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Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Rani comes back

Apna Time Bhi Aayega 5th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Scene 1
Shobha says you can all go to jail. Rani comes in. Jai says she’s our servant and so was her dad. Rani says don’t lie. I came here as a maid but my place changed. Veer married me. Where would I go? I don’t know anyone here. I don’t even have a phone. Shobha says you will stay here and I will see who stops you. Rajeshwri says this is our resort. She can’t stay here. Shobha says kings’ kingdoms are gone. This is a democracy. This is Goa and not your Jaipur. No one would listen to you. If you don’t want to go to jail and not be featured in the newspaper, you will do what I say. She says to rani don’t worry. We are with you. Call me if there’s any problem. Rani says thank you didi.

Rajeshwari says do you think I will be scared of them? They live on our donations. She is about to slap Rani. Rani holds her hand and says you can’t do that. Don’t even think about it. Shobha must not have gotten far. I can call her back. All this drama that is going on here, if I tell police about it you will go to jail again. Rajeshwari says what proof do you have of your wedding? Rani says pictures. You arranged a party for me. The entire Jaipur knows I am his wife. Veer looks at Rai in anger. Birju and Vikram also come in. They stand with Rani. Rani says in heart I can’t even recognize you. I will find out why is it happening. Veer says why are you back Rani? Rani says I didn’t go anywhere. WHy this question? He says you know what I am asking. Rani says I was just outside when Shobha came and told me she will get me my rights back. Veer says go from here. Rani says it’s my right. I will get back what’s mine.

Veer says what do you want? Rani says 10 crores. Everyone is shocked. Rani says shocked? You all know how good am I with calculations. I can make it easy for you. For the days, I stayed with you. The delay in my educated damages for 50 lacs. I changed your life and taught you how to smile, 1 crore for that. And you all called me a maid, so a maid charges for work, 20 lacs. And for my insults 50 lacs. You 10 crore can solve it. Rajeshwari says do you even know how many zeroes do 10 crores have? Rani says you always tell me you have a lot of money so you can solve it. I won’t g from here. I don’t have a reason, nor a divorce. Rajeshwari says you are not even worth 2 rupees. Birju says you better not talk about worth. Rani says they will give us the money, don’t worry. Right?

Rani finds the ring in the milk and says here’s my security deposit. She wears it and says the way Veer is mine, I have right on his everything. Veer says you had. Now there’s nothing. We will give you the money don’t worry. Rani says then arrange the money first and then talk. Rani says the session over now. Kiara says what do you want to do with the drama? Rani says Ms. late. You don’t know what you want, but I do. So don’t worry about me. Vikram says you are right bhabhi sa. People are very confused here. But I know how to handle them. He says let’s go Kiara. We also have some things to solve. He takes Kiara from there. Rani sits on the sofa. She says how did you like this Veer? Rani says Champa, you threw my stuff, right? THe has changed. Better bring all my stuff and take it to my room. I can get you kicked out of the house otherwise. Rani says I am the DIL of this house. And I will be until my calculation is done. Now go do what I ask. Rani says make something for me to eat. Rani says Birju get fresh, we will eat together. Rani says you all can eat as well.

Jai says what has she become? Rajeshwari says to Veer don’t worry. I have the contacts in Goa as well. I won’t leave her. Veer says I don’t want to make it a bigger issue. If she wants money I can give that to her and after that, she will be out of my life forever.

Episode ends.

Precap-Rani pulls Veer out. Veer says enough Rani. Rani says I want to ask why all of this happened? He says it’s too late for that discussion. Just write on this paper that after you get your money you won’t have any right on Rajawat family and me. Rani is shocked.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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