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Eternal Love Story # Our Riansh (Chapter-41)

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At VR Mansion (Darjeeling):-

At Hall:-

At 10 pm:-

Vansh leave Riddhima’s room and everyone saw him drenched in water and his face held anger and his broken heart and Sejal said

Sejal- Vansh……

She was about to move to him but Kabir held her hand and nodded and disapproval, Vansh who was about to enter his room came back to hall and shouted

Vansh (shouting) – Kabir, arrange the car you all guys are leaving day after tomorrow

Kabir just nodded and Vansh left

Sejal- What happened Kabir?

Kabir- Don’t know

Angre- I guess Riddhima said something to him

Sejal- I will talk to this Riddhima

She was about to move but Kabir held her hand and

Kabir- If he is broken that means Riddhima will also be broken, let them be alone for some time talk to her tomorrow and get to your rooms and pack your bags

All hummed and departed to their room

In Vansh’s room:-

Vansh entered his room and latched the door he remembered his and Riddhima’s cute fight when she fell on him, their Rain dance their movie nights and late night ice-cream party

Flashback Start:-

Everyone was tired and was sleeping peacefully in their room but two people were awake. That’s Riddhima and Vansh

They entered Kitchen from different sides and was unaware of each other as lights were off

Vansh moved to fridge and opened it and Riddhima saw someone’s shadow as his back was visible to her.

Riddhima (to herself) – Thief…. Over here…. What the hell is expensive in fridge go and search in that Vanchi’s room and if something is there…. (Realizing) My ice- cream… I won’t leave this thief

She moved and took the pan from the counter and then thud she hit the pan on his head he turned around holding back side of his head but to his bad luck Riddhima didn’t saw him and started shouting

Riddhima (shouting) – Chor…. Chor…. Chor ko pakdo… Yeh meri ice- cream chura lega (Thief…. Thief….Catch the Thief…. He will steal my ice-cream)

Vansh saw her shouting closed the fridge and closed her mouth and pinned her to wall and she was trying to free herself. Vansh was still invisible to her. Vansh saw her and smirk and then changing his voice said

Vansh- Aren’t you afraid of thief?

Riddhima eyed his hand and he removed they both were super close to each other

Riddhima- Why the hell will I be scare of you, I mean thief?

Vansh- If I did something wrong to you

Riddhima- Really what will you do?

Vansh took his finger and started tracing her face from her temple then cheeks and then her small nose and bringing his finger to her plumpy pink lips, his one touch was enough to bring shiver down her spine and she closed her eyes

Vansh- If I kiss you

He said while moving close to her earlobe and inhaling her scent and he moved she clutched his shoulder

Riddhima- You won’t be able to

Vansh- Challenging me

Vansh moved to ear and bitted her earlobe

Riddhima (moaning) – Vansh

Vansh was shocked by hearing his name from her mouth

Vansh- How you guessed when I changed my voice and even when lights were off

Riddhima opened her eyes smiling and pushed him and then moved to switch board opening the lights. She saw Vansh shocked face.

Riddhima- Mr. Vansh if you can feel me from my scent why do you think I can’t feel you

Vansh smirked and pulled her towards himself from her waist

Vansh- Really?

Riddhima- Any doubt

He holds her by her waist and then made her sat on the counter and opened the fridge and said

Vansh- Chocolate chips

Riddhima smiled and nodded making him smile, He took out two cups of chocolate chips and brought to her and gave her and said

Vansh- Think if a thief was really there

Riddhima- Then his condition would be same as those boys whom we met in Dhaba

Vansh smiled and they ate the ice-cream

Flashback ends-:

Vansh remembered this cute moment and chuckled while tear was flowing from his eyes. He got and threw the Vase on the floor which was kept on the table making it to break in thousand pieces, He moved to his bed and took out a key from his jeans pocket and  opened the drawer of the side table where photos of Riddhima was kept. He took it and said

Vansh- Why Riddhima? Why? Why you called my pure love as lust and what you said yaa…. I will use you. I never thought to use you even in my dreams and you, you said that….. Why Riddhima? Why? I love you Riddhima….. I love you I was in love with you since the moment I saw in club. I love you since the moment I held you. I love you from the bottom of my heart Riddhima. I love you Riddhima…… but who cares (Fell on the bed still holding the photo) none will care for my love when my love only calls it lust and why you will care you love Varun…(realizing) No…. No…. Shit What I said to her oh no, now she will hate me… Forget it….. Who cares when was she even in love with me that she will hate me….. I promise to you Riddhima I won’t come in front of you ever….. I wish I could be there with you always but I guess destiny doesn’t want it….. It’s ok I will accept the destiny

He laid while hugging her photo and crying

In Riddhima’s room:-

Riddhima was still under shower she got up and in lifeless manner changed her clothes and after latching the door she came to her sofa’s back side and sat on the floor while gazing the full moon remembering the moment when moon saw their first romance, she pushed her hand under sofa and pulled out a photo frame and saw Vansh’s photo

Riddhima (to moon) – You know everything na, I used to talk to you every day na, I told na I love Vansh I only love him, Then why? Why? Why this truth removed that love and trust of mine from him? Why I called our love just a desire and lust, you were aware about our feelings, then too you didn’t made us realize on time. Now he doesn’t want to even see me…… (Realizing) No Riddhima…. No Varun I again forget him even if its respect and infatuation from my side he loves me and I…. I betrayed him again….. I Riddhima Mathur cheated on Varun, he loves me only….. No no….. I can’t cheat anyone…. I won’t confess my love to Vansh ever I won’t… Yaa…. I will settle down with Varun…… Yaaa….

She saw Vansh’s photo and hugged and then breaking the hug she kissed the picture while tears where coming out of her eyes she murmured

Riddhima- Vansh I love you…. I love you Vansh

And she laid on the cold floor hugging and crying and drifting to deep sleep

Paas aaye.. dooriyaan phir bhi kam naa hui
Ek adhuri si hamari kahani rahi
Aasmaan ko zameen, ye zaroori nahi
Jaa mile.. jaa mile
Ishq saccha wahi
Jisko milti nahin manzilein, manzilein

Rang thhe, noor tha
Jab kareeb tu tha
Ek jannat saa tha, yeh jahaan
Waqt ki raeth pe
Kuch mere naam sa
Likh ke chhod gaya, tu kahaan

Hamari adhuri kahani (x4)

Both were crying bitterly hugging each other remembering there cute and lovely moments and then murmuring “I Love You”.

Khushbuon se teri yunhi takra gaye
Chalte dekho na
Hum kahaan aa gaye

Jannatein agar yahin
Tu dikhe kyon nahin
Chand suraj sabhi, hain yahaan
Intezar tera sadiyon se kar raha
Pyaasi baithi hai kab se yahaan

Hamari adhuri kahani (x4)

Pyaas ka ye safar
Khatam ho jayega
Kuch adhura sa jo tha
Poora ho jaayega

Jhuk gaya aasmaan
Mill gaye do jahaan
Har taraf hai milan ka samaa
Doliyaan hain saji, khushbuein har kahin
Padhne aaya Khuda khud yahaan

Humari adhuri kahaani (x4)

Now Moon saw there but wasn’t sad as it was aware of the truth will be very soon unfolded but this love will have to face thousands of enemies and then live who knows will it win or not will they live or not but one thing they will live together ever

In Morning:-

At 11 pm:-

In Vansh’s room:-

Sun rays feel on a face who was sleeping hugging a photo frame and tears have now dried declaring that he cried alone whole night. This sun light wasn’t enough to wake him up from the darkness of his heart but was enough to wake him up from his sleep. Vansh woke up and saw the clock who was striking 10 pm, every day he always wake up early to see that beautiful face but today he chuckled at this thought and got up and kissing the pic last time he went to washroom to freshen up

In Riddhima’s room:-

Riddhima woke up from the sun rays and after freshening up again laid on the bed not wanting to face anyone….. She again slept while hugging Vansh’s picture but suddenly she felt someone standing in front of her eyes she opened her eyes and was shocked to see the person

Person- Get up now….. I want to talk to you

Riddhima- Sejal….

Sejal- Yaa Riddhima… me

Riddhima- What are you doing here? Door is latched how you entered here?

Sejal- Just because of you I entered through window from ladder…. What you said to Vansh last night?

Riddhima- I don’t want to talk ….. Please leave

Sejal- Riddhima….

Riddhima- Sejal please

Sejal got frustrated and held her elbow and then tied her hand with the bed while Riddhima was calling her name again and again she tied her mouth and stood in front of her

Sejal- Riddhima, Sorry for this behavior….. Now listen don’t shout I will remove this cloth from your mouth but if you did I will again put….

Riddhima nodded

Sejal- Ok I’m removing and tell what you said to Vansh

Sejal removed the cloth and

Riddhima (in shame) – I said he had lust on me and he will use me

Sejal (shocked) – Riddhima, even are you my friend

Riddhima- Sejal I know I did a mistake……..

Sejal (interrupting her) – Mistake?? You did a crime

Riddhima- Sejal I’m sorry…. I’m guilty when he said he love me….

Sejal- Vansh said that he loves you…..

Riddhima- Yes…. But it’s of no use now……

Sejal (shocked) – What? But why? You both love each other

Riddhima- Yaa…. I know did you guys forget about Varun, even if I just had an infatuation towards him he loves me….His love is pure…. It would be complete cheating to me…. No… I can’t do this……

Sejal- Ok fine you respect him but Vansh what about Vansh?

Riddhima (lost) – I love him….

Sejal smiled as finally there work was done but Destiny’s work is still left that was to make them close

Sejal- Won’t you confess it……

Riddhima- I can’t…. He don’t want to see me and I can’t disobey him…. (Taking a deep breath) Btw we are leaving tomorrow…. Right?

Sejal- I respect your decision…. I won’t anything else but I assure you everything will be ok….

Sejal went and opened the door and there Ishani was standing there with a trolley of food, she blinked her eyes to ask them to wait. Taking the trolley she went in and latched the door.

On hearing its voice Riddhima saw the food and kissing her teeth said

Riddhima- Sejal I’m not hungry…. Please take it away

Sejal- Eat something you haven’t eaten anything since last night… Please

Riddhima- Please

Sejal- Please

Riddhima- Vansh had….

Sejal- Kabir went he will surely made him eat

Riddhima (smiling) – Did you and Kabir…………

Sejal- Riddhima I know your question and yes we did but please you think about your decision

Riddhima- It’s decided …..

Sejal- Ok…. Have it…. Please… I’m leaving…… Take rest no need to come out Lunch and dinner will be here

Sejal left Riddhima saw the food and laid back on bed chuckling

Sejal- Riddhima, get up and eat

She was shocked to see her and getting up and took a bite and started eating while Sejal left

In Vansh’s room:-

Vansh came out from washroom drying his head from towel and was shocked to see Kabir standing in front of him reading a file, Kabir saw him

Kabir (smiling) – Oh Hi….. You took too much time….

Vansh (shocked) – The hell are you doing here…. From where you entered?

Kabir- From there from where usually lover boys enter

Vansh- What?

Kabir- Window idiot…..

Vansh- Ok… But may I know for such a heroic entry

Kabir- Actually to tell what happened last night

Vansh- Kabir please leave I want to stay alone……

Kabir- Vansh please tell

Vansh- Please

Kabir (scaring him) – Vansh…..

Vansh (glaring him) – What?

Kabir (puppy eyes) – Please tell na……

Vansh- She called my love as lust and said I’m using her

Voice- Who?

They turned around…..

Vansh- You….

Aryan- Oh Hi….. Aryan here

Vansh- I know that what are you doing here?

Aryan- Be straight forward and tell who?

Vansh- Vansh Raisinghania

Aryan- Aray….. Who said your love as lust?

Vansh- Whom I love?

Aryan (confused) – Whom you love?

Vansh- Riddhima

Kabir- Aryan leave I will tell you

Vansh- Is it some Holy offerings or what?

Aryan- Exactly let me watch live

Vansh threw the towel on bed and sat on the sofa

Vansh- Meri feelings ki kisi ko care hi nhi hai (No one cares for my feelings)

Aryan and Kabir went to him and sat on the sofa

Aryan- Bhai what happened last night

Vansh kept his hand on his head and said and Meanwhile Angre slowly entered

Vansh- Aaye aap ka hi intezaar tha…. (Come was just waiting for you)

Angre- Oh Sorry to keep you waiting….

Vansh shook his head and told them everything

Angre- So now…

Vansh- You guys want to listen I told………. now leave

Aryan- What will you do now at least tell this?

Vansh- I won’t face her…. Now leave….

Kabir whistled……

Vansh- Here I’m sad and see this guy…. You lea….

He stopped on seeing Siya coming with trolley

Vansh- Siya please take it….

Siya- Bhai Riddhu had eaten you also have it…please?

She left

Vansh- Here I’m sad and she is eating why I will sit hungry I will also eat… You all leave

He pushed them outside and latched the door and that chuckling face again became dull and tears were flowing from his eyes he eyed the food and started eating remembering their moments

Episode ends…

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