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Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Siddhant Doubts On Rao Ji For Prabhakar’s Death

Yeh Pyaar Nahi Toh Kya Hai 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nupur’s dad tells that his dream is fulfilling to get Nupur married. KK says your business is our now and laughs. Nupur’s dad says it is truth and says whatever he has belongs to Nupur and Karthik now. KK says I will get a drink for you. Riddhi asks Srikant why he was praising her. Srikant says it is not a lie, you deserve to be praised. Vedant asks Anushka if she want to have anything. Anushka says no. Siddhant comes and asks why is he forcing you to drink. Anushka tells him that his heart will break tomorrow as Appa thinks we like each other. Siddhant asks do you like her? Anushka says what nonsense? Vedant brings juice for her. KK comes and asks who will make my drink? Siddhant says I will make the drink. He makes drink and gives to KK. KK asks Anushka to tell about her decision.

Anushka says she will tell tomorrow by evening. She tells Siddhant that he has just a day’s time. Siddhant drinks and tells Anushka that he will talk to him right now. Anushka thinks timing is wrong. Siddhant tells KK that he wants to ask him something. KK says not today, but tomorrow as Nupur’s dad is waiting for me. He promises to give him whatever he likes and says you are Prabhakar’s son. Siddhant gets happy.

KK comes to Nupur’s dad. Nupur’s dad tells him that Rao brought drinks for them. KK praises Rao and says he can do anything without telling him. Nupur’s dad says I want to tell something. KK tells him that he can tell him anything infront of Rao. Karthik asks Anushka to go and tells that Siddhant and I will have a last drink. Anushka says tomorrow is your wedding and even Siddhant must have some important work. Karthik goes to get drinks. Anushka hits him with her foot. Siddhant shouts and tells that red ant bite him. Anushka goes. Siddhant asks Karthik if he did the plane crashed? Karthik says what? He says we are rich, but that doesn’t mean that we will kill innocent people to get a deal. He says I have bought the coal mine so that I can gift it to Appa. He says like you, even I want to get appreciated by Appa. Siddhant asks but why did you buy it secretly? Karthik says because I don’t want Rao to know about it else he would have told Appa. Siddhant asks Rao ji who works in your face. Karthik says people who knows Rao gets scared of him. Siddhant laughs. Karthik says Rao is Appa’s reflection and don’t talk much, and end the danger before it comes on Appa. He says he can give his life for Appa and can take others’ life also. He says if you think him as our servant then it is wrong. He says Rao hears Appa’s and somewhat Prabhakar uncle’s talks. He says Rao doesn’t listen to me and tells that he took the Reddy corporation book from my hand when I was going to give it to publication and he told that Prabhakar shall read it. He gives it to your dad. Karthik asks Siddhant not to tell anything to Appa.

Siddhant comes home and calls his friend Abhay in the lab. He says he has some work and tells about the book. He asks him to do forensic test. Abhay says my job will go. Siddhant says it is important. Abhay agrees. Siddhant writes Rao’s name on the board.

Next day, Gayatri makes Purva ready for Karthik’s marriage. Anushka and Riddhi come there. Anushka hugs Gayatri as she compliments her. Riddhi says love is showering. They leave. Anushka comes to KK and asks if he is very happy today. KK says he is very happy and can do anything for her smile. Anushka sees Siddhant and says I will tell him hi. Purva comes there. KK compliments her and says all apsara came to my house. Siddhant observes KK and Rao. Gayatri comes and pats on his shoulder. She asks him to get the rings kept in the inhouse temple. Siddhant says I can’t go now. Gayatri sends him. Siddhant comes home and gets it. Abhay calls Siddhant and tells that those papers were most read by someone and says the holes can be made due to saliva, chemical reaction, poison etc. Siddhant asks if there is poison in the holes. Abhay says there is no trace of poison, but tells that there can be some rare poison in the book which can be bought by army or some influential man. Siddhant asks if high level test can be done. Abhay says I have done all the test and is sure that something is wrong.

Siddhant searches in Prabhakar’s study room and gets a letter which he wrote to KK. He gets shocked. He comes to Rao ji’s home and searches for the poison. He gets some medicine bottle in his drawer. Just then Rao comes there.

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