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Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Raman and Ishita meet at the airport

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Raman taking Ishita’s side. Kadam says why are you taking her side, she has shot her son, you may forgive her, I will not spare her. Raman goes. Ishita rearranges the clothes in anger. Roshni looks on and says I have brought water for you, what are you doing. Ishita says I was cleaning the mess. Roshni says Ishita is worried, what might be the reason. Simmi and Mrs. Bhalla argue to cook first in the kitchen. Mihika says its fine, let Simmi cook food, Romi has gone out for some days. Mrs. Bhalla asks where did he go, he must have informed. Mihika says he had urgent work, everything is fine, he is little tense about office work. She thinks how to tell you Romi has gone to arrange money for the flat. She goes.

Simmi thinks Mihika is hiding something, I have to find

out. Mani thanks Shagun for coffee. He says we must meet Mrs. Sharma’s son soon. Shagun asks how did Ishita come there, its good Aaliya is convinced now. He says just hope that everything goes on fine, lets enjoy the coffee. Ruhi talks to Roshni on call and asks is Ishimaa fine. Roshni says she is washing clothes in bathroom. Ruhi says this is her way to vent out anger, Raman’s friend threatened to cancel her license, there is some side effect of his root canal treatment, I heard that man is influential.

Roshni asks what, Raman won’t help her either. Ruhi says I will figure it out. Pihu comes and asks Ruhi to sit, lunch wasn’t made at home, so Mrs. Bhalla has sent a pizza for her too. She asks why are you in tension. Ruhi says I don’t know what should I do of Raman and Ishita. Pihu says if they were kids, I would have locked them inside the room and asked them to sort out their fight. Ruhi says you are a genius, what a wonderful idea. Ruhi comes to Raman to show some file. He gets a call. He asks is the meeting cancelled, the minister has fixed the appointment, fine I will reach Jaipur and meet him. Ruhi says this isn’t the file, I forgot the file. He says I have other work now. She says I m also going for meeting. He calls Shweta and asks for Aaliya. Shagun calls Aaliya and asks her to go to a spa, she has to look good and meet Mrs. Sharma’s son. Aaliya says I have no time. Shagun says you can go tomorrow.

Kadam comes to the cafe and meets Ruhi. He asks why did you call me here, is everything fine. She says yes, I have heard you are cancelled Ishita’s license. He says yes, I will teach her a lesson. She says you won’t do this, I know you and your power well, you have contacts till Panama, if anyone leaks your papers, what will happen. He says don’t worry, you are smart and sweet, I will not do anything such. He goes. Ruhi smiles and says Ishimaa, get ready to get locked in Jaipur, a bit of lies is fine. Ishita is at the airport and talks to Roshni on call. Raman sees her. Ishita says Ruhi has found a good lawyer for me, I have to go Jaipur and meet him, no one can revoke my license. Raman asks about the flight. Ishita hears him and turns to see. She thinks Raman is going Jaipur. The lady says the flight is on time.

She gives the boarding pass to Ishita. Raman thinks Ishita is going to Jaipur. Ishita thinks I m going to travel with Raman in same flight. Ruhi says I have sent Ishita to Jaipur by an excuse, I can’t say if their differences will get over, lets hope for the best. Pihu agrees. Ishita and Raman see each other boarding pass, which got exchanged. They look at each other. Raman asks a man to find Ishita and give her boarding pass. Ishita says its me, and takes the pass. She puts Raman’s pass on the sofa. A man sits there. Raman says you are sitting on my boarding card, will you get up. Ishita smiles. Raman gets the pass.

He goes to attend a call. He says I have to complete this task and meet the minister. Ishita hears him and thinks Raman is going there to revoke my license. She calls Ruhi. She says I m going to Jaipur. Ruhi says I know, I have booked your tickets. Ishita says yes, how silly of me, Raman is also going to Jaipur to meet a minister. Ruhi says I don’t know. Ishita says what other task he has there. Ruhi says maybe he went for an urgent meeting. She gets Raman’s call. Ruhi and Pihu jump happily while talking to Ishita and Raman. Raman says I m going to Jaipur. Ruhi says I know I have packed your bag. He says yes, Ishita is also here. Ruhi says oh, I will ask her the reason. He says I don’t care, I will board the flight now. Ruhi gets back to Ishita’s call and asks is Papa troubling you, shall I ask him why is he going there. Ishita says no, I don’t care.

Ruhi says have a safe journey. Ruhi and Pihu get happy. Ruhi says it means they are together, they have ego and won’t accept that they care for each other. Pihu says I have to see what happens next. Raman and Ishita hear the announcement of flight delay. Ruhi asks what, is Ishita not coming today, no tell her to come any way, tell her you are going on vacation, Ishita has to be there today. Ishita asks the lady if she can accommodate her in any other flight. Raman asks the same. The lady says all flights are overbooked, sorry. A man says we can go by road, we shall leave in the car. Raman and Ishita hear the man and think to leave for Jaipur.

Raman and Ishita take the same cab and argue. They have an eyelock.

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