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Mishti a girl who wears specs

This is from the girl who wears specs, Who loves wearing it but still the society thinks she is better without it. Why is it like that?

I love mishti, she is one female lead who is so relatable, she is like the girl who is next door who wears specs, wants to do a job and wants a partner who understands her. Is she wrong? No but the society people are who judge her just because she demanded a Martial courtship to know her partner. Just because she is a girl and has no right.

Kunal is good guy, company CEO, probably everything a girl wants but still why mishti turned him down because he refused to accept the mishti who wears specs, he refused to accept the mishti who loves to work and live her life independently and demanded her to change, he asked her to leave her individuality behind. What mishti did was right. Why was she asked to compromise when she was ready to accept kunal the way he is without asking him to change. You know the most regressive thing still mishti is blamed and said the does not deserve kunal because he is a gem. This said by most of the show viewers.

True Mishti does not deserve kunal she deserves someone better than him. Someone who will accept the mishti who wears specs, who will let her live the life the way she wants and who will never accuse her. This is what every girl deserves. Mishti is called chashmish aunty, ugly because she wears specs I have seen yesterday’s comments in the telly updates. Whoever commented like that you people are ugly not mishti. Mishti looks beautiful with her specs because her heart is as beautiful as she is. Nor mishti nor any other girl because of some people’s comments stop wearing specs. I probably love that mishti remains like this never remove her specs, I have seen female lead getting makeover for impressing male lead and leaving their individuality for their love. That is not love sorry something which demands you to leave your individuality can’t be love .

Thank you mishti thank you for being that female lead with self respect who refused to leave her individuality and demanded to be  accepted  the way she is. Refused to satisfy a male’s ego. Thank you for being inspiration for girl’s like me who wear specs.  Don’t be hurt by the people who call you ugly just because you wear specs and keep flying high

Thank you abir thank you for being that guy that every girl deserves to have. Thank for loving mishti the way she is.

Mishbir will be one couple Who will show how marriages should be dealt with. There Will not be anyone manhandling or hatred needed for them to get chemistry. Their sweet conversation is enough to win hearts. Their are far better many gul and ektas jodis and does not deserve to be compared with anyone. Mishbir are unique.


Next time before commenting upon girls who wears specs and call them ugly please try to look at their goodness and please don’t lessen down their self confidence. I am hurt by that comments like that. It shows how Society even the young generation still judges a girl by her outer beauty. I have seen the comments where people have commented mishti is not fit to be a female lead just because she wears specs and not glamorous like  other female lead. I’m sorry mishti has that one thing that your other female leads of television lacks, self respect and self confidence. So people keep your regressive thoughts with you and if you want a glamorous female lead please switch on to gul or ekta shows where female lead lacks self respect and male lead is a cry baby because clearly yeh rishtey does not encourage your regressive thoughts, it is far better than that.

Girls try to be mishti in the world of females who thinks that their outer beauty is what matters. Respect your individuality as mishti respects her.

All the people please try to become like abir and see mishti from abir’s eyes because mishti would be the most beautiful girl in the world in his eyes because in this regressive society he sees mishti for the person she is.

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