I will sing. Do whatever hell you want to do.” Replies Kiara sternly. Saying this she is about to leave.

“ Okay, I will reveal your identity to Abhi.” Says King. Hearing this she stops.

“ what? How do you know I have hidden my real identity?  And you are speaking  as if you know him? Do you know him?” asks a scared Kiara.

“ yes, I know him. Not only him but his wife too. And as far as your identity is concerned he would have never taught you if he had known his identity.” Replies King.

“ why?” asks Kiara curiously.

“ Because I was indirectly responsible for his daughter’s death.” King reveals Kiara’s death but doesn’t disclose her truth.

“ I never wanted Kiara to die. Nikhil promised me that he would give me back Kiara if I give the money he wanted. But I couldn’t save her. So I named you after her. Now it’s your decision that you want him to know that he loved the child of his daughter’s murderer or…..”warns King with a heavy heart.

“ please… don’t….” she falls crying .

“ You don’t have much time. Make your decision soon. And I promise you if you don’t sing I will never let this truth to get revealed. But you should promise me that u will come back and never run away again.” Confirms King.

They make a deal.

At present

“ No, I didn’t, oh.. actually you don’t what happend after I left the stage right? Let me tell you.” Kiara reveals the truth.

“ So, you were unable to prevent the truth from getting revealed. Instead you revealed the truth to Alia mam, right?” asks Kiara.

“ No beta trust me. I didn’t do anything.”King tries to prove his innocence but Kiara runs away and King loses her. Kiara runs in front of a car. But the driver applies sudden break and prevents the accident. But due to shock, Kiara faints.

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