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Choti Sardarni 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Meher confronts Kulwant

Choti Sardarni 5th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Meher and Sarab start their performance by talking about love and how an evil person has tried to sabotage that story. Kulwant recalls when she attacked Manav, Sarab and everyone. Bitu and Rana recall trying to murder Karan. Kulwant recalls trying to Meher’s guest hose. Kulwant stands shouting stop it. Enough of this drama. Everyone is shocked. Kulwant leaves. Harleen asks what happened to Kulwant? Bitu says mummy ji isn’t well. She gets attacks like these. Dolly says she did right. Who does perform like these in their own sangeet? What kind of story is this? Kids ays story of true love. Meher says you all enjoy the function. I will see mummy ji. Sarab says I will also go. Meher says no, I will handle her.

Scene 2
Kulwant starts her car and starts driving towards her home. She recalls hitting Sarab. Kulwant says you got to know. You can’t do anything because you have no proof. Law doesn’t work without proof. Some people gather in front of Kulwant’s car. She’s shocked. Kulwant comes out and says who are you all? They all chant for her. Longlive Sarpank kulwant Kaur. They dance around her and throw flowers. Kulwant is confused. They make her wear garlands. The man asks your name is chosen for the next elections. We just got the news so we came here to celebrate. Kulwant sees the paper and is happy. Kulwant says wonderful ji wonderful. The man says our symbol is a truck. A truck is a source of food, you are the same for our village. They say we need your photo for the paper with our symbol. They bring a truck. Kulwant sits in it. Meher comes there.

Kulwant stops the truck. Meher says why did you stop? You like to hit people with trucks. Just the way you hit my husband. Drive it over me come on. Kulwant comes out. Kulwant says Meher what drama are you doing in front of my party people? Meher says you can’t see me married right? My mehndi hurts you right? Kulwant says Meher.. Meher asks what have I done? Why do you want to kill my husband? Why is a mother enemy to her own daughter? Kulwant says you don’t know.. Meher says don’t touch me with your hands. You have blood on them of my husband. Kulwant says what are you doing? Meher says you understand everything. You left the event, you tried to erase the proofs. A witch attacks after 7 houses and you did this to your own daughter? Kulwant says do you want to know why I did what I did? Come with me.

Kulwant shoves Meher in front of Jagga’s picture. Kulwant says you are also a mother now. If anyone harms your child, what would you do? You will kill them. What would I go through when I saw the dead body of my son? Just imagine what did I go through doing the funeral of my son. Jagga and you were my two eyes. My Jagga who could do anything for his mummy ji. My kindest son. Imagine what I go through. The way you have been looking for Sarab’s culprit I was also looking for my Jagga’s killer. I couldn’t comprehend anything. I was burning in the fire of revenge. When the court announced your sentence I realized you are behind all this.

Meher says he was my brother as well. Kulwant says I am a mohther. Meher says don’t call yourself a mother. A mother knows what her kids are capable of doing. A mother doesn’t attack her own daughter’s husband.

Scene 3
The kids are dancing. Seher asks Sarab where is Meher? Sarab says she must be coming back. Seher changes the song. Sarab calls Meher but her phone is in the home. Sarab says why didn’t she take her phone? Harleen says Sarab, how is Kulwant now? It’s your wedding tomorrow. Should I check? Sarab says don’t worry. I will go if Meher doesn’t come back in a few minutes. The kids change the song and dance.

Scene 4
Kulwant says I made a mistake and apologized for it. I am apologizing again. She slaps herself and says forgive me. I made a mistake. I didn’t know who murdered my Jagga. But now I have changed. There’s no evil in my heart. Meher says you forgive for mistakes, not sins. Meher says yes sins, that you did my stabbing Manav. It was our mistake that we gave you another chance. If you had a mother’s heart you would never call your daughter your son’s murderer. You think everyone is like you. The court evicted me but you kept considering me the murderer because you are this way. Kulwant says you are saying all this because you’re Sarab’s wife? Meher says you tried to kill him. Kulwant says I got you married to him. I did all that for your future.

Kulwant cries and says forgive the past, please. It’s your wedding. I will apologize to Sarab in front of everyone. Meher says I won’t fall for your trap this time. You will pay for all of your sins. Kulwant says don’t ruin the way I have changed. Kulwant says the world will see your drama when I will get handcuffs in your hands. I will send you to jail. Kulwant throws the glass and shouts enough. No one can dare to put handcuffs in my hands. What proof do you have? I dissolved all the proofs. You will not find anything.

Seher says papa please come dance with us. Sarab says no.. Seher says please. She takes him here. Sarab looks at the screen.

Kulwant says do whatever you want. I will see what can you do. Meher says my mehndi in my hands is applied by my husband. I swear on this mehndi I won’t leave you. I will send you to jail by tomorrow. Bitu and Rana come home. Jeeto asks how is mummy ji now? Meher leaves. Kulwant says she came to surprise me. My name is given in the elections. Rana and Bitu ask what will we do now? She says prepare for the wedding. Elections are around the corner. I will have to go to the wedding. I need photos with Sarab, they are important for my win. I know how to win.

Episode ends.

Precap-Meher says I can’t sit silently until I get mummy ji o the jail. Sarab says how will we find the proof? Meher hugs Sarab and says God is with us. The video is playing on the laptop. Meher sees it.

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