Episode 20;

Scene 1:An unknown place.

A girl is seen sitting in a dark room ,nothing is visible except her eyes ,her eyes which were filled with the fire of revenge hatred and obsession.

Girl:I am coming ,I am coming back to take what was always mine ,enjoy as much as you can because this is the last month of your life and then my revenge will be completed.

Scene 2:Pareikh Mansion.

Avni came back and went straight to her room  ,and then she got a call.

Avni:Hello who’s it,hello?

Man:Its time Avi.

Avni:call me Avu not Avi.

Man:Avni ,for me you are Avi,and your things are inside your wardrobe ,by the way you have got a good collection of dresses.

Avni:Did you come to keep the stuffs.

Man:Yeah ,and take care ,You are like my sister and I don’t want to loose you.

Avni:Don’t worry I have an huge experience to my credit.

Man:Ok bye…..Avi.

Scene 3:Some hours later inside an abondened ware house.

Man 1:Thanks for coming and thanks for signing the contract .

Man 2:Oh well,by the way you came with a huge army I mean so many bodyguards .

Man 1:Its my style ok so go and do your work.

As soon as the second man turns a gun shot is heard and he falls on the ground and glares at the first man.

Man 1: What did you thought ,that I wont come to know that you were betraying me ,now die ,saying this he again shoots the second man.Now burn him and hurry take all the supplies.

A voice:NOT SO SOON.

Man 1:Hey who’s there.

The voice:Forgot me so soon.

Man 1:NEO!!!

Neo’s Back is facing the man and he is holding a gun

Neo:Ya I’m back ,Neo is back,saying this he jumps over one of the commando snatches A box from his hands and runs out before anybody could do any thing.


Neo runs and runs and stops seeing cliff at the end and the commando team stops behind him..A man laughing madly enters he is none other then the one who recognised Neo he points a gun at Neo.

Man: Neo why did you stop by the way are you not happy to meet me after 6 years.

Neo stands there quietly..

Man:Ok tell me how would you like to die ,by jumping from the cliff or by getting tortured by my gun and then by my commandos  ?

Neo gives a slight smile then shows thumbs down then a thumbs up.. and then he smirks And jumps from the cliff.

Man:He chose the Second option..wow now Neo is gone forever.After saying this he Starts laughing .

Commando: Sir see there in the sky.

Suddenly the mans happy face turns into an angry one.. Neo is seen flying in the sky with the help of a jet pack .

Man: Neo… Shoot him. I said shoot him.

They shoot him but by the time he vanishes and police comes….

Man:Welcome back ACP Neil Khanna. Welcome….when did you join the police force again .

Neil: I joined back today only Mr.Vikas Pandit.

Vikas: By the way is it a coincidence that your old old enemy  Neo is back at the same time you are.

Neil: I think so .

Vikas:Oh by the way did Neo ,made me his target again.

Neil: Oh ,because he knows that you are a bad man .

Vikas: But you are also bad right you killed my brother Vidhyut and his wife Juhi.

Neil: 1 second Mr. Vikas if I am not wrong They both were already criminals and had a shoot at sight order for themselves.

Vikas:But then also you got suspended right .

Neil: Ya but it was for some months but I didn’t join my duty again as I thought that my revenge was complete but its not.

Vikas:Mr Neil what do you mean by your revenge is not complete.

Neil: Nothing ….we will start the investigation today itself.

They both give an unwanted smile to each other and leave….

Scene 4:Police station.

Neil:So case 123…..is back Neo is back though i didn’t paid attention at this case 6 years ago but now i will,Constable bring all the files related to that Neo and ya also Bring the files related to that Vikas pandit.

Scene 5:Avni’s office.

Avni:(on phone)The works done bro.

Man :Thanks Avi….. .

Avni: Most welcome bhai.

Man:Avi ,by the way …um….N…..(muted conversation )

Avni:That’s great 

Man:Ok bye.

Scene 6:a cafeteria .

Avni was sitting in a cafeteria and was doing some work and Neil was also there as he had to telecast his show on radio.So when they both compleated their  work they both stood up to and again collided.Neil held Avni and they had an eyelock.After some time there eyelock  was broken by the giggles that filled the whole cafe ,so then they both went out.

Neil:Avni,I …know ….th..that you don’t want to talk but please lets talk.


Neil:Avni,give me a second chance ,please at least we can be friends.

Avni:We can be more than friends ,so I want to say that ….I don’t hate you but I’m angry with you ….So I’m giving you a second chance.

Avni hugs Neil.And then thinks that what if she again falls  in love with Neil.

Avni:Ok lets go to Pareikh  Mansion.

Scene 7:Pareikh Mansion.


Avni tells her that she forgave Neil .

Ali:I knew that you will forgive him.

Reha:So ,what are you both planning to do next …

Neil:Ok I should go now will meet you all tomorrow bye.

After Neil levels Avni gets a call .

Avni:Ya ,the work is done ,ok bye.

She goes to her and by mistake leaves her phone down,and then she gets a call and Neela picks it.

(Muted conversation)

She gets shocked and then goes to Avni’s room.She tells something to Avni.

Avni:Ma so listen.

(Muted conversation )

Hey guys ,so now you all guess these things and tell me what you all guessed in the comments section.

Who was the girl and about which revenge was she talking?

With whom was Avni talking?

Who is Neo?

Why did Avni suddenly forgave Neil ?

What was Avni telling to Neela ?

And I hope you all liked the episode bye good night.And please tell your both good and bad opinions about the episode in the comments section and please hit the like button if you all really liked the episode.


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