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Guns and Roses #Riansh (Immj2) Episode 21

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I know many are saying for per day episode….but I am not very good in writing😔….so I need time to collect my thought and put them in episode…..I try to write but not able to give content daily basis….I know I hurt many of you…..SORRY🙁🤦🏻‍♀

Aishwarya Wanjari this current track not flashback…..flashback was ended in second last episode only…..

Niyati and Qt your guess was right….

Episode starts….

Vansh was shocked to see Ridhima without nuptial chain and vermilion.He felt pain in his heart but said nothing.

Vansh : Angre Ridhima is My personal assistant.From now you will inform her about meeting except underworld affaires…..

Ridhima : why not underworld meeting.You don’t trust me.

Vansh : nothing is like that.I trust you.I am saying this because it is risky and I don’t allow someone to harm you.

Ridhima :If things come to you then I can take any risk vansh…I can handle both Guns and Roses…just have faith in me.

Vansh was astonished after hearing her words and happy also because she can go to any extend for him.She can cross all limits for him.But he can’t allow her to risk her life for the sake of him.

Ridhima : What are you thinking Vansh.

Vansh : nothing…you will handle only office work ,nothing more than that…

Ridhima :No… I will look after all the matters regarded you.Angre inform me about all the things that are going on.

Vansh : Ridhima!!

Ridhima : I am not talking to you Mr. Raisinghania so just keep quite.Angre I want all the information.

Angre : Ok bhabhi!!!

Ridhima : Angre please don’t call me bhabhi .Now your boss is going to marry Ragani if she hear you addressing me as Bhabhi then you are very well aware about the consequences.Call me by my name.

Vansh was not hurt by Ridhima’s attitude.His heart was piercing due to her words.she removed all things that were signing her to him and she is doing this.

Angre : No!!! I can’t.

Ridhima : You have to .Angre you can’t deny the that fact that I am not your Bhabhi any more.

Vansh(irritated) : You both done with you rubbish.Angre go and check what I had told you.And you… Ridhima leave me alone for god sake.

Ange moved from there.Ridhima thought what happened to him.Why he is so angry.why he is so unpredictable.Is I said anything wrong.I don’t think so.Now I got it What happening to him and why he is behaving so weird.

Vansh : I told you to leave me alone .still you are here.

Ridhima : Sorry !! I understand.

Vansh : what you understood.

Ridhima :I understood the reason behind your anger.

Vansh : Really.(to himself: I think she understood my love for her)

Ridhima : yes!!!

Vansh stood from his chair and asked “so tell me the reason” .Came near to him and Ridhima started moving back without turning.

Vansh : tell me I am waiting.

Ridhima : Lots of things happen.

Vansh : Hmm…like

Ridhima : Like your marriage alliance with Ragini , your engagement and before this Kidnapping so you are very tensed and you need…(moving back and vansh following her with forward steps)

Vansh : yes!! what I need…

Ridhima : you need a…

Vansh : Yes!! I am listening…

Ridhima : so you need a doctor…

Vansh : what???? You think I am mad….I will not leave you just wait and watch….

Ridhima pushed him back and started running from there.Vansh starting chasing her…They were running in library, here and there and throwing things on each other.

Aryan came there in search of Ridhima before she could answer him Vansh shuts her mouth with his hand and pulled her behind the pillar.Ridhima was surprised by this behavior and her small cute eyes were widened.

She signaled vansh to remove his hand but he wasn’t ready to do.Aryan after checking he moved of the library.
Ridhima bites vansh’s hand and he winched in pain….this made him to take his hand back..

Vansh : ooohchhh!!! Are you made.If you didn’t eat breakfast tell then me .I will order something for at you will not eat my hand and brain too.

Ridhima : Stop your drama and you tell me .Why you blocked my mouth.

Vansh :,Because I don’t like ….

Ridhima: what you don’t like…tell me clearly.

Vansh : I don’t Like Aryan ….

Ridhima : From when Great Vansh Raisinghania started behaving like small kid.

Vansh : since when you entered in my life.

Vansh was directly looking in her Eyes and after this answer she also accompanied him……thier eye contact stopped them from further queries.They were live this bliss
forgetting world for sometimes….Love for each other was clearly visible in their eyes.

This moment was,broken by Ridhima .” Vansh leave me” said Ridhima.

Vansh (still lost in her eyes) : what ??

Ridhima : I said leave me . (looking into his eyes)

Vansh : Why??

Ridhima : I have to go.

Vansh : Don’t leave me .

Ridhima was unable to understand things. She was cased by vansh . She thought for sometime and said..

Ridhima : I will not come for today ‘s night out…

This brought vansh in his senses .” you can’t deny for this .You already promised for same.This is wrong. Leave me I don’t want talk.” Vansh told her and looked in different direction.

Ridhima was looking and smiling on his childish act.” Ok !! If Someone want to talk to me then I will go to Aryan .He is very much interested in talking to me than to others.”said ridhima.
She moved to go out but pulled back by Vansh.

Vansh(angry): Don’t you dare….interrupted by Ridhima.

Ridhima: I understood….I will not allow him to roam around me.Now show your “million dollar smile”.

In Ragini’s room

Ishani : I know dude you are hurt.

Ragini : Nothing is like that.

Ishani : don’t hide things from me.I am your friend.

Ragini :Seriously I am not hurt because I know Vansh is like that only.I am thinking about that happened in morning.

Ishani :what happened?

Ragini narrated whole incident to her.Ishani thought this is new for you but not for us. when things come on that Ridhima Vansh bhai will always choose him not you.

Ragini : I don’t know why Vansh’s behavior is different for Ridhima.

Ishani : That’s my point if you want Vansh bhai in your life .firstly you have to throw Ridhima out of VR mention.Otherwise she will create misunderstandings between you and Bhai….

Ragini : You are overthinking about her.Leave it .You tell me how is Sunny.

Ishani : leave about sunny and focus on bhai.

Ragini : ishani I think Vansh is not interested in this marriage.

Ishani : why you think so.

Ragini : He is changed.I mean when I am around him he became uncomfortable.He even don’t smile when I with him.What all I have seen is that he is very comfortable with his friend.He laugh with her and ready to do anything for her.

Ishani : that is why I am saying throw Ridhima out of this house.Every thing will be sorted.

Ragini :when I talked rude to Ridhima then Vansh was ready to break our marriage.what if he get to know that I thrown her out then surely he will throw me out.I know his anger.I can’t mess with him.

Ishani : Do whatever you want .

In guest room

Siya knocked at the door.

Siya : May I come in .

Ridhima : why are you doing this formality.Just come in.

Siya came and sit beside her .she was just looking at her .this was noticed by Ridhima .

Ridhima : What happened Siya.

Siya : Why you removed nuptial chain and vermilion.

Ridhima : Because there is no need to wear them.

Siya : you removed these things very easily but how will you remove Bhai from your heart.

Ridhima : what do you mean.(looking down)

Siya : I am very well aware about your love for bhai.And please don’t tell me that you don’t love Bhai.

Ridhima : I don’t know what are you saying.I know one thing that he is engaged to Ragini and going to marry her soon.

Siya : you know very well that you can stop this marriage very well.Why are you ready to give your love to someone else.

Ridhima : I am returning Ragini’s love to her only.

Siya : Bhai loved only one girl his life that is…

Ridhima : that is Ragini .I know (sad)

Siya : No he loves you only.

Ridhima : stop kidding.

Siya : I am very much serious.Don’t tell me that you didn’t see love in his eye.When you are with bhai, he become different.He became Vansh ….only Vansh who loves you very much.He forget all his rudeness and arrogant behavior in front of you.He become like an innocent child.This side of Vansh no one has seen except you.

Ridhima entered in another world where she got gimps of Vansh’s childish behavior.she was enjoying this and smiling like fool .she totally forget about siya..she was just busy in vansh thought…

Siya : Bhabhi…

Ridhima :….

Siya : Bhabhi…..bhabhi….bhabhi….

Ridhima again didn’t replied so siya jerked her hand.

Ridhima : what happened??

Siya : I came here to talk to you and at look you who is dreaming about bhai….

Ridhima : Nothing is like that…I was just…(awkward)

Siya : I know…I know…don’t explain….(smiling)

Ridhima : you know nothing….if no one has seen that side of vansh …then how you know…

Siya looked at Ridhima and smiled….

Ridhima : what happened why are you smile…

Siya : “SORRY”

Ridhima : what happened??

Siya : first promise me that you will not beat me after knowing the reason…

Ridhima : Promise.

Siya (closed her eyes ) : By mistake I saw your and bhai’s romance in library.I didn’t this I intentionally..”Sorry”

Ridhima blushed and felt embarrassed at the same time.To avoid this awkwardness she said…

Ridhima : nothing is like that….you…..you are mistaken….

Siya : don’t try to fool me…I clearly saw that Bhai pinned you to wall and you both were lost in each other without noticing surrounding……

Now Ridhima’s cheeks became more red and started burning in shyness.she was unable to lift her eyes and encounter siya’s question.

Siya : but you know there was one thing missing…

Ridhima looked at her like she want to ask what was missing…First siya got from the bed and then said…

Siya : there a “KISS” was missing.
She ran out of the room, leaving ridhima highly blushing and embarrassing…siya peeped into the room and saw Ridhima blushing

Siya : Next time don’t miss this…..after all ek Chumma to banata hai…

Ridhima was hell shocked to hear this and ran behind her…..she didn’t chase her much and returned to her room.
When he came to her room she found a gift box placed on her bed….


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