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Saam Daam Dand Bhed 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Bulbul Disguised In Burqa Tries To Help Aaliya Escape

Saam Daam Dand Bhed 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Bulbul disguised in burqa tries to taake Aaliya out of her house. Downstairs, Moulvi sahab gives Aaliya’s visa and passport to Aaliya’s aunt and asks to call her soon within 15 minutes as he has some other work. Bulbul walks down with Aaliya, but hearing aunt’s voice hides. Aaliya sits in her room silently. Aunt asks her to get ready in 15 min, after her marriage she will live a luxurious life with cars and bungalows and her family will lead a peaceful life here. Once aunt leaves, Bulbul asks Aaliya to accompany her. Aaliya says she will not as aunt told her family will be happy here. Bulbul explains she is very small to get married. Aaliya agrees and asks how will they escape. Bulbul sees gunny bag and says she can escape in it easily in it easily and even breathe in


Mandira knocks Bulbul’s door and asks to open door. Vasu passes by and says chachi must have kept flowers and ghee on the other side and asks her to go. She knocks door and calls Bulbul. Bulbul says she is outside house. Vasu panics that she knew it is important pooja, where did she go. Bulbul explains her whole situation. Vasu returns with ghee and flowers. Mandira asks whey Bulbul is not opening door yet. Daadi yells why chudaiya/Bulbul is still hiding in room and when will she come out.

Bulbul hides Aaliya in a gunny bag. Workers see her and ask who is she. She scolds they will know when they will come for money. They apologize and ask where is she taking this gunny bag. She scolds them to take this vegetable bag outside house as it is congested in marriage house. They carry it along her. Aaliya’s father Ahmed sees them and asks what is in bag. They say vegetable and this lady asked them to take it out. Ahmed gets suspicious. Very old groom under sehra asks to hurry up as his flight time is nearing. Ahmed gets buy, and Bulbul takes bag out.

Pandit asks Vijay to get his wife’s prepared prasad and asks to call her for pooja. Vasu nervously says she will bring chachi. Mandira gets suspicious and goes to check. Vasu messages Bulbul to hurry up soon. Yug comes and asks why she is tensed. She explains whole situation to her.

Servants keep bag out and asks where to take it now. Bulbul asks to bring other bag. Aaliya’s aunt goes to call Aaliya and is shocked seeing her missing and shouts Aaliya eloped. She runs out and seeing Bulbul asks if she saw a girl running. Bulbul says no. She asks who is she, looks like she has seen her somewhere. Bulbul gets tensed. Just then, Ahmed calls her aand she walks in. Servants take bag out by then. Bulbul gets tensed seeing bag missing.

Precap: Mandira walks into Bulbul’s room and finds her standing between smoke.

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