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Anupama 5th June 2021 Written Episode Update: Anupama’s Emergency Surgery

Anupama 5th June 2021 Written Episode, Written Update on Tellyupdate.co.in

Vanraj confronts Kavya that he did a mistake that he left uninformed, but what she did with his family is unjustified. He says he cannot live without his family and if he has to, it will affect their relationship. She asks not to worry and calm down, she will convince them somehow and bring them back. On the other side, Anu tells family that says they must be feeling uncomfortable to sleep in a small cottage. Baa says they will sleep outside under mosquito net if she wants. Bapuji says however the room is, her presence matters to them. Samar says he values heart than money. Bapuji says let us spread mattresses like in marriages and sleep. Nandini says its a great idea. Baa says whatever the idea is, she should go back to her room. Nandini says Rakhi is staying in her cottage. Baa says when she can tolerate Kavya, she can easily tolerate Rakhi, so she should go back to her cottage and anyways this cottage is for family members. Anu says she is right, this cottage is for family members, hence Kavya will sleep with them. Bapuji backs her. Anu requests Baa, and Baa permits. Samar gets happy hearing that. Toshu taunts him. Pakhi takes Samar’s side. Anu asks Baa and Bapuji if Mr Shah will not feel bad if they stay here. Bapuji says let us think about it tomorrow. Samar says he is right, anyways they cannot sleep early when Bapuji has returned after a long time.

Vanraj tries to sleep. Kavya walks to him and says their 9-year wait is over and they should romance tonight. On the other side, family plays dumb charades. Baa mimics. Everyone give wrong answer. Nndini gives right answer. Baa does hifi with her and then sits back. Dolly mimics next and Pakhi answers. Baa says Anu will mimic next. Anu mimics by touching Baa and Bapuji’s feet. Samar identifies word heaven and says they should understand mummy’s concept. Toshu says only great mother’s great son can understand it. Anu collapses. Samar shouts mummy in shock and family surrounds her in concern. Kavya gets romantic with Vanraj. Vanraj hearing Samar’s voice gets concerned for Anu, pushes Kavya away, and rushes to Anu and takes her in ferry car. Kavya sits frustrated. Rakhi taunts Kavya and says she feels bad seeing her alone, samdhiji left her on suhagrat and went to his ex-wife. Kavya shouts just shut up. Rakhi says she snatched Anu’s husband, so Anu is snatching her husband now; she should be alert before her boat sinks like titanic. Kavya returns to her room fuming and says she hates Anupama and her family.

Doctor checks Anu and explains her situation to Advaith. Baa thanks god that there was a hospital nearby. Vanraj scolds Samar and Nandini for letting Anu strain herself. Advaith walks out and informs family that Anu needs surgery right now, so she will be taken to OT right now. Bapuji cries hearing that. Anu is taken on a stretcher to OT. Family worried for her prays god. Kavya eagerly waits for Vanraj. Baa, Bapuji, Dolly, Nandini, and Pakhi return to resort. Kinjal reaches there and asks them how is mummy. Dolly says she is taken for surgery and since only 2 people are allowed in hospital, they left Samar and Vanraj and returned to resort. Bapuji asks Kinjal not to worry as by god’s grace, Anu will be fine soon. Kinjal gets emotional with Toshu and asks if mummy will be fine. Toshu says mummy will get well to scold her DIL. Kinjal says she will scold Toshu instead. Rakhi walks to her and asks why did she travel at night. Kinjal says she couldn’t control herself hearing about mummmy’s condition. Rakhi loudly says (to make Kavya hear) that only 2 people are allowed in hospital, hence Vanraj and Samar will stay overnight in hospital. She then asks her to come and sleep in her room. Kinjal says she will stay with Toshu and family. Rakhi says its overcrowded. Kinjal says she will stay where her family is, leaving Rakhi fuming.

Samar questions nurses about Anu’s condition. Vanraj asks him to go home. Samar asks not to advice him, he says Advaith and asks about her condition. Advaith says she had internal bleeding since 2 days and didn’t inform anyone about it, so she needs blood transfusion. Warbody informs O+ blood is found nowhere. Adivaith asks Vanraj if any of their family’s blood group is O+. Back in resort, Rakhi taunts Kavya. Kavya shouts she is enjoying. Rakhi says she is pity on her, Anu was fine sometime ago and was dancing and now suddenly she is in the hospital, its strange; she feels even god is behind Kavya’s happiness, but when her husband is not with her, what anyone can do; this is just the beginning and wait and watch what will happen next. Kavya acts as hitting her and says mosquito. Rakhi warns her to concentrate on her husband or else she will just play hide and seek whole life. Vanraj donates his blood to Anu.

Precap: Anu’s condition deteriorates. Samar and Vanraj plead her not to go. Her heartbeat stops.

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