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Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Kunal finds Nandini’s bracelet

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Nandini passes right beside Mauli and asks a vendor about the way to Amboli. The vendor tells her to board a bus to Amboli. Kunal comes to Mauli who was waiting for long. He tells her a girl came in front of his car so he got late, Mauli jokes if she had her feet turned back? Is he imagining someone? Kunal shows her the bracelet he had found on the road. Mauli recognizes the bracelet as Nandini’s, she had gifted and taken promise that Nandini would always wear it. Mauli runs towards the bus stop. There was a huge crowd celebrating a wedding and blowing crackers. Mauli calls Nandini from behind. Nandini stops at the call and happily turns around but Raaj’s car stopped in the middle. He forced Nandini in the car before Mauli could meet or see her. Kunal had reached Mauli who looked tensed.

He takes her along. Raaj questions what Nandini had been doing at the bus stop? Nandini says there was no taxi so she thought… Raaj cursed Nandini for being an illiterate and physically abuse her while she cries. He tells Nandini he has a conference in Goa tomorrow, if she ruins it there she must remember what he did to her last time.
At home, Mauli sat lost in the kitchen. Kunal asks what’s the probability that this bracelet belongs to her friend. She gifted it to her six years ago, and there might be hundreds of similar bracelets in the market. Mauli suggests the coincidence that there was a birthday of a girl being celebrated in the same hotel they were in, and then they found the bracelet; she has a gut feeling and she sense her friend is in trouble. Kunal suggests Mauli calls her. Mauli holds her cell phone, then decides its fine and he is right; the bracelet doesn’t belong to her. Kunal offers her the green tea. He asks how it is, she replies it’s perfect. He asks how she can say it’s perfect without tasting it. She wonders how someone can make a bad green tea. He pours milk in it and says this way. They laugh playfully.
In the clinic, Kunal makes faces to a child patient. He tells the child he has beaten all the bad germs and will have to go to school from tomorrow. The child’s mother says Kunal would be a good father. His father gives Kunal some new test results of the child. Kunal wonders when he ordered them, he questions the receptionist. He says these are regular tests and they order such tests to everyone, he tells him to ask admin to reimburse the money to patients or accept the resignation. He doesn’t want to be a part of such a hospital who loot on patients pointlessly. Kunal walks into Mauli’s office and says he resigned from his job, they loot on patients by getting expensive tests from path labs. Mauli offers a glass of water to Kunal. Kunal asks if she is disappointed by him. Mauli says she is proud that he is passionate about his rules and follow them. Kunal was relieved as she hugs him. She tells him to go home and take rest, she will join him soon. Kunal says he has to finish some work, he remember about Shruti and Amit’s party; they can go from here. A nurse comes to call Mauli. Mauli says she is proud of Kunal and leaves. Kunal wonders what he had done if Mauli wasn’t there in his life. Mauli says he must have eaten a lot of sugar and walks out of the office. Outside, she breathes heavily releasing her tension before she walks on.
Nandini was packing the luggage of her husband when she realizes her bracelet was missing from her arm. She looks around for it as it was the last identity of her Mauli. Her husband comes there and asks if she has been looking for self-respect on floor. Nandini had tears in eyes and says she lost her bracelet. He asks if it was gold. She says it was old, they might find it in the hotel if they go right now. He agrees to go now. Nandini was happy and goes to get her bags but turns to find her husband resting on the couch. He laughs teasing she must have lost it in the drama she created yesterday. People would mock Raaj Deep Thakur in the hotel if he goes with her then. He tells her to pack the luggage.
Mauli and Kunal were going in car. Kunal complains that the Anamika always sticks to him, it was the bracelet. Mauli struggles to remove it from his sleeve. Nandini and Raaj were going in a nearby car. Nandini watch Mauli and Kunal together as a happy couple from behind.
Mauli and Kunal reach a friend’s party. Kunal discusses with friends he is happy that he left the job and will give full time to develop a clinic, he will surely inaugurate his clinic in the same year. Nilesh comes to the party and says Neha didn’t come, she is unwell. Mauli goes to the kitchen with the host. She gets a call from Neha who asks her to ask Nilesh attend her call. Mauli gives the message to Kunal. Kunal comes out to Nilesh who was speaking to someone else. Kunal sense this and questions Nilesh. Nilesh finally confess he is involved with someone else, he says he is fed up of Neha and her busy schedule. She is either busy with her work or home or kids and has no time for him ever. He has found someone else for himself now. Everyone else from the party also gather around. Mauli comes there too. Nilesh tells her too that he is no more with Neha because she is always busy with work and kids and has no time for him. Mauli convinces Nilesh that they are doctors, their jobs require dedication and it’s because of Neha’s job that they maintain their life style. She work at hospital and at home as well and he doesn’t regard her hard work at all. Nilesh says Mauli is now defending her own self, Kunal grabs his collar as to why drag Mauli in between the matter. Nilesh insists that the reality is always bitter, Mauli is also always busy and Kunal would soon realize how lonely it becomes. He highlights that even on their anniversary Kunal was alone and Mauli was out, he warns then against the day history repeats itself. Nilesh leaves the party. Kunal and Mauli also take a leave from Shruti after apologizing. Mauli was disturbed and asks Kunal if he is really upset with her busy schedule?

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