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Her school crush- Riansh school love story by attractiveuser (one shot)

I am writing an os after a long time! I don’t know what happened to me but I lost interest in writing os😐! This idea randomly came to my mind and thought to write! So let’s start:

A big building is scene. On the top of the building there is banner stating “Modern high school”. Students are seen walking here and there. Parents are dropping their children to the school. Some are running to their class. Some are running to submit their assignments. Many classes are seen. A class is seen with students sitting. Outside the class is written “Class- 10B”. Students are moving here and there waiting for the teacher to come. Some are busy in chit-chatting while some are busy in completing their homework. A girl is talking to her bestfriend and laughing.

Girl: see I said na that is very funny(laughing)

Her bestfriend: seriously riddhu! Your PJ’s..

Riddhima: oh come on Sejal! You will miss my PJ’s if I go away from you.

Sejal: shut up! You are not going anywhere.

They both were chit-chatting and the teacher comes. They all greet their teacher.

Teacher: students.. there is a new student in your class. Let us welcome him.

A handsome boy comes with his bag.

Teacher: he is the new student of your class! Vansh rai Singhania!

Vansh: hello everyone.

Teacher: vansh you go and sit there(pointing towards an empty seat)

Vansh goes and sits.

Sejal: he is so hot yaar!

Riddhima: he is too handsome!

Sejal: ohho!

Riddhima blushes. The teacher starts teaching but Sejal and Riddhima were busy in chit-chatting.

Teacher(angry): Riddhima!! Sejal!! Why are you both continuasly talking!

Riddhima and Sejal look at each other.

Teacher: stand up Riddhima! Go and sit with vansh. And you will not change your seat ever! Get it!

Riddhima nods and starts packing her stuff.

Sejal(whispering): ohho! You are very lucky! Got a chance to sit next to your crush.

Riddhima passes a big smile to her and goes to sit next to vansh. They both were sitting silently. Riddhima decides to break the silence.

Riddhima: hey!

Vansh: concentrate on the class.

Riddhima (murmers): khadoos!

Vansh: I heard it!

Riddhima: good!

He looks at her and then they both concentrate on the lecture. After a while the lecture ends and teacher leaves.

Riddhima: I will be back in a minute!

Vansh: I didn’t ask!

Riddhima makes an annoyed face and goes to Sejal.

Riddhima: he is so arrogant.

Sejal: want his number?

Riddhima: you have?(excited)

Sejal: ohho.. Someone is so desperate!

Riddhima: shut up(blushing)

Sejal gives his number to Riddhima.

Riddhima: but how did you get it?

Sejal: I lied to him that I had to add his number in class group.

Riddhima: wow.

She goes back to her seat. History class was going on and Riddhima eyes were opening and closing. She was feeling boring and sleepy. She was so restless and ended up sleeping on vansh’s shoulder. Vansh smiled. He sees the teacher was about to look at their side.

Vansh: Riddhima wake up! Teacher is looking here.

Riddhima wakes up with a jerk. She smiles at vansh and thanks him for helping. Days pass and they both create a good bond.

One day:

Riddhima was sitting alone in the class.

Vansh: it’s games period! Why are you sleeping! Come!

Riddhima: no I am not feeling well! You go!

He leaves.

Riddhima: he really went(sad)

Vansh comes back. He offers her water.

Vansh: I will sit her only to take care of you! Have water!

She smiles and he takes care of her. Riansh bond was getting good day by day. One day Riddhima was absent and vansh was feeling restless thinking what would have happened to her. He messaged her asking if she is well or not. Riddhima was on cloud nine.

To be continued..

Precap: I love you.

I decided to make it two shot otherwise it will be long and become boring! Hope you all like their school love story!








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