I know I said soon. But kya karun? Delete ho gya tha. So here it is. Hope you all enjoy it.

Vansh was sleeping when he felt something roaming all around. He opened his eyes and a cloth fell on his face. He removes it.
Vansh: Riddhima…..
Riddhima throws another cloth on his face. Vansh gets up and back hugs her.
Riddhima: You go sleep. You can’t see my problems.
Vansh: What happened?
Riddhima: Woh… Vansh…. Nothing fits me!! (Gets teary eyed)
Vansh chuckles. Riddhima stares at him and he stops smiling.
Vansh: This is a serious problem. You can’t roam in the house with a robe right? Imagine Riddhima, wife of Vansh Rai Singhania. Roaming in the house with a bath robe.
Riddhima: Vansh….!!
Vansh takes out a loose suit and gives to her.
Vansh: Take this. This will fit my sweet-swwt golu-molu wifey.
Riddhima: We will go shopping in the evening.
Vansh caresses her 5- month baby bump.
Vansh: Riddhima, you should be happy. Our baby is growing!
Riddhima: (mocking) Our baby is growing. (Serious) I seriously wish pregnancy could be of just one day. And over.(smiles)
Vansh(chuckles): Oho. Your mood swings drive me crazy. I am going you come fast. Ok?
Riddhima: Ok.
Everyone reached the dining table for breakfast. Angre comes with a girl.
Angre: Boss. This is Ahana. She will handle everything with you in home.
Riddhima (thinking): Who is she? Why will she stay with Vansh?
Ishani: Bhai? How can you fire Angre? He is my husband!
Vansh: Ishani i Didn’t fire him. He will work from office. So I need someone with me at home.
Riddhima (thinking): Need someone with me at home!!! What is he saying! If this girl does something I will beat her up!
Vansh: Ahana. Come I will show you the office. Angre you should go now.
Riddhima stands up.
Vansh: Where are you going?
Riddhima: My stomach is full.
Vansh: Riddhima… No excuses.
Riddhima: Baby’s stomach is also full please…..(makes puppy eyes)
Vansh: You so this everytime. Fine.
Riddhima chuckles. Vansh leaves with Ahana.
Riddhima was wandering in the room when Siya came.
Siya: Hi Bhabhi!
Riddhima: Hi Siya! What happened? You here?
Siya: Yeah. I was just coming here when I saw that girl flirting with Vansh Bhai.
Riddhima: What! How dare she! I will not leave her. Vansh is only mine. Mine mine mine.
Siya laughs a little. Riddhima and Siya reach the office. Ahana stands up and falls on Vansh. Vansh holds her while sitting in his chair. Riddhima angrily pulls her to poolside and pushed her in the pool.
Ahana: Ahhh!
Vansh: Riddhima why did you push her?
Riddhima: I didn’t push her. I THREW her.
Ishani, Siya and Aryan laugh listening to her. Riddhima stares at them and they try to stop laughing.
Vansh: I know but why?
Riddhima: What was she doing on top of you?
Vansh: She fell on me.
Riddhima: By her motive.
Ahana: Would some one help me? Vansh?
Riddhima: Aryan!
Aryan: Yes Bhabhi.
Riddhima: And you! Come with me.
Riddhima and Vansh reach there room. Vansh sits on the bed and chuckles.
Riddhima: What?
Vansh: You’re too jealous.
Riddhima: No I am not. (Comes and sits next to him) Yes I am. How dare she flirt with you? You mine and only mine.
Vansh hugs her. She also hugs him back.
Vansh: I am only yours. Understand? No need to throw someone in pool.
Riddhima becomes shy. Vansh kisses her on her cheeks and on her baby bump.
Riddhima: I love you.
Vansh: I love you too.

So here was this OS on jealousy. Hope I did it how you thought Arushi. Comment if someone has a request 😊

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