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So I am back with second episode and ya due high demand 99.9% of the ff is in english and the remaining part is translated in english. If you want any romantic or funny scenes in further updates please do drop your comments. Let’s start…………




As vansh left siya’s room he was proceeding towards the staircase as he reached the hall. Anupriya called out for him rather scolding him from a distance.

Anupriya: So Mr. VR, are you done with being angry over silly things without having breakfast. You know that when you are hungry you get irritated.

Vansh didn’t answer and made puppy face.

Anupriya: Stop flattering me. Come have breakfast. There’s something extra special. In this hot weather you really need it and crave for it.

Vansh: What’s there mom? I’m getting really late.

Anupriya: Come here I’ll tell you. So there’s Paleo banana pancakes, palak paratha and mango falooda with fresh mango pulp.

Vansh being a foodie could not resist himself. He sat at the dining table  with Angre.  It was extremely refreshing and he felt really good. After finishing  he left with Angre.

In Car :-


Angre to vansh: Boss, tonight there’s reception party of Advik Reddy. It’s his 7th reception party (Ranveer Singh 2.0)

And we’re again invited. And you’re free also.

Vansh: Okay!  After all we’re buddies. Angre give an order for 6 Zampa Insignia and 9 Big Banyan Merlot wine bottles and a bouquet.

Angre: Orders Boss !!!!!

They reached the office. Vansh got busy in work.

Outside A.S. Mansion

Riddhima got into the car and drove to pick Sejal. At sejal’s residence.

Riddhima: Sejal come fast, kabir must be waiting. You’re making me late.

Sejal: As always you are late and blaming others. I’ll complain kabir about your behaviour being a police officer’s girlfriend you must respect time.

Riddhima : Shut up !!! And sit quickly. Already I’m late coz of youu.

Sejal after sitting (A while later speaks): I want you tonight.

Riddhima : From the beginning I felt that you have a different taste 😆. You know na I’m committed. Sorry to say I’ve a boyfriend. I can’t fulfill your desires.

Sejal: Ohh please. There’s 7th reception party of Advik Reddy. All his wedding functions and all the arrangements were arranged by me but😢 this time the photography team is booked. So I really need someone like you, actually not like you just you.

Ridhhima : C’Mon, I am a professional photographer, my work is printed on the best magazines and you want me to click photograph of stupid businessman who is ready to give 7 receptions. I think he’s duplicate Ranveer Singh but jokes apart, I’ll send a trusted and experienced team. Don’t you worryyyyy 👍.

Sejal : Riddhu I only want you to be there. He’s a big client, till now I’ve done everything perfectly my one slight mistake and your rejection will surely ruin my image. Please yaar Riddhu for meeeeee…………

Riddhima : Okay fine !!! Siyappa Queen. I will come and save your image. After all not all heroes wear capes.

Sejal: I love you meri jaan. Jug-jug Jiyo  (live long) Dudho nahao,  phulo phalo. (Means having milk condition that is bathing with milk condition only come when you are rich and wealthy person and phulo phalo means : grow, remain healthy and have child as bud blossom to flower and give rise to fruit.)

Riddhima : Ms. Siyappa Queen the 2nd blessing is for married couple’s.

Sejal was about to speak when they reached park. This was where Ridhbir love story started and still it continues. Riddhima in uttermost excitement got out of the car leaving Sejal behind with her handbag. Sejal was getting cutely insecure and got jealous from kabir but thought to herself that nothing can be done. Kabir spotted Riddhima and back-hugged her leaving her blushing.

Riddhima: I’ve something for you (still blushing🙈🙈)

Kabir: Show

Riddhima: Takes out her favourite chocolate from her bag as she’s a chocolate lover.

😻Sweetly handles it over to kabir.  Kabir smiled widely on her innocence.


Riddhima : It’s a big box. We’ll do 50-50. You have to agree.

(Kabir agreed he couldn’t resist her cuteness 😙)

Riddhima : So Mr. Kabir tonight I’m booked so we might not meet. I’ll show  up on video call. Till then bye I’m getting late for studio.

Saying this she stepped backwards but kabir pulled her immediately by her waist and coming very close asked her naughtily.

Kabir : Who booked you? Why did you agree?

🙀Riddhima tells sejal’s compulsion.

Kabir: I can’t allow you Riddhu.  It’s not safe. Sejal is experienced but you are new it. It’ll be a huge crowd.

■Riddhima pleads kabir and again he had to agree. In happines as she was already in his arms she kissed him on his lips and kabir was left stunned while Riddhima left him blushing. She reached the car and Sejal started:

Sejal: Riddhu look I don’t think I need to give you brief on clothing for tonight. You’re already good in it. Just be on time. First drop me at his residence and around 6:35 pm I expect you to be there.

▪Riddhima was now excited for the evening. She nodded satisfactorily. Riddhima after dropping Sejal reaches her studio and at 4 pm she leaves for her mansion. Explaining everything to her mother she got ready and was looking elegant yet adorable.

Her mother prayed to keep evil eyes away from her. Then Riddhima leaved for the venue. But Riddhima being Riddhima was 40 minutes late at the venue. Sejal accepted her and Riddhima beginned her work and also praising Sejal at same time. Coz the decoration and arrangements were perfect and absolutely faultless and flawless.

■Vansh had ordered one of his worker to bring his suit from the mansion as he’ll directly leave for the party. The handsome hunk got ready.

And with Angre, Aryan and Rudra Chachu he left for the venue at 8:45 pm. Reached after half an hour with the presents.  It was a lavish party.

They entered and waited for Advik as he was busy with other guests. Advik caught sight of them and asked the guards to call them.

Vansh: Buddy, Congratulations !!!! You have different glow than before. Well apologies in advance as I could not attend your wedding. But for reception we have your favourite presents.

Vansh’s guards kept the presents on the table nearby.

Every one wished Advik. It was time for couple dance, Advik was with his wife dancing but more than dancing he was romancing.

●It was the most important part of the event to capture there phots while dancing. She ran downstairs and clicked pictures from the best angles and got people’s sweetest reaction towards the Newlyweds❤❤. Earlier when she was with Sejal before the arrival of guests , she got a slight house tour and in this while she left her scarf on first floor. She again ran upstairs. She picked the scarf from a table and while handling her equipments the scarf slid down though the railing directly on vansh,who was standing just under. To avoid too much embarrassment Riddhima ran aging and after reaching him she saw him still in the scarf his face was covered with it. He was amazed by the scent of scarf. Riddhima carefully takes it. Vansh opens his eyes and to his surprise he found the most beautiful girl in his world. Her open hair were his main attraction after her affectionate brown eyes, then obviously her short ya phirr cute height 😛.  Then she began:

Riddhima: Sir, I am extremely sorry for the inconvenience.actually I’m the photographer and was on the first floor and I mishandled my equipments and my scarf slid down. Please forgive me. It was by mistake.

Vansh too couldn’t resist her cuteness and innocene. Moving a step towards her and bending slightly to make eye contact with her as she was in heels that’s why slightly and says:

Vansh: May I know your name ??

Riddhima: I am so sorry sir. Plea…

Vansh: what is your name just answer that (scaring her)

Riddhima : My name is Riddhima Sethi. And would you mind if I ask your’s ??!

Vansh: I am Vansh Rai Singhania. I’ve heard about you from my younger sister she really adores you, and now I also adore you (murmuring )

Riddhima : It’s a pleasure sir. Please sir forgive me. I couldn’t balance it.

Vansh remains silent…………… Riddhima asks again:

Riddhima : Have you forgiven me?

Vansh: Not yet !!

Riddhima: Sorry si……………

Vansh kept finger on her lips and said:

Vansh: I might forgive you if you are ready to dance with me. And for God’s sake stop calling me sir now.

○Riddhima was startled but she could see the affection,  humbleness , harmlessness, safe feeling and protectiveness in his eyes so she agreed. Vansh witnessed the most beautiful and magical moments of his life. He realised that moment that he is in love. Not the first sight but first sweetest encounter of his life. He only wanted her noww. Ridhhima was in his arms and vansh was holding her like he would not let anyone take her away from him. They were very close Riddhima could feel his heartbeat. After the dance guests moved for the dinner. Riddhima completed and piled up her things and signalled her team as well to pack up and went to sejal:

Ridhhima : Look it’s very late Maa is getting tensed i’ll hAve to leave, you wanna join?

Sejal: No stupid , I have to be here till the end . You can leave. No actually wait, tell me who was that handsome hunk whom you danced with.

Ridhhima narrates the story quickly.  Sejal says :

Sejal : I think he’s far better than kabir, couldn’t you feel how gently he was holding you in his arms like he would never let anyone touch you or harm youu. Please I suggest give him a chance he’s surely checking you out and also doesn’t feel like a cheapo.

Riddhima : Are you done ? I don’t have time. Maa will not let me go for late night outings if I get more late. So bye

Ridhhima hugged her and left.

Vansh saw Riddhima with Sejal. After the dinner vansh went up to her and took few details regarding Riddhima. Sejal understood everything. The sparkle in his eyes while talking about her revealed that he’s is the one for our dear Ridhhu ❤.

Episode endss !!!

So thank you for reading people. Do drop down your comments below……..

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