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Piya Albela 5th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pooja regrets not to tell Angraj’s truth to Naren

Piya Albela 5th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Present day:

Pooja cries aloud on reaching somewhere and tells that when she saw the storm 10 years later, she was shocked and that storm snatched away her everything.

Three days before:

Pooja opens her eyes and sees Angraj. She gets shocked and recalls Naren telling his name. Angraj smiles looking at her. Pooja is shocked. Electricity comes back. Naren asks Pooja if she will just stare him or let his brother enter home. Anuj is shocked to see him. Pooja nods and is still shocked. She does his aarti. Everyone is surprised as Naren calls him brother. She is about to apply tilak hesitantly, but Naren stops her and says Maa will do is tilak. He takes Supriya to do his tilak. Supriya applies tilak. Harish asks Naren to tell who is he? Naren says he is my younger brother, Papa and Maa’s

real son and Vyas Family’s real heir, Angraj. Everyone is shocked. Supriya gets happy. Naren tells Supriya and Harish that you thought you have lost your own son, but today he is standing infront of you fighting with destiny. Harish also gets emotional. Anuj and Pooja looks at each other.

Harish says my son and hugs him. Supriya also hugs him. They ask him to come inside. Angraj calls Naren as Bhai and says first you and then I. Naren hugs him. Anuj asks Pooja if Angraj is the heir. Pooja says Angraj Vyaas and is shocked. Angraj meets the family members. Harish says I never thought that my son will be found this way. Rahul says you didn’t tell how this happened Bhai. Naren says I was missing for an hour on Meghna’s marriage day and I was searching Angraj. He shows the file and says it has all the proofs that prove that Angraj is their son. Pooja tells Anuj that they shall go out in hall. Anuj asks have you gone mad, will you go infront of Angraj. Neelima asks how is this possible when Bau ji said that he was dead at the time of birth. Naren tells that when Pooja went on a cruise trip, he got a call from Dr. Upridhi and went to meet him. He asks him what happened? Dr. Upridhi tells that he can’t bear to keep the secret for long. He tells that Dr. said that when Supriya gave birth to baby, Doctor thought he is dead, but after few mins, he was breathing.

When Doctor went to give good news to Supriya, Dada ji had already gave me to Maa and she was happy. He tells that Doctor kept the baby in Ashram’s cradle and got his name. Doctor tells that angraj was in the ashram, but was having much anger in him and his behavior was arrogant and he used to break the things in the Ashram. He says he made Om sign on his neck so that his anger goes, but that didn’t help and he eloped from the house.

He says he had hired the spy and saw him when he came to Rehab. He says I thought his anger and irritation will go meeting Maa. Angraj thanks Naren for bringing him home. Harish says today I can proudly says that this house has two sons. Rahul is taken aback. Angraj says I heard so much, that I was thinking that I was here. Angraj meets everyone. Naren says Surbhi is his bhabhi and he has to touch his feet. Angraj touches Neelima’s feet, but she backs off. Pooja and Anuj are tensed. Naren asks Angraj to rest for sometime. Angraj says 1 min and says I have a regret and says if you had beaten me then I would have been a good son like Naren. Pooja recalls slapping him. Anuj says I can’t leave you here, this house is not safe for you. Pooja looks on. He makes Supriya slap him, but she says she can’t beat her own Ansh. Naren asks her to make Angraj have some food. Supriya takes him. Anuj tells Pooja that they have to leave before Naren introduces him to her. He says it is his trick to become the heir to get her. He says I will beat him. Pooja slaps him and says everyone is happy and says if you do anything then everyone will get upset on you. She asks him to calm down. Anuj says I will agree on a condition.

Supriya shows the house to Angraj. Rachel comes and gives her intro. Angraj says where is Pooja Bhabhi and says he is restless to see her. Rachel says she saw Anuj and Pooja going to outhouse. Anuj tells Pooja that he will tell Naren that Rachel needs you for 9 months. Pooja says this is not the solution, I have to face him. Anuj asks her to tell truth to Naren and says he will kick him out. Naren comes and asks them what they are talking.

Present day:
Pooja thinks if I had listened to you three days back, then everything would have been alright. She sees someone’s frame which is hidden and asks why did you leave me? Didn’t think about me once.

Naren asks Pooja why she came here and says you know that the moment is happy for all of them. Anuj asks Pooja to tell truth to Naren. Naren is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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