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Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 4

Intertwined love IMMJ2 Fanfic  Chapter 4

So I am here with the fourth chapter of the Intertwined love, I really hope you like this chapter and let me know about your views in the comments section. Thanks for the immense support you all have shown.

Chapter 4

Vansh: (to Riddhima) we’re going via a chartered private jet to Delhi. (thinking) I certainly can’t let you go alone, my heart doesn’t accept our departure away from each other.

Riddhima: But why? (curious)

Vansh: As I told you, you’re a magnet that attracts problems, so who knows you may just attract more in your journey! Just agree to me and let’s go.

Riddhima: But (interrupted by Vansh)

Vansh: Will you come or shall I carry you and take! (threatening)

Riddhima: (remembering the balcony incident) No! I’m coming (made a cute face)

A parallel scene is shown where someone is watching Riddhima and Vansh on the screen. A few men came in the room and addressed her as Vishaka ma’am. She was Vishaka, head of the undercover agents. Her eyes were glued to the screen, monitoring all that was happening at the airport.

Vishaka: (to the men) I want all their details every minute, what they do and where they go. Each and everything about them, and mind You! (louder) Nothing should be missed. Get it! (commanding)

Man 1: Yes Ma’am don’t worry.

Vishaka: And what about other two agents? (will reveal later)

Man 2: Ma’am they are still informing us about the entire case and are following with the way things were planned.

Vishaka: Great! They have helped a lot and soon we will meet them for the final stage of the plan. If things go the way they have to then Agent 3 (will reveal later) will finish it for us, but without these other two, it couldn’t have been possible at all.(smirking) You’re so dead Daksh!

Vansh led her to the area where their private jet was waiting for them. Their passports and boarding passes were checked and they were led in by a few attendants. They entered the luxurious, spacious and beautiful sitting. It had about 5 seats, all with their own items and completely private. Riddhima was stunned looking at this, it was her first time while Vansh was just normal; he had gone in many before. Riddhima ran and took her seat near the window and smiled, feeling the atmosphere around.

Riddhima: This is so huge! (excited) Wow, thanks Vansh! (smiling)

Vansh: (smiled at her antics, to himself) She’s totally a child by heart! (to her) You’re welcome!

Flight attendant: Sir do you mind settling down so that we can prepare for take off

Vansh: Sure. (went to the seat near Riddhima)

Flight attendant: Thank you! Enjoy your flight!! (smiled and left)

And soon after the plane took off for Delhi. Riddhima was enjoying her flight to the fullest, she watched movies, heard songs, took pictures, played games and saw the beautiful scenario of the clouds mingling with each other. While Vansh had dozed off, with a pair of headphones, surrounding his ears and playing some soothing music that pleased his ears.

After a few hours, Vansh felt something crawling over his face, traveling down his cheeks and up to his collar bone. Before he could sense it going in another direction he quickly held the hand and opened his eyes to see Riddhima. He was in shock with her behaviour.

Riddhima: You’re so handsome! (childish voice)

Vansh: Riddhima! (shocked)

Riddhima: you’re so cute, just like my dream man! (childish tone) You want to be my dream man? (excited) Huh??

Vansh: Riddhima are you in your senses? (going near her) You’re drunk?

Riddhima: No! (shook her head innocently) I don’t drink….do i? (thinking) No no

Vansh: Riddhima (he stood up and pulled her to her seat) Sit down

Riddhima instead of sitting down, pushed Vansh to the chair and sat down on his lap, like a baby. She wrapped her hands around his neck and looked straight into his brown orbs. She ran her fingers around his face while he closed his eyes to feel them. It led a chill down his spine. He opened his eyes and saw Riddhima staring at him, he shifted his gaze to see a trolley with different beverages. He had guessed it right, she had drunk something from it unknowingly.

Vansh: Riddhima, what did you drink from there? (pointing)

Riddhima: Orange juice!! (innocently)

Vansh: (moving a bit and took the empty bottle, reading) Has 80% alcohol!

Riddhima: Alcohollll!! Yay…no (frowned) I don’t drink!

Vansh: Very evident! (muttering) Riddhi…(shushed by Riddhima)

Riddhima put her finger on his lips and shut him before he could speak anything else. She got up and switched on the music, as loud as possible. Vansh guessed what she was going to do so he tried stopping her but it went in vain. Riddhima went in the middle and started dancing, her own style and her own way, completely free, without any thoughts disturbing her.

Ho ik teri chal curly jehe baal
Lil black dress ch lagdi kamaal
Mundeyan da kardi bura haal
Baby khud nu sambhal

Jagerbomb utte bomb
Tussi layi jaane o
Injh table utte chadh ke
Bhangra paayi jaane o

Ek hath mein sharab
Dooja piyo mere sath
Peeti jaun peeti jaun
Ni main saari saari raat

Ek hath mein sharab
Dooja piyo mere sath
Peeti jaun peeti jaun
Ni main saari saari raat

Thodi si tu drunk
Thoda sa main high
Thodi si tu drunk
Thoda sa main high
Thodi si tu drunk
Thoda sa main high
Phir bhi aur peeye jaye

Vansh did his best to stop, but whenever he did, she pulled him in to the dance and made him dance too. The flight attendants came and were shocked with what was happening and burst out in laughter when they saw Vansh trying hard to control her. At the end he just switched the music off; leaving Riddhima pouting. He pulled her to him when they both slipped and fell on the seat. He held her waist tight while she was on top of his laps once again. Riddhima smiled at his face, she went closer to him and both closed their eyes. They both inched closer towards each other, their lips about to touch each other when Riddhima passed out and fell hard on his chest.

He opened his eyes to see a cute and pretty girl sleeping over him, he passed a faint smile and thought about what could have happened. He questioned himself about his feelings towards her, why was he so attached to her, why did he like it when she came closer to him, why did her antics and her appearance bring a smile on his face and why did his heart start beating faster when they were together, hand in hand. Did she feel or go through the same? He brushed it off once again, ignoring it and got up, carefully putting her down comfortably on the seat. He had already had his sleep so he found a book near Riddhima’s luggage. He picked it up and went to his seat to read.

Vansh: “Revengeful Love” Seems interesting, very interesting. (turned the page) by RDM…Riddhima has written this? (you can guess how he knows her full name) She’s a novelist!

Vansh started reading the book. As the day changed and the morning rose, Vansh still was reading the book. His aim was to finish it before they would reach Delhi. After some time Riddhima woke up and held her head in pain. She winced in pain while it diverted Vansh from the book to her.

Vansh: Good morning!

Riddhima: What good morning! Headache!!

Vansh: That’s because you were drunk last night (reading)

Riddhima: I was what….drunk? (shocked) I never drink!

Vansh: Well the drink you had was with alcohol so indirectly you did drink (reading)

Riddhima: (noticing the cover of the book) Vansh!! (she ran to him and snatched the book) What the hell! How dare you take my stuff (pissed)

Vansh: It’s an interesting book! Full of love, romance, anger and vengeance. (smiled) You’re an amazing writer!

Riddhima: (blushed a bit) Thanks! But why did you take it?

Vansh: I was bored so I noticed it lying there near your luggage after all my theatre had closed! (indicating her)

Riddhima: Me theatre?

Vansh: Yea, you were no less than a movie last night after you were drunk. Doing different things entertaining me, so you did become my movie!

Riddhima: Oh god! You know…(cut by FA)

Flight Attendant: Please we request you to sit down, we are preparing to land in Delhi.

Riddhima went to her seat and packed all her items while Vansh did the same. They soon landed. When the plane came to a halt, Vansh was shocked with what he saw outside the plane. On the other hand someone watching with a pair of binoculars from the top of the airport called Vishaka.

Man: They are here! Our plan is on (smirking)

Vishaka: Great!


Vansh: who are you?

Daksh: Welcome!

Vishaka: Fire now!!


So this was the fourth chapter and I hope you enjoyed reading this. Please do tell me on how you feel about it in the comments section, and please support by commenting.


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